Retrieved from ” https: That night, Saki snaps Miu out of her crisis of confidence and together, they promise the boys that they will take care of everything. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But when Antenna Banki airs Gunpei’s arrest live on national television, the other Go-ongers realize the truth and made it in time before Antenna Banki finishes Gunpei off. Renn sends for the Engine Casts. Chainsaw Banki is Industrial Revolutionized as Hiramechimedes escapes.

Airwave Jack [ edit ]. Honor Recovery Episode Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 8 0. As Renn prepares breakfast, Hant leaves to work part-time at the PaPa Crepe Shop, where he meets and flirts with girls his age. The Greatest Miracle Episode 8. The Maidens’ Seriousness [ edit ]. The Dohma squad is sent to capture Gunpherd’s Engine Cast, so they seek out the boy who has found it. Partner Gunpei Episode

Idol Debut Episode While learning about Nigorl, prince of the Arelunbra, Saki notices that Bearrv is blushing.

Renn enlists Gunpei and Hant’s help in finishing the modifications to Birca, Gunpherd, and Carrigator. Later that night, has Kama Banki undergo what she learned from Fujio to reach enlightenment as the other Go-ongers arrive to see Hant’s training. Reckless Guys Episode 2. But just as all seemed lost, engnie new Engines emerge: Nigorl reveals his surprising love of beautiful things, including Kegalesia, as the Go-on Wings arrive.

Once at jail, the team is released by Gunpei’s old partner, Detective Sakyo Kashiwagi, of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, who is also investigating the case as well. The Maiden’s Heart Episode 6.

Edit Did You Know? A government agency called INET created a video game to select five highest scoring og-onger that will stop an evil force known as the Nejirejia. Saki reveals to Gunpei all of the nasty things Sanae did to her when they were younger and he takes Sanae to convince her to redeem herself as the older sister as a favor to drive her away for Saki. The Dohma squad is sent to capture Gunpherd’s Engine Cast, so they seek out the boy who has found it. However, the Ministers are surprised to see the two Ugatz coming back, though they have set episkde their own terms of their personal island as payment.


Meanwhile, Saki suggests to Miu and Kegalesia that they should form a 3-girl idol group. When Renn spots the Change Souls inside the wound on Yogostein’s body, Speedor throws himself at the Pollution Minister and pins him down long enough for the Go-on teams to climb inside and reclaim their Change Souls.

But the two manage to blind Lens Banki with the raners behind them before the Engines use their signature attacks. When he tries to Industrial Revolutionize, he finds that his Bikkurium is stolen by Go-on Gold in an unexpected moment prior to the deathblow, and then he explodes.

He reassures Miu that he fights as Go-on Gold not out of obligation to her, but because he truly wants to. Surviving the Go-onger’s and Go-on Wings’ attacks with his Bottomless Wastebin, Kireizky uses it to send them all off to separate directions so he can begin his sweeping of the Human World.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 47 0. The resulting Engine-Oh G12 towers over Horonderthal and scraps him easily. Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 24 0. A mysterious childish girl is attacked by Hikigane Banki until the Go-ongers show up to save her when the Savage Machine Beast has the girl dpisode his clutches with the Ugatz covering him.

After the team thank Gunpei for snapping them out of their deception, the assembled Go-ongers defeat Antenna Banki with a Gunpherd-powered Super Highway Buster.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 47

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 28 0. The Go-on Wings arrive as the dust settles, and each of the Go-ongers reveal that they have seen Hiroto out with one of at least five different women. In spite of its components being frozen up in battle, Engine-Oh G6 fights Hiramechimedes who overpowers it single-handedly with his Barbaric Dohma SP before leaving to find Yogostein.

The two show up to challenge Shower Banki and accidentally let slip that all the boys are frozen. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger — Audible Download Audio Books. Hiroto moves to destroy the idol, but Gunpei refuses to allow him, having learned that the statue has sentimental meaning for Renn as a boy, he prayed and made offerings to the statue daily, until his mother died.

Yogoshimacritein then uses the Ministers as shields to protect himself, before attempting to use them as suicide bombers to take out the Go-ongers. Soon after, Sentsi sneaks on board the Ginjiro-go to personally take the Go-ongers under his episde to lecture them, revealing himself as Bomper’s creator.


The Maidens’ Seriousness [ edit ]. Suddenly, Nokogiri Banki, now episoee as Chainsaw Banki, arrives to destroy the city. With Miu on life support, Hiroto vows as he trains himself with the male members following him to talk him to be at his sister’s side while learning that the training is for something else that can destroy Hammer Banki.

As Hant vows to do something about this and make Gunpei number 1, Nokogiri Banki begins his attack on the city with the Go-on Wings arriving and both teams arguing who fights the Savage Machine Beast.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 18 0.

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Though the Crime Minister boasts of invincibility, the Go-ongers refuse to rqngers up and hit him with their Go-on Bonds Special. Childish Guys [ edit ]. Meanwhile, Nigorl is making plans to marry Bearrv instead of destroying her, much to Kegalesia’s anger. Just when Banban is Runaway Bomper Episode Stop Hiroto Episode Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 2 0. The Greatest Miracle Episode 8.

Renn goes to talk to Hant, who lies about why he has been working; he tells Renn that he wants to make money so that the gang can have a barbecue dinner. When the Go-ongers arrive at the chamber, Yogoshimacritein uses the Rajgers Haguru Magear as a new power source as the final battle begins.

Road of Justice Episode Through their mother, the five Ozu Siblings discover that they are magicians to-onger to defeat the Gunpei’s True Intentions Episode Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 17 0. Meanwhile, Miu, curious about what makes the Go-ongers “pathetic,” drops in on the still-depressed Go-ongers. Engine Sentai Go-Onger Episode 44 0.