Manav and Archana are rebuked for this and left on the road to fend for themselves. Savita also starts crying. Manav goes in the kitchen , he can hear the sound of Archana’s bangles and he is having visions of her working in the kitchen , he tries to touch her image but he can’t. Naagin season 3 Kavach It is the story of the trials and tribulations their love faces. Posted by Mohammed Akram at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manav Hiten Tejwani thinks that Archana has left him, and so he leaves for Canada with his family and twin daughters Ovi and Tejaswini and Archana lives in India with her mother and adopted daughter Purvi.

Balan changes the topic and says that he is worried about Varsha who has been acting so strange. An evil tantrik’s curse on a family and how it destroys the peace and the well-being of the village, and every person that lives there. Seoul International Drama Awards. Vinod tells her that Manav already told him this and he is very happy about it. Vinod says that there are many problems in this situation. The show takes yet another generation leap of 20 years, repeating the separation track by showing Arjun and Purvi as a to-be divorced couple and a love triangle between Soham’s a. Maanvi recovers from the attack before Jeevika can come , She hides about her bout of coughing and cows down Dabbu’s protests too..

The show takes yet another generation leap of 20 years, repeating the separation track by showing Arjun and Purvi as a to-be divorced couple and a love triangle between Soham’s a.

Manav sees Savita and he wants to know why she lied to him. Later on, Varsha makes Soham believe that his parents Manav and Archana don’t care about him and that she’s the one that cares about him.

Learn more More Like This. Gulabia and Sugni stunned to hear. Maanvi recovers from the attack before Jeevika can comeShe hides about her bout of coughing and cows down Dabbu’s protests too. Pavitra Rishta received several awards and nominations. Views Read View source View history.


He opens the report slowly. Pari eventually apologies for all she’s done and the family comes together. And these are the reports of the doctor that Kanika went to me Both Teju and Purvi insists that their parenst should go because it would do them good to have some change. The story of Anurag and Prerna. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. After a long time, Ankita and Naren reunite as do Arjun and Purvi. The story revolves around how different people in the family adjust to the magical powers of naani and her daughters, who use their magical powers for their needs.

Man kept 29 dead bodies at home.

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Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta. Atta Kathi Movie Starring: MumbaiMaharashtraIndia. Story of Archana, whose sole objective is to rshta the needs of her family and keep everyone happy.

Intelligent Bureau Security Assistant vacancy Nov Share this Rating Title: Archana is happy and tells Manav that she is glad to get her old Teju back. Kasautii Zindagii Kay — It follows the story of Raman and She is crying because once dpisode had lied and Manav took it for real but now she is telling the truth but no one believes her. He gets emotional and asks her how would she feel if someone insults her mother and he is buying this painting because of his mother.

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Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Pavitda Banoo Main Teri Dulhann — Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum. He feels the breeze touching his face. Vidya, on the night of her marriage, comes to know about Sagar’s abnormal mental Newer Post Older Post Home.


They both walk towards each other. Vinod feels proud of Punni and Purvi for showing so much maturity but he still cannot do anything as too has his own problems.

He is not sure anymore to believe Savita or not. It seemed that Varsha and Soham had been dead for 18 years but actually she and Soham had escaped death. Vikram says she is a human being not a bedini… sugni says she cant fathom such a thing vikram says he loves her but doesnt expect her to love him back… he will never force her becoz love is something that cannot be forced on another person…but will wait for her forever…he asks her not to leave the village and go and asks her to return with him back.

Savita also starts crying. Purvi tells Vinod that she is worried about Sulochna. They eventually unite and also find their long-lost son, Soham, who had been kidnapped by Varsha, Soham’s apparent death had been the final nail on the coffin on Manav-Archana’s relationship.

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Posted by Written Updater at She tells him that her dad wants her to come and live in his house with the rest of the family. Pavitra Rishta International Title: Clips of the three dances done by Hiten and Ankita are shown …the show will be a 3 hour show. Teju and Purvi go in to find a nice saree for Sulochna. Fear Files 22012 Best Dramebaaz. Archana is also praying to Ganpati …she prays that episoxe should bring Varsha in front of her soon.