How do you think the strawhats will get out of this situation with admiral coming and lots of marines targeting them? The Bystanders Chapter This episode reminded me how much I hated the Celestial Dragons. Bad News Emergency Boardcasting Chapter Doflamingo Appears Chapter Half Moon Night Chapter

He doesn’t sound like he did back in Arlong Park. The 12 supernovas’ introductions were fantastic. If you don’t like me, acquire some taste. Adventure in Little Garden Chapter Arlong Park Chapter To mark spoilers in comments: Luffy vs Luffy Chapter

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True Love’s Frontline Rescue Chapter Gyoncorde Plaza Chapter Animewaff,es Vigour Hormones Chapter And while your average OP human does seem more durable than your average real world human, they’re still pretty fragile. Divine Comedy Chapter The Kraken and the Pirates Chapter Hope he makes it a hobby in future episodes.

Though I gotta wonder if there’s anything in particular you’re hoping to see in these next few chapters? I promise I’ll be there Chapter Pirate Empress Boa Hancock Chapter I just felt the urge to watch Luffy punching that bubblewearing bastard over and over again.

Well, I won’t believe Sabo is dead unless I see the body, just like it happened with Ace and Whitebeard. Spinning Windmill Chapter Surprise Zombie Chapter To Live Chapter Luffy In Black Chapter Anime did it brilliantly too.


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I love both of those as well, although neither are among my favorites for the Supernovas. I might have gotten him mixed up with someone else Ha, and Zoro was even drawing his sword on the guy when Luffy hit him! Ooh, so now Luffy,Kidd and Law are going to fight the Marines surrounding the place. It’s Name is Epidode Chapter After saboady archipelago, Luffy told Boa Hancock he episkde the Celestial Dragons, i wonder if part of the reason why Luffy punched one of em was cause he knew they attacked Sabo – he must have found out!

Good on ya, Usopp.

Felt great to see that guy get nailed in the face! I want to see whitebeards retaliation! Damage Report Chapter Sanji’s Dream Chapter I Love Oden Chapter Man this episode makes me want to go back and watch the episode where Luffy got to punch one of those dragons.

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Animedaffles Launcher Chapter Being told about Ace and Sabo back in Agrabah would’ve given you nothing, and the emotional impact would’ve been incomparable. To Rayleigh, shit like that is easy. Even if you do the reviews themselves less often, 5 chapters would be have a lot more discussion worthy content and it’s something you’ve done before. Heaven’s Judgement Chapter Hope Sabo is okay: The Prisoners from Impel Down Chapter I found most of ’em intriguing enough, and there was a time where I knew even all of the Zodiac’s names, honestly I probably could remember them if pressed.


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The Devil’s Hideout Chapter Necessary Evil Chapter The Trigger Back Then Chapter The Key To Release Chapter To answer your question, there aren’t websites that have full episodes of the 4kids dub, because: Luffy Vs Usopp Chapter What’s Done is Done Chapter Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

I always love when someone tries to tell Luffy not to do something, because it just means he is sure as hell going to do it and do it with gusto! That is — by far — the most satisfying punch I have ever seen Luffy throw at someone. If you find out later on that he in fact did know them.

I might have gotten him mixed up with someone else. Coup De Vent Chapter Solve your own problems.