You had a yellow blanket. Newspapers just wrote that. Why would you hide that? Whoever gets in your car shakes their head anyways. We will find you wherever you are. Pink one for Buket and yellow one for you and a blue blanket. How do you come to course? You also have daughters.

If it is needed we can change them – Good. Yes but the professional business world has different rules. Her father passed away because of cancer. Does Gani go to course? But our house is far away. When Muhsin Bey died Kerem’s father was left alone.

They asked if I had a kid.

I live here at my sister’s. And Buket hada pink blanket, didn’t she? Come on girls, to the bed Come on my beautiful – I’m not sleepy yet! Newspapers just wrote that.

Paramparca | Broken pieces episode 4-1 English subtitles

For example, the bosses don’t even know about the job applications. I was waiting subtitlex you. If he is coming, he should come. I can’t stand this everyday. And the treatment was very expensive. Shall we continue talking among us or will you tell us your opinion? Burhan Bey must be very happy. Getting in subway, bus.


Parampar├ža – Broken Pieces English subtitles

No, it is worse. Folllowing the lights will be enough. She spent exactly In fact she was going to see her son. Doesn’t she have a family? You may leave too if you want. You’ll make bigger towers. It should be over. The architect we entrust the biggest project can not say ” I have sybtitles child, I can’t travel “.

You wouldn’t leave it even when we went for a trip. The kid needs a car – A car? Got a YouTube account?

Unvaluable people talk about me – Come on my girl. We also need to hire a driver.

I knitted blanket for all of you. Do you know each other? You can’t cry because of a tactless. How did he die? It para,parca not a boy. Subtitles Comments 1 Revisions 3 Edit Subtitles. You have a son but he never knocks your door. Actually her deceased husband’s father is pretty rich.


You came early – It takes a short time mother. Call that land owner. Do whatever you want to subtitlea. There’s no suspension – Oh come on.


Yes, you couldn’t say that. Our company’s new year parties are famous. It is very late – I’m not in a hurry.

Come on, let’s get a beer – Paramlarca. Why would you hide that? Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

What do you think? Onur, We designated those principles. I hope I will attend. It is a fun party. Whoever you subtitlex is whoever you buy a gift to.

I checked her files. No time even for breathing. We will continue tomorrow.