Awesome, so these storywriters are mismatched Nanoha fans too! Uiharu and Saten are better characters than Biribiri and Kuroko. Actually… only good anime this season. All this episode really was, though, was characters from To Aru Majutsu no Index making cameo appearances and saying one or two cool lines that are supposed to be inspirational. Episode 05 — Everything connects. I just love them!

However, this is another example of great low-budget cheapo animation. You aren’t able to watch Bleach episodes English dubbed anywhere yet considering not all episodes have to translated to English. Who does yuto chose in omamori himari? Omamori Himari — No thanks to the obscenity, but barring that and the uncreative plot, the girls are cute. Omamori Himari Episode 04 — These annoying harems really get on your nerves after a while. Yuto ends up with Himari Actually, after finishing it, I can say for sure. The Mio-copy is cuter than Mio, too.

Public Safety Division 4. Our introverted protagonist, at the end of this episode, suddenly pulls a Lelouch on us.

I like that name. Hidamari Sketch makes low-budget cheap animation look good.

I had the new Fairy Tail intro stuck in my head this week, too. Xnime, this was a great way to end the Level Upper arc. Railgun Episode 18 — Some comment about how this anime is gay now. Fairy Tail Episode 19 — This made me laugh more than average. The most original anime I have ever seen. View the related link below. Is there season two of omamori himari?


Try the link below. I watch this because turning off my brain for 30 minutes is relaxing in a way.

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Wahaha, good episode, though. Wintercontinued January 14th, Me says: Too much fanservice… This anime feels like a combination of elements from various animes: I wonder how this will turn out. My head is running away from me!! Anume Himari Episode 04 — These annoying harems really get on your nerves after a while.

Ookami Kakushi — I dislike the art style, and how everybody in the town has a glasses fetish. I love how serious the intro sequence is, and the humor is well-done for the most part.

This ep has brought Durarara!! They also managed to make the end of the episode slightly touching, while still maintaining the tone of the series. Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Episode 08 — I still worship this anime.

I liked Ep Would you like to merge this question into it? Seikon no Qwaser Episode 01 — What, is this a badly-done Japanese horror movie or something?


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Where can you watch dinosaur king episode 1 in English dub? Touching moment is not touching. You can watch it English dubbed in a site. Choose a video to embed. Fairy Tail — Reminds me of Mabinogi.

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Ep 05 was the standard pool episode, funny but nothing really unique. That gives me a creepy feeling about what this anime is going to feel like. Unlikely because the first season anome as popular in Japan.

There is a difference between well-drawn ugly things and bad art. Did I just hear a reference to Animf All-in-all, this anime was not all that satisfying. The balance of points is probably highly inaccurate, but too bad.

Making friends… one Starlight Breaker at a time.