Did something happen with Hyun Wook? Red flags were sent to me ever since he told Se Na who to see and not see in AnA and that she was cool with it because she takes it as romantic and that he likes her instead of a sign of control. Makes way more sense for her to go there then to CAL where the top ranked specialties are engineering and the applied sciences. When he was rejected, he accepted it. Shi Woo says he will ask Se Na instead. Is It Fine To Love? The friends hug goodbye and Se Na thanks them for taking care of her during this time.

Superstition by Halo https: Hyun Wook says Se Na will be unavailable. Shi Woo drives Se Na home and directs her to only think of him so she can write the perfect song for him. Skip to primary content. Se Na recalls giving So Eun a similar scarf. Se Na calls Jae Young and turns down his offer.

Jae Young discusses the terms for her to write songs for his company.

But then this drama would have ended earlier. Shi Woo agrees to stop mentioning it but demands that Se Na only pay attention dramafie him and not be concerned with others, that way she can write songs that are suitable for him.

Se Na thinks the scarf looks like one she made years ago but chalks it up to just looking similar. Give the kid some damn time. Se Na gets a call to meet with another agency looking to hire her for a gig.


The emotions are clear on his face as well as the anguish in his voice.

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Hyun Wook calls Se Na who comes out to see him. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Jae Young calls Se Na and tells her the bar they were going to meet at has pictures of her gir on the wall.

Jae Young turns the conversation back to business and wants to contract with Se Na for ten songs. Imagine my confusion… Sorry drama, misunderstood you.

Even better, this song she understands! Shi Woo liking Se Na has not made him pathetic. Lee Cho Hee Supporting Cast. She wants to say goodbye to someone. Learn how your comment data episose processed. Shi Woo listens to his manager reading aloud all the positive feedback on his touching ballad performance. Follow Kjtamuser Blog via Email. He finds a picture of puppy Dal Bong and stares at it with a smile.

Episode 13

Episose a taxi, Se Na tells him she will meet him at the airport. She blows out the candles on the cake. Kang going to the tea shop. Hyun Wook only wants her happiness. Kim Jin Woo Supporting Cast. What, do you expect it to be done so easily by the end of the ep? However, Hyun Wook elected to lie to Se Na and he will have to povely the consequences of that lie.


Jae Young confirms this. I am really loving Hae Yoon now. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Ok, ok, they are delivering the cute.

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Dramavire Young tells her to admit that she wanted him to tell Se Na the truth. He orders them to live together in the dorm. He smirks before sitting down to wait for Se Na.

Shi Woo assures her ANA will support this. Seriously, what the hell is happening?

My Lovely Girl (2014)

He asks Hyun Wook to convey his apology dramfaire Se Na for him before sauntering back inside. Shi Woo hugs Se Na distressed she is leaving him. Hyun Wook takes Se Na to a fancy restaurant for a date dinner. Her song is very well written and soon she will be famous in her own right. Looks like Hyun Wook is planning to flee with Se Na.