We have the genre classic; stuck in an insane asylum and maybe the whole series is in my head! The Song Of Solomon Released November, 11 6. The main question is would we do anything different today. You get to see the monster a lot and very well lit. Catching Fire Maze Runner: The Littlest Reich This movie came out towards the end of high school and everyone saw it, for weeks people were leaving mysterious VHS tapes lying around and calling people only to say “seven days” and then hang up.

The movie follows a young high school football star in the 50’s who gets bitten by a werewolf. The Highest Choir Airport Security of Hellish Torment. Friend Request October 2nd 2. This movie came out towards the end of high school and everyone saw it, for weeks people were leaving mysterious VHS tapes lying around and calling people only to say “seven days” and then hang up. Isabel Coixet was directed this movie and starring by Emily Mortimer. At three hours plus, it probably could be trimmed down a bit. Maniac October 11th

Tumbling Doll Of Flesh Sole survivor of last movie having been blamed for the crimes of the previous movie finds herself locked up in an insane asylum. Some interesting parts, but just kind of fizzles out every time it gets interesting.

A nightmare on elm street

In Shocking 2-D Night of the Dead: The Crimes of Grindelwald, watch full Fantastic Beasts: Silly at times, but what slasher film isn’t? Great story, great acting. Silly, but a really genuine sense of humour that constantly pokes fun at itself and winks at the audience that it’s hard not to like.

The Chopsocky Special 5 out of 5 stars One of the most beautiful yet shockingly violent movies in my collection. But overall I was fairly disappointed in this property, the idea of a blaxspoitation horror movie I dig but this movie wasn’t successful at either genre.


Equally as entertaining and gory as the first film.

Their innovative programs build customer loyalty, drive site traffic, increase revenue and reduce credit card processing expenses. Wrath of the Dragon And hey I didn’t even know the pretentious film school boyfriend was Ti West! Not a bad house under siege movie.

A bit long and talky, but still a good mocie.

You ever look at a poster for a movie for years and have this vision in your head of exactly what it’s going to be, and then you watch it and your head explodes? I missed Dagon the first time around due to their less than stellar box art and for the first little bit of this movie I was regretting picking it up.

Big fan of the first Warlock movie and it has been quite some time since I have seen this one. Very enjoyable one off, I am a bit apprehensive about next years sequel though. The Last House on the Left 7. I especially like it when they get drunk during the reviews and this is one of those episodes, they actually have to stop and resume filming at a later date as everyone has too much.

One bit I particularly liked was the red-cross style distributed kits on what to do if you have been bitten with tools and maps of high contagion areas, a fantastic little detail. Steven Sees a Ghost 4 out of 5 stars G’Day to everyone, What would be the average interest rate for a home loan in Australia?

Battle of Gods The Con Is On Also Alan Arkin comes in at the last minute to some success.


This track shined when it was Hooper talking about working with Patrick Stewart or him more frequently talking about Matilda and various aspects of her undress. The track is way too low key.

The Dinner Date 5 out of 5 stars and S01E The Ship of Monsters ,Rogelio A. Its a shame that Petro Barzocchini Michael did not have much of an acting career only 5 credits Ngihtmare Ray I had planned to wait and watch the next two seasons till after I most likely bought them this upcoming Black Friday but after revisiting this I don’t think I wtreet wait.


I like this one a bit better than the first – more compelling story and better pacing. I bought this big box VHS tape from Full Moon, as supposed new old stock found in their warehouse, something which has been thoroughly debunked on the internet. Even though I didn’t particularly care for this track I also admit to getting a little singed of the genre at this point. David Carradine enjoys an ironic death, Dick Miller is watching a film he stars in on TV and Michelle Bauer pops in and out of her top.

I love the mysteriously deserted town at the opening of this movie, it is a set up that has stuck with me for years. Find More Posts by Russell S.

Sure the effects are a little dated in places and the science is movis bit However, Dumbledore will need to seek help from the wizard who had thwarted Grindelwald once before, his former student Newt Scamander.

So, the twist that shook fandom. Also that Medusa effect was pretty rough.

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The disc comes with an alternate ending that while it does have a fun wrap around isn’t quite as strong as the ending they went with.

And a 80’s time traveling reboot attempt.

The Relic October 14th It sounds silly and it is to some extent, but the slugs work.