In the second season, the Crowning Glory was removed, but a fifth pie was added; in addition, participants were no longer covered with a smock, and the large lab goggles were replaced with small swimming goggles. Every kid who failed at the silver monkey probably got it spray-painted into their lockers, and the damn pieces didn’t even work half the time. On the first occasion, Marc said a censored word and had to go to the Pie Pod as a result. Notice that Summers quickly checks to see if anyone is looking. Oh, that’s cute, if not creeping into some vaguely uncomfortable territory. Then yellow team gets a chance. What else could that be?

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Add me to the daily newsletter. A handful of episodes during the first season, promoted as “Pie-a-Thons,” were made up entirely of stunts, games and activities featuring pies and also pitted the children in the audience against the adults. Most of the time the winning team got to choose from getting a token to the “Wall o’ Stuff” for each winning team member, or sending the losing team member s to a pie device. One of the envelopes hid a zero, the other hid either a 50 or a One card would usually have a stunt based on a segment from earlier in the show. And nothing was more frustrating than watching people put together the silver monkey. Only a handful of episodes retained the original ending theme.

The problem was that some of wwgd shit might have been too hidden. On the next question, the red team accidentally buzzes in before the choices are given, so they get it wrong. The participant was asked five questions about another family member, with each incorrect answer resulting in the other participating family member turning a crank which lowered wwyd victim’s face toward a large pie a pile of whipped cream in a giant metal bowl.

It eschewed the typical Nick team-versus-team format for more of a panel show.

Nickelodeon’s What Would You Do? Fitness Show

Woody Fraser would reuse this pie contraption in his later Family Challenge. At the end of each episode of Legends Of The Hidden Templethe team that won all the trivia rounds and challenges was allowed to go through the temple maze, easily the most famous part. Some kids even dropped or damaged the pieces. Now you put me on the shelf; Son: In a very special country-music-themed episodeSummers explains that he’s going to give some “lucky” audience members a chance to be country music stars.


Being on one of these shows woulda straight-up sucked. Marc was sent to the Pie Pod at least twice during the show’s run. But what the heck was she supposed to do? Only a handful of episodes retained the original ending theme. Most of the contests were normal kid fare — “play this video game and then skateboard across the finish line,” for example. So the host helpfully chimes in with, “Oops, she lost a little there,” and then devolves to “She’s throwing the money.

This is practically child abuse. Let’s just say that it’s way more likely that the adult creators of the show were aware of flip cup than it is that college students saw this show and said, “Hey we should do that, but with booze! After cancellation, Nickelodeon decided to go back and redub the ending theme on most of the episodes with the one, and add parting gift prizes that never existed before.

Nickelodeon’s What Would You Do? Wear Something on Your Head – video dailymotion

It looked so easy, but I think we all may have misjudged the contestants. Co-hosts assisted Marc by providing pies and other props for the games and stunts, and also participated in the Wall O’Stuff by operating the lottery by which audience members earned participation. One of the first questions is “The Rio Grande separates Mexico from which country?

In addition, an unlucky participant could receive a card that sent them to one of the pie contraptions upon reading the paper containing a poem that is associated with the pie contraptions. The winner was awarded a “real” pie i. She goes back down to the throne room and just kinda stomps around in frustration on the throne, because apparently sitting on the chair can also open doors wait, what are the rules of this maze?

I agree to the Terms of Service. Except looking back on clips of the show, it seems like they reeeeeally stretched the word “talent.


Legends Of The Hidden Temple is gonna be a movie! Predictably, she ends up throwing all the money, which the host helpfully explains to the audience, in case she didn’t realize that she blew it.

How else can you explain that Summers then asked the audience or the winning player, in case of a game that sends the loser to the Pie Pod how many pies should be launched — “4” was the usual answer — and then released them, following a count of three.

If after five questions neither participant had been slimed, the family member about whom the questions were being asked was forced to stand episodex one of the contraptions and get slimed though this rarely happened. Woody Fraser Productions Reeves Entertainment. Apple, cherry, it don’t matter; Mom: I rescind all my eight-year-old criticism of anyone who had to endure that.

Most of the time this was only released if the audience determined that the “victim” flinched during the release of the pies. The second season often featured “family challenge” games which pitted entire families against each other in performing certain activities; the family with the fewest pied members when the game was over would be declared the winner.

Don’t make me do this again. You know, healthy activities. Later on, they come out wearing overalls and supposedly sing an original tune about Being a kid on a Nick game show must have been equal parts exciting and stressful.

Sometimes, winning a stunt would award a token for the Wall o’ Stuff. I tried donuts, tarts, and cakes; Mom: He eventually gets kidnapped in the “Heart” room, so it’s time for the girl’s turn.

You got to show off your skills and meet Amanda Bynes before she went nickelodeno.

Sometimes the contestant received a card that instructed them to open another door.