Ease of Use This blender is super easy to use. It doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to speed, but that’s not something I look for in a blender anyway. Blending Power Great power for the money spent. Design This blender is sleek and looks awesome on our counter. It is not too heavy, so is easy to move as needed. This little puppy is a smoothie maniac.

Large Appliances Barbecue Grills Refrigerators. It crushes ice and pulverizes the frozen fruit in my smoothies. I love that it isn’t computerized or complicated at all. I didn’t pay a lot for this blender, but it mixed my smoothie with little effort. Most Extravagant Dinner Parties Ever. Love this product it’s so functional and easy to clean love that I can put anything in it vegetables,ice and it does what it’s supposed to.

Sometimes I find that some blenders are not good at getting the chunks ground up. There is nothing I wouldn’t try with this blender. Making that many smoothies can really wear out a blender. I don’t have to worry about cutting myself on the blades because it can be taken apart completely.

I would recommend the brand and this blender in particular.

And I’m happy I did. This Oster blender has two speeds, high and low, and comes with a dishwasher safe 40 oz.

It has style, it has horsepower. It resists scratches and wouldn’t break even if I threw it against the wall. It has rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t move around on your counter or get slippery when wet. I use it to make pizza sauce and milk shakes, and to can tomatoes. It is modern yet classic at the same time. Mrndamoo USA This blender works quite well and is backed with great customer service.


Oster Professional Series BPSTB – blender Overview – CNET

This one has been going, so far, for 2 and a half years, and I’ve not noticed any degradation in performance. Buttons respond easily without much effort.

Ease of Use It is very easy to use. Nice to see a company stand behind their product. Steve Jobs Cheese Head. I’ve owned a couple of blenders that only last through three smoothies. When I use fresh strawberries its important to me that they are well blended. It just works- and that’s what I want in a blender.

The new an improved over sized odter feet, under the base, seried only gives the blender that massive look, but keeps the blender motionless during cycles. It makes great sauces and purees, shakes, pina coladas, and smoothies.

Design I really like how it looks on my counter. Soon after, the fist Osterizer Blender was introduced.

This blender has a fast blending speed, which is a must for our family, especially when crushing ice. I love this blender because it is all of those things! I have never had an issue with this blender before. This little puppy is a smoothie maniac.

It matches with the rest of my decor perfectly. This blender works quite well and is backed with great customer service. It doesn’t take up anymore counter space than is necessary. See Amazon’s Best Price. It has only a few settings so it is very simple that way. My husband and I received this as a wedding gift, and we have used it so much.



Oster Professional Series Blender | Glass Beehive Black BPSTB

TheCooksDen may receive proefssional small commission from our partner should you choose to purchase this item. Made in North America. It is a versatile product, making it useful for anyone. The beehive-shaped base gives the blender a classic retro look.

This is a great blender at a great price. I didn’t pay a lot for this blender, but it mixed my smoothie with little effort.

Oster Professional Series BPST02-B – blender

Easy to understand operation. It saves me so much time. Sometimes I make them twice a day. No need to read a complicated owner’s manual. Durability The power of the blender can take on any job in the kitchen osteg help the person create a variety of dishes for family and friend.

Blending Power It is such a powerful blender, it can make you a smoothie in less than a minute.