It was refreshing to read your response to the question of culpability in the execution of captured combatants. Remember Gordon Weiess, the Australian, is selling a lots of his new book. Balraj was directed to coordinate a defence strategy to counter the DPU and prevent further attacks. He spoke only for 5 minutes at each meeting. The key figure in the red army against the Nazi Germany was Marshal Shukov. Are you claiming that not a single soldier surrendered when the camps in Mullaitivu, Killinochchi, and Elephant Pass fell?

He was the late Brigadier Larry Wijeratne. David’s wife Elissy Silk Smitha hears about this and strictly forbids Mary from having any dealings with Vichu. Balraj was in Vaaharai when the tsunami struck on Dec 26th The extremists in both sides and the game players in geo political and regional politics will continue to rouse hatred and disharmony. Retrieved 2 April This is indian srilanka.

The show is produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Just a comment of personal level. The A — 9 highway or Jaffna — Kandy road was then under the nominal control of the army ,ovie Vavuniya to Elephant Pass.

Balraj and his men held firm. Col Navaneethan led a contingent of fighters to counter attack. The story and dialogues written by veteran writer and director Manivannan. That does not mean This man is any good than his leader or the rest. This alerted the people who saw the waves and fled inwards. Looks like tamil diaspora is still living in a dream. The whole yazhpanan was burning due to thisall tamils were restless due to this arrogant and careless attitude of indian government which caused them the valuable life of dileepan.

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Hmmlots of people have lost their hopes in gandhian way at that point of time but still selva believed that freedom can be attained through sathyagraha. Despite his ill — health Balraj began staying at the Frontlines for extended periods. Baby alagial and pala. The fun, of course, was just getting started, because now Balraj had to hold his ground against the impending Sri Lankan counterattack.


Tigers responded by bombing Colombo bus stand in april 21 and were dead. In the situation of persons from the political establishment of any standing never visiting the area, the military commander also becomes in effect the representative of the President, his commander-in-chief. Talk about mutual respect amongst enemies.

It is mean men and hardline governments that make slaves of free people in contravention of the will of the oyahha. Very sad but thats how it seems to be. I heard that the corruption is oyathw in the poorest districts, as the uneducated public will not take it to the media.

LTTE had huge economical losseslost many weapons and about cadres were dead due to tsunami. This was the first time this happened. This is the first time i knew about this soldiers being killed, and i feel the sinhalese are right when they say that you got to look at the entire history of the conflict, not only the last part.

The suicide bomber was said to be a youth of about 21 who was loitering about that area in a rain coat — it being a rainy day — and was not taken much notice of.

Tell me one independent source of information? The first troop consisted of 72 members and it was 91 in the second troop and some were dropped from helicopters.

Amirthalingam was the father who baptized the bud.

Prabakharan then intervened and admonished Balraj. Oyathha be around 55 if he is alive. Once again Prabakharan turned to Balraj. Balraj was directed to coordinate a defence strategy to counter the DPU and prevent further attacks.

The injury caused him to limp slightly when walking.

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Also tell why the India is in back foot when it deals with Sri Lanka. But sadly he mistook them as ” tamils ” and he wanted to respond their laughs and alaihal in a severe way which he did extraordinarily well. Wathsala, Now you agree with me why your blood pressure 3 times higher than us when we speak about our basic rights to chose our own destiny? He also separated the couple.


In april 25prabhakaran came out with a report claimng that ” LTTE was responsible for the death of alfred durayappa to basthiyam pillai. Balraj was a brave and inspirational military commander, universally beloved by his people and respected by his enemies.

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Also I dont know what you mean by my colours. Any way he is dead and keep it that way. Thursday, October 16, Roots of the ethnic conflict – part 7 Black july. Married life however was not a state of bliss. As for heroes, hero by its definition cannot be a hero for a part of its society. It had about 25 membersprabhakaran was assigned a job of assembling and dismantling guns heavy weight point 22 and point 38 revolvers.

As he passed this group, he exchanged greetings. Eelam Tamils got what they asked for…. We decided to forgive and take back into the mainsteram politics the JVP, which conducted a brutal campaign of terror not just once, but twice in the last 30 years.

In may 7Dingiri banda vijathunga became the temproary president and he was there for the next 6 months of the interregnum and he just acted like a military chief and LTTE captured 3 important army camps in these days.

This I would look forward to read. They drove back repeated counter-attacks, held the V-box, and bought the rest of the LTTE forces enough time to capture the Elephant Pass base with minimal casualties. Remember Gordon Weiess, the Australian, is selling a lots of his new book.

He then proceeded to inform the civilians that he would, unlike Wijeratne, not be meeting oyatja. Indian army will then train the SLA. Its a spot called as poonthottamcovering 40 acres of fertile land about 3 Kilometers from vavunia.