The draw is delicious with creamy cedar alongside some black pepper and roasted almond. I would think it is triple capped but there is no info and I cannot tell due to the expertise of the roller. I can taste nuts. Colorado Shade Grown Connecticut Binder: Would I smoke it again? The finish has a light buttery cream flavor to it. I recommend smoking it in the morning before eating anything so you get the most out of this wonderful cigar. The Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series was first introduced in

Quote message in reply? The wrapper has a medium brown color. The finish gives me a slightly spicy toast note with more almond and a mild clove flavor. Would I smoke it again? I’m not sure about that, but it was a decent cigar. The wrapper has an oily sheen which has been aged for 5 years! These are basically the only two flavors. This is review number 89 in the book.

This cigar stayed mild to the end, but the flavor was intriguing.

Colorado Shade Grown Connecticut Binder: One hour and five minutes gets me to the end of the final third. Although it WAS quite mildthere was an impressive amount of flavor and complexity that came out of the Corona Grande and the construction was phenomenal.

Fortunately, after the first few minutes I found more parity with the additions of smooth butter and red cedar spice. Toasted Coastie is offline. I have a book I review each smoke in. Man I hate that.

Review: Paul Garmirian PG Corona Grande () – halfwheel

Gamirian cigar was advertised to be medium-bodied, but I say no way. The creaminess is different as well. This site uses cookies.

Check out our friends at Developing Palates. The very first PG cigars were officially released nationwide at a dinner in Chicago in He spent nine years researching and writing the book, landing solid cigar contacts in the Dominican Republic and gaining the confidence to produce his own blend.


Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Relatively firm to the touch, I found rich, salty notes off the head after a clean clip and conspicuous wrinkles and veins across the pale brown wrapper.

The pakl was not harsh — it was cool and firm. Photo Courtesy of Jack Schwartz. It’s not like 3.

Cigar Review- Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series (P.G. Cigars) – Cigar Reviews by Phil ‘Katman’ Kohn

There was no jaggedness, no uneven burn. I like PG on occasion, just not as an everyday smoke.

The honey component is delicious. Would I smoke it again? This cigar has been in the testerdor since the middle of last October. This is also not going to be a highly complex cigar.

Seriws then, according to U. Paul Garmirian is a Indie cigar line that tends to fall into the more expensive category when it comes to cigars.

Smoke Two Cigars at Once.

Later that year, he introduced his first line of cigars at Georgetown Tobacco, a tobacconist he had long been associated with, and inthe TABADOM-made cigars were released nationally in six sizes.

All PG Cigars are serids for a minimum of a year after rolling and most feature fairly aged tobaccos. This cigar has pretty much a vitola for everyone:.

I’m sort of surprised this only got 3.

Review: Paul Garmirian PG Corona Grande (1995)

I have been smoking cigars for over eight years. I thought it was pretty cool that a cigar manufacturer would go through the effort to not only save enough boxes, which I am sure most do to differing degrees, but to then send those cigars to a specific store to sell to customers, at MSRP. It was smooth from start to finish. The place to start is probably his book, The Gourmet Guide to Cigars, which was published in When I heard about these being sold, I bought some mainly out of curiosity.


Follow our News Weekly on. It is a mixed nut flavor, not one particular flavor. The wrapper gives off a slight nutty earth aroma, while the foot produces a fruity toast smell with an oily characteristic. Overall, the mild-bodied, mild-strength cigars are not in my rotation. I think that is how the cigar is going to end up. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Last Seven Days Quick Smoke: SmokingStogie quickly became one of the more influential cigar blogs on the internet, known for reviewing preproduction, prerelease, rare, extremely hard-to-find and expensive cigars.

The blend is comprised as follows: This cigar is not going to produce a nicotine gxrmirian and not going to produce strong flavor notes — so it is definitely a mild strength, mild bodied cigar. At the same time, I have not had a lot of success locating this line of cigars in Charlotte, North Carolina. For a very experienced smoker with a wonderful palate, this as close to perfect as a cigar can be. He knew something I did not.