I feel so mean but it’s true. She was going to be my goddaughter. I had not been paying attention and just thought she faked the whole pregnancy. As you can see, in the bottom picture, which was confirmed to have been taken AFTER the still birth, Nikkole still has blonde in her hair, and it’s nowhere near as dark as it is in the picture with the stillborn child. Remember Sam said when they went to visit her mom she made her get out of bed and take pictured of her in a gown holding a doll wrapped in a blanket to use as the “still birth” photos. Some people do bury family members in a family cemetery or the backyard of a home that’s been in the family a long time.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All infinitely better than bucktoothed dinosaur faced whores. She should be in fucking jail honestly. But it’s a wonderful program from what I’ve researched. It really makes it difficult to understand how she pulled this off as well as she did when she is so fucking stupid! This is all according to the now defunct teen mom talk.

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She’s hung herself out to dry and had done long before anyone ever ratted her out, and she just keeps fucking digging that grave. My only hang up with that is the fact that she would probably still try to deny she lied and be the victim all over again.

I remember her mom hated him. They’re fun but they’re a pain in the ass too! I remember that episode well. Munchausen by Proxy is scarier because whoever the victim is didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it, ya know?

Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 6: Once he got his gf, Nikkole claimed she was pregnant. I’m jealous of you. Looking back, she now says she had no idea what having a child was truly like.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am so very sorry that you know the heartache of losing a child. I’ve thought all kinds of shitty things about Nikkole, including “I hope one day she actually knows what it feels like” but I can’t wish that on an innocent baby.


Not that I would excuse it, just want to hear hikkole admit it finally. Not sure how that works now. This absolutely crushes me. Yep she is sick. Nicole was a complete and total space cadet on her 16 and pregnant…. He is in jail right now for trespassing because nikkole cheated on him and he confronted her at home and she called the cops because he refused to leave her lawn. I’m not American so don’t know how it works.

Don’t get me wrong if she made it up its really f’d up and disgusting. She makes me so irate and crazy mad. My guilt would eat me alive, lol. If you did, I must say I was impressed with all the digging you did into Nikkole’s story.

Imagine, just reading my comment made you tear up. I just feel for you.

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I’m not sure how stillbirths are registered and how public those records are. I always thought TM3 Alex looked like a dinosaur too with her weird eye placement. I started eating healthy. At least then there could be treatment and possible acceptance and a slow redemption. Josh has to be in jail other than traspassing, he could have had a warrant out for his arrest before he got charged with traspassing, the only reason why he would be in jail if he threaten to kill her.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Honestly, it was just so horrible and insane that I felt she needed to get a huge reality check. She’s a pathetic excuse for a human and she knows it I almost wish she WAS mentally ill. Who has a stillbirth and Permalink Submitted by Jenelles 5th Ba It’s like how Farrah has Sophia trained to look at the ground and look somber and sad whenever she brings up “Daddy Derek” which makes me grind my teeth because that’s fucking new and she’s milking the dead boyfriend for all he’s worth and I want to punch her in her Walter Matthau chiclet teeth.


The few people I know that have had still births do have pictures of them holding their baby. That would be extremely traumatizing to a child that young!!!

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Ugh, I can’t stand her nikkple her stupid, ugly, dinosaur face! So there can definitely be stupid sociopaths and she most definitely would fit into that category. LOL dinosaur face is so accurate.

Since the episode aired in FebruaryJosh has been in and out of jail, and in and out of a relationship with Nikkole. Sadly, they still roam the earth. Either have a mortuary take care of it or do something other than walk around bumming cigarettes from people while claiming to be carrying a fetus in a box. I couldn’t even imagine taking something that belongs to someone else.

I hope that didn’t come off as rude. She doesn’t look like a person that just gave birth at all. They know the baby will be stillborn but the mom still has to deliver the baby.

It got all the rumors and things that didn’t add up all anc together and explained it out really well. I wanna buy me some boobs SO bad. Nikmole not cool enough to own cats. Check out this picture, which was the last “belly pic” she shared before the stillbirth incident, and the picture of her hair from the bikini picture that started all of the speculation about whether she was ever pregnant to start.

I’ve never lost a child but was there as my sister did. I hope with time things get a little better and a little easier for you all.