This movie centers around a carefree youth corp member Odunlade Adekola , who selfishly steals and eats the seven ducks pepeye meje of an aged woman, causing her pain. Which kain title be dat? Funny Nollywood Movie Titles by Emmasabbath m: Saworoide in English means talking drum or brass bell. You can only dream of the kinda perfect upbringing I had! I don suffer, even ‘corper’? The brilliance of Odunlade and supporting cast in this film is what makes it stand out.

You too dey talk trash. This film perfectly depicts the tales, trials, and adventures of the typical Jonny Just Come JJC in a tertiary institution where most students live in the fast intimidating lane and deal with cultists. Monday, 25 February at February 23, Yoruba films touch all societal topics without censoring. The way you wrote your “HypoHypoHypocrite! Inspiring and soul lifting.

Besides, don’t have the time to search through their numerous crap for the good ones as you suggested. RMD and Emeka Ike. This ooko makes it to our list because of the brilliant plot twist and tragedy. No right thinking person will support the nonsensical posts. The film is set two days before the World Mufk and tells the story of Kashimawo played by Wole Ojo, a promising soccer player who comes to terms with the agonies of his childhood, poverty, struggle and unconditional love of his maami motherplayed by Funke Akindele and estranged father.

6 Best Yoruba Movies Ever

The taxi driver comes across all forms of powers and principalities in his lifetime, especially in Lagos. I hope u dnt patronize 9JA muzics too! I don suffer, even ‘corper’? You’re right about that Mufu, played by Odunlade Adekola, is a notorious armed robber, causing mayhem in the community but yet helping the needy.


My comment is from my mind I’ve already advised you to shut up. These films are incomplete without what we call funny Yoruba loosha. BTW, I ain’t no iko.

Ogboju ode ninu igbo olodumare. This film perfectly depicts the tales, trials, and adventures of the typical Jonny Just Come JJC in a tertiary institution where most students live in the fast intimidating lane and deal with cultists.

This Yoruba film also stars Olumide Bakare.

The ability to adapt the true story and the use of a beautiful soundtrack to convey the emotions of the film is what we love about it. Watch movie like show me heaven mellion tears passion of my soul where novie hrt lies love n sex the game.

It’s better to o,osha heed, rather than to continue sounding stupid. The way you wrote your “HypoHypoHypocrite! There are many very good nollywood movies out there. Unknown to the corp member, the old woman places a curse on him. Oko Ashewo narrates the story of Adigun played by Femi Jacobs, a year-old naive village mechanic who comes to Lagos for the first time after the sudden oloeha of his estranged father, who was a taxi driver.

Hot Yoruba Nigerian Movies: Mufu Olosha Oko

This con is fast changing as veteran actors and producers are putting in much efforts to produce and provide more for the audience and other creatives. Saworoide centers on the setting of an old Yoruba norm in the town of Jogbo where a person cannot be coronated without the saworoide being played by the right person.


February 19, This film shines the light on significant yet overlooked member of the Yoruba community, the taxi driver, in a creative and comedic manner.

They impart key life lessons in an interesting way. But Mifu don’t watch Nollywood crap.

6 Best Yoruba Movies Ever

Pepeye Meje is a Yoruba drama starring Odunlade Adekola. I’ve seen scenes and adverts esp in restaurants. This film was a breakthrough film in the Yoruba industry. I listen to cool Naija gospel music bro A story everyone can relate to, the struggles of a mother.

Nigga, there are more important things you should be worried about like getting a good job, settling down, making it, etc Look for the good ones! The story is engaging and filled with suspense.

No content, no deep story, no nothing. There are so many creatives in the Yoruba okko industry, okp many that there are new Yoruba movies every week. What about Nollywood Plus A great Channel or just waste of time? On the other hand, I think you should shut up though. I’m a Biochemist, a very good one at it. No be small thing o A Yoruba Robbin Hood, Mufu is spiritually fortified to the extent that no weapon can work on him, all attempts by the police to apprehend him have been futile.

I guess someone who called you hypocrite wasn’t far from the truth afterall.