While Ayla comes from a middle-class background with a doting family, Sarmad comes from a rich background but is distant from his father, stepmother and stepbrother. Like 0 Dislike 0. So far, so good! Sarika Shah 22nd Jun – I was filled with deja vu of her performance in Qarz. However, something about the show kept viewers tuning in week after week, myself included. I really missed you and ur ff…interesting intro.

Even at the very end, when she spoke to her mother about her “haal,” she blamed her mother entirely for the state of her life at that present moment. SPP 22nd Jun – 9: This is a woman-oriented household and these women are not helpless or dependent on any man. Along with a close friend, Ali Furqan Qureshi , this sums up Omar’s restricted world. That’s it for now. Each person has their own personality and way of dealing with things and, obviously, Faryal’s is not the same as Annie’s.

The episode ends there, but leaves room for a lot of excitement in future episodes. So far, so good! The two are less like mother and daughter and more like friends. Each person has their own personality and way of dealing with things and, primo, Faryal’s is not the same as Annie’s.

Link for episode 2: Does one way have to work for different people? Hope everyone else is enjoying this one as much as I am! Link for episode 1: If you aren’t watching Goya and Sadqay Tumhare, you’re missing out!

Nazdeekiyan Episode 12 Full on Ary Digital – January 15

They understand each other and care for each other while not interfering too much in each others lives. Shanakht has proven to be a beautiful show to watch, neither coming off as preachy or unrealistic.

Along with a close friend, Ali Furqan Qureshithis sums up Omar’s restricted world.


King 22nd Jun – 9: Sana’s background is entirely different than Omar’s. Rabia is forced to marry Rumi and is labeled “bhagori” run-away bridesomething she has to hear every day from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law who holds her responsible for her own marriage being called off.

Hence, the “fate” of Muskaan was most fitting – she was left alone. It doesn’t, however, come as a surprise when Omar confesses to Ali that he is attracted to Mohini. When Phupo sees the two together, she furiously goes to inform Rabia’s father, but accidentally nazdeekigan and hits her head, falling unconscious.

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Iqra 23rd Jun – 5: Lila 23rd Jun – 4: The pace of this show is natural and the characters are realistic, which makes it a nice change! Welcome, Login to your account. Laksh sees the girl.

When Omar meets Mohini at an art exhibit she’s covering, they instantly feel the friction – eoisode not necessarily in a positive way. I love Vasay Chaudhary.

Regardless, it was nice to see an otherwise mediocre show pick up and right its wrongs in the last episode. Piya 23rd Jun – 3: The nwzdeekiyan episode actually provided the viewer with quality content.

Page 1 of 1. The character of Muskaan stayed true to her nature from beginning to end: So we are not surprised when Omar has a run-in with journalist and carefree-soul, Mohini Sana Javed.

Nazdeekiyan Episode 12 Full on Ary Digital – January 15 – video dailymotion

Awesome dear you are back with a bang. Ayla’s entry into Sarmad’s life is a blessing for him and he feels his loneliness disappearing.

The show took an 8 year leap It episore simply be that this show is not the sort that you can watch 4 episodes back-to-back, but I’ll wait and see if I actually want to continue with this one. The story revolves around the love story of Sarmad Farhan and Ayla Sohai.


Inaayat, Rahat and Mrs. Alright, so now we can retire Bashar Momin and Soteli after their prolonged runs. I think everyone at some level can connect to this show, whether it’s in the marital aspect or the religious aspect.

Where is the Rathores? Therefore, I added on a few already-running shows that I’d been neglecting – and I’m so glad! Monday, November 24, Na Maloom Afraad: Oh, just the latest episodes of these dramas! Also started a new Fan-Fiction of Ragsan here are the links…. She’s a nice girl, but a girl who prom not prepared to live in Pakistan with her in-laws and had the situation thrown at her. Rather, though she doesn’t share much of nasdeekiyan relationship with Omar herself, she is consistently pushing Rahat to stop treating his own son like a stepson and show him affection and leniency.

Yes, no woman should have to deal with her husband remarrying and then expecting her promk “deal with it. Forget that this love has transpired and materialized out of nowhere. Megha 22nd Jun – In all the chaos, Tayyaba goes into labor and gives birth to Buland’s child who is completely missing in action. Hashim accepted her in the UK as she was, with her own distinct personality.