Navya reveals the truth about Harshad on a mike. FAB5 and Navya inform Nandini’s family about the same. Doctor tells Manik’s friends about the condition of his hand. She suggests Manik they should help Rishabh and Dhruv. Manik’s mother comes to meet him at the hospital. Manik regrets having mistreated Nandini. Alya compels Manik to end his contract with Nandini. Kabir talks to Nandini about him and Raghav.

Alya compels Manik to end his contract with Nandini. Under the influence of cannabis, Dhruv shows his insecurity towards Manik. Mukti tells Manik that Nandini has planned a surprise for him in the basement. Manik tries to talk and apologize to Dhruv. Manik once again reminds Kabir to talk about his secret to him but he evades it again. Nandini spends time with Manik despite Mr. Navya and Kabir interview parents for the adoption of the baby. Mukti talks to Navya about her unborn child’s future.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode videos Manik speaks up about his suspicions regarding Harshad to Mukti and ultimately ends flaring up at Nandini when Dhruv discovers a disturbing connection with Rishabh. Despite Nyonika’s open disapproval, Nandini goes to great lengths to be yaadiaan Manik’s side once he regains consciousness, while Mukti boldly faces off with Harshad.

E to participate in a fusion concert and Manik offers to be her partner, Trilok disapproves of it. Abhimanyu quits his job as a peon in the college.


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She prohibits the entry of his friends, but Nandini gets into Manik’s room to see him. Abhimanyu asks Nandini about her and Manik. Abhimanyu yeg with Mukti.

Manik’s mother calls Mr. Mukti asks Abhimanyu for a date.

Episodee and gang discover that someone spiked the drinks in the party. Manik goes after Harshad for revenge. Nandini saves Navya which enrages the FAB5 even more.

Soha too has some plans. Manik tries to talk and apologize to Dhruv. Aryaman overhears the FAB5’s plan but asks them to trust him. Manik’s mother comes to meet him at the hospital. Later, he convinces her to resume the workshop. Nandini isn’t happy about signing the contract.

Navya unknowingly checks into Kabir’s house and is adament about living there. Dhruv gets ready to mttv in the club. Harshad apologizes to Navya over the phone. Manik attempts to help Nandini heal after her traumatic experience with Trilok.

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The band members are not convinced that easily. Nandini shifts to Mumbai with Shannoo and Murthy for Rishabh’s treatment. Manik and Nandini try to reconcile friendship with Dhruv but they end up fighting. Manik arrives at Nandini’s house.

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Aryaman informs Harshad about the tracking chip he has implanted on Manik. Peace eludes Kabir with his new flatmate around. It is revealed that Prof Pandit has kidnapped her. Nandini calls for Manik’s help when she is unable to handle Dhruv’s strange attacks.


Manik refuses to help Nandini.

Alya thinks about her time with Fab5. Mukti calls Alya and tells her that she will commit suicide as the FAB5 has separated. Manik and Kabir share their emotions.

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Manik and Nandini talk about their problems. Harshad is worried about Alya. Nandini and Manik are locked in the store room. Kabir drops Nandini to her house. Manik tells Nandini that he has made peace with Dhruv’s behavior.

Kabir and Mukti find the truth about the club. Manik tells Nandini that he cannot share his problem with her. Kabir and Mukti try to talk to Manik. Nandini and Dhruv share a good time. Manik and Nandini spend the night together on Nandini’s birthday.

Manik breaks up with Alya. Navya and Harshad talk. Manik opens the gift sent by Soha to Nandini.

Dhruv turns out to be the only one mature amongst the arrogant five.