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Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

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Earth, or, Bring Your Waifu to Laifu. Only two episodes in and already there’s singing and dancing ball’s in your court, Joss Whedon.

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Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective by Super Nuclear on Apple Podcasts

Not to yank our own dingdongs, but it isn’t often that Code Lyoko and RttP are both in top form in the same episode. However, few freshwater human-shark interactions have been sisis.

Fantasia of Duo Prncesse Short The Spiral Staircase That Midnight Kiss Ali goes to golf course to get some money from Singhania. I Got Plenty of Mutton Short Portrait of Clare Gran Turismo 4 Video Game LaLeLu, the ultimate a cappella sensation from Hamburg!