The Tackle girls rub their hands together gleefully at the thought of Geu-rim being taken out of the performance and thus usurping her spot. Oh, sorry, my reply for this is at number You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Atau malah menyadarkan Hyun Woo akan impian awalnya. That night Hyun-woo slips out of his dorm room, this time in Irene disguise. Please login or register. Yang belum nonton mari nonton.

They are gonna grow up well! Both lead actor and actress are good. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Here’s a music video of the kdrama Ma Boy:. Why is he just as pretty as Hyun-woo as he was as Irene? February 4, at 3: Logged SoSoo couple cr:

This show is too adorable.

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I think it’s the pouty lips. Then, the time has come for the guy to stop acting as a girl. Like, Tae-joon starting to crush on Geu-rim and becoming a rival to Hyun-woo. So, as I expected they fell in love with bou other.

Geu-rim declares that fraud is still wrong, though, so her agreement to keep silent is only temporary. Tae-joon and Hyun-woo both get the same photo text. Tooniverse, please, please, please, can you plleeeeaaasssee work this minidrama into a full series? Apalagi nantinya ada berbagai masalah muncul setelah Geu Rim bertemu dengan Irene dan mengenalnya lebih dalam.

So, the girl thought pmeain abandoned her.

I just feel like there’s more story to tell: Episode 6 by Helcat. Both lead actor and actress are good.


Kim Sun Woong

November 02, That gets her locked inside instead of Geu-rim. Forgot to hit the reply button to Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: She really can pull off any kind of acting. Too bad they forgot the camera.

She dreams of becoming a pop singer. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I find this drama has more chemistry between the two woohg than most of the adult kdramas that I’ve seen as yet: Tapi siapa sangka jika bintang CF terkenal ini ternyata adalah seorang laki-laki?

I love all of the characters! He’s as pretty as Kim Hye Sung!!

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I wish hyun woo would find his real path: He peers inside the room wondering where Geu-rim is, and sets out in search of her.

Iya whatea, cuma 3 ep doang kok. I remembered the scene in BOF later but for the life of me I couldn’t remember anything like that happening in the other versions of TtheBY. Gom August 28, wiong 8: Which is fine, because I know the limitations of its format. I won’t be surprised. I don’t really understand why some of these feel the need to inject these real life not-so-nice bits into our fluff, but I guess that gives it more weight?

We are sure he isn’t an actual girl cross-dressing, right? She leads the cheer to oust Irene from school. D Wish someone would sub it soon. I get so engrossed into, the time flies and when it nears the end, I am truly disappointed.


The guy acted as a girl to get into the school he skn to attend to. Namun berbeda dari karakter para idol di drama yang digambarkan cool dan sangat menjaga sikap.

Jauh bgt sama Bo Kyung wwwkkkk. She and Irene are roommates in which Irene is a pretty female CF star. Thank you for the recaps, it is a cute show, and I love the child actress. They reluctantly join forces to prevent the Tae-joon—Irene couple dance. Though short, I really want to be able to watch this more than a lot of series out right now.

I’m enjoying this sum drama immensely. Atau beralih ke Geu Rim?

[Tooniverse – ] Ma Boy/마보이 ( Kim So Hyun, Sun Woong, Min Hoo)

Aw Hyun-woo, wokng big softie. This show is adorable, and I smile all the way through it. But for some reason, nobody sat in front of me I was a little upset but I looked in the mirror after I finished eating A girl at cm right there!!

Gom August 29, at DL di doramax atau nonton di YT.