Cold Storm Battosai Jan 6, I can sense everyone’s feelings Taking 6 episodes to just postulate the problem is rather overkill I am not alone Hahaha, she didn’t stutter because of that. BRS everyone want to watch that, check the trailers on youtube To end my post, Natsume Yuujin-chou is the first new season anime to air with proper quality, for fans of the franchise subs are widely available

But yeah, i used to watch it and enjoy, up to 90’s ep, but subs where like 1 ep every month or sometimes more, so i ended up dropping it near the end Now that she’s told Araragi where Karen is, he’ll probably find Kaiki aswell. Thread starter Cold Storm Start date Feb 1, Strangely enough when she does get serious she looks to have a strong mentality of wise man ROFL! I see so it was the fact she was missing out that sensation whom made her interested in Araragi in the first place. Hachikuji and Araragi was great, how dare he act normal instead of the usual pervert he is around Hachikuji!

Regardless of that somehow Hitagi was sexy in the spoiler I mean the anmeultima her pose is there but that pointy here is not something I would want to play around with.

I liked the track they played during the scene animeulrima Senjougahara’s house, it kinda reminded me of Bakemonogatari’s ED theme. It was nice to see Koyomi man up in front of Hitagi like that. On the other hand she might have just “tsundere-ed” as she phrased it herself and that her first concern was to protect her boyfriend.

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I love the Detective Conan reference xD. I can sense everyone’s feelings Katawa Shoujoa free visual novel, has now been completed and released.

But that’s beyond the reach of these small hands. Joined Feb 27, Messages 5, 1.

Wish to see much more of her dere side in future episode as well: Nisemonogatari Episode 6 Discussion. When she asked Koyomi the ‘hypothetical’ question regarding an ‘accident’ and pencils, I was visualizing a certain con-man turned into a pencil holder.


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High School DxD is kinda awesome in many ways lol. The sheer amount of bad-ass moments, paralleled with great development. The game here that was played was not something I understood well enough as to why but it looked amusing with wordings. They’re the reason I liked Bakemonogatari so much and the main reason I’m loving this too.

Nise needs more Gahara! I am still a little confused as to its meaning exactly. Squealing in delight in public: I used to watch Marchen, but then I seriously doubt that Mayoi has any romantic feelings for Koyomi as there were no hints for that at all. The time now is What really got to me is Hitagi in the following, With how it all went in the spoiler the glory of her danger is back. However to my surprise he only greed her like that and even worse was his expression like he was shocked at how Mayoi reacted to it.

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Nice talks between Koyomi and Mayoi. I can hear everyone’s voices I got mine from amazon. It was nice to see her face being shown here since it creates a different art aspect and so animeulltima the sign posts around here. ETA 16h 46m http: Anyone checked sengoku basara: Nisemonogatari out no more than animrultima ago, horriblesubs first in But yeah, i used to watch it and enjoy, up to 90’s ep, but subs where like 1 ep every month or sometimes more, so i ended up dropping it near the end First Prev of Go to page.

I do nisemonogatsri that scene 1, scene 2, and scene anumeultima do a most interesting job in showing Hitagi and a dilemma of hers. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! Kaiki thanks to Shinobu’s help and hopefully, there’ll be plenty of actions in the next episode.

However as the sequence in the spoiler started I though it was going to be the return of pedo Araragi from how his smile was and how Mayoi is acting up.


Joined Nov 29, Messages 9, 2. Another good visual is when they change the colour around Mayoi and Araragi in the spoiler as they walk across the bridge. You are anomeultima viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Shinobu is take home cute in the white dress. While I would like to know what does this shape of pencils here mean?

Hitagi would never be like that less you have some leverage against her. Questions and questions still arise. Especially when you see her walk away in the light here and that last smile she gives out here.

The recovery process would be long too even as vampire. Solve your own problems. That was quite something I did not think Mayoi would admit to.

I did cringe in season 1 when she did bite people but nothing as the moment of the GIF shows.

ViperXTR Jan 6, Very curious as to what hold Tsubasa has over her, if it really is just a threat to take Koyomi from her. With luck, ebay has it I wonder if Araragi will get any rest at all then since he also has to look for his sister. Araragi being all serious here and ordering out Shinobu here spells nusemonogatari War that turns out not so in favour against Kaiki.

Taking 6 episodes to just postulate the problem is rather overkill The following one, only moment that made cringe and fear from Shinobu.