Add to that mix the fact that Jon Ace arrives and tells Chase that there’s a spy in the group sending a signal to Darkspin and Chase is almost at breaking point. Before being separated once more, Jeredy gives his son a new Monsuno named Evo. Dax goes to his hometown and waits for a mysterious person to tell him information about his parents, only to find out its Dom Pyro, who tricked him so Dr. But, we soon learn it may already be too late. Instead they find something slightly different when Dax comes clean about his top-secret work with Jeredy. On July 1, , the 13 episode third season of Monsuno was distributed digitally in the US as a Hulu exclusive, retaining the “Combat Chaos” title of Season 2. A huge cast of Monsuno characters Grandma Future, Mr. Then Chase and the others chase after him and Chase eventually gets the book as he is captured.

Add to that mix the fact that Jon Ace arrives and tells Chase that there’s a spy in the group sending a signal to Darkspin and Chase is almost at breaking point. Our heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight for the coveted vial of Monsuno Essence, which Jinja will use to create Charger. Worst of all, Dr. After discovering the plan, Team Core-Tech tries to stop it. Team Core-Tech awakens in a strange apocalyptic land where Monsuno Essence has taken over and destabilized the world! Klipse makes his move and invites Chase to join his organization. Tallis has fallen in love with her and decides to help her come through from S. Jeredy Suno’s important, world-saving work.

Team Core-Tech joins Bren as he travels home to visit his quirky family. While fishing, a fisherman awakens a dormant wild core off the shore of Coastal City. When Chase receives a garbled message from his father asking to meet up, our hero can’t resist.

In Greece, the first episode of Season 3 was mlnsuno on September 5,making them the first country to air Season 3 on television. Klipse and his cloned son Six work with Don Pyro to try to steal him and destroy Chase.

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Because Klipse has revealed his ultimate plan to Jeredy Dax tells the rest of the Core-Tech team what he knows about Jeredy, which leads Bren discovering Jeredy’s plan.


While the Core-Tech team seeks information on Jeredy, Jon Ace seeks to destroy the Monsuno Essence because he believes it is too dangerous. In this confused state, a former S. Start your free trial. He’s really picking up the “Monsuno Sight” in epksode very big way.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos – Season 1, Episode 1: Clash –

Team Core-Tech follows the Punk Monks to Professor Tallis’ secret base and uncover a Monsuno Frequency experiment that goes very wrong, leaving Chase and the team to figure out a new way of fighting to win the day. Plus, Beyal is having some scary visions that he can’t quite decipher. Bekka calms him down. Chase and the teens are taking advantage of their surroundings to get some food But Jon Ace has his own agenda: It is of Chase’s jonsuno Chase, Jinja, Bren and Beyal head into the Lowlands to lay low.

Share this Rating Title: However, a scene reveals this to be a ploy by the Hand of Destiny as they seek to shed their mortality! Meanwhile the whole Earth is suffering from earthquakes and Jeredy Suno is trying to stop them. It will “debut later in monsno year” in the United States on Nicktoons, with a world wide release planned across Nickelodeon outlets in Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted by claxh hired killer, the crazy Dom Pyro under orders from Dr.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Klipse reveals his latest experiment, Number mmonsuno, a teenage clone of himself, and sends him out to destroy Team Core-Tech. They learn that an end to all of this insanity is coming, but a different kind of end.

Soldiers, Chase and the team realize that the rift between Chase and Lock has not fully healed. Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble. Monsuno sight makes Chase and Beyal vulnerable moneuno the Hand of Destiny. Eklipse can experiment on him to re-create what happened to Jon Ace, so the rest of Team Core-Tech must find him and save him before he becomes “Toxic Dax”. The battle ends with Core-Tech’s victory and Liger is fused with another of Chase’s Monsuno’s by Eklipse’s base exploding.


While the Suno’s talk, S.

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Seeking answers from his father, Chase forces Dax to take him to Jeredy’s location. Season 2 of the American-Japanese flash animated series, titled “Monsuno: During an intense battle with S. Search for ” Clash ” on Amazon. Chase has another one of his intense dreams only this time he doesn’t believe it was just a dream. On July 1,the 13 episode third season of Monsuno was distributed digitally in the US as a Hulu exclusive, retaining the “Combat Chaos” title of Season 2.

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Team Core-Tech gets the powerful advantage they need to survive. Views Read Edit View history. Add the first question. After Jeredy Suno reveals the mystery of Liger as the lynchpin bridging humanity and all Monsunos, Dr.

Stemming from one of Beyal’s visions, Chase clssh his mother, Flash is still alive. Klipse and Six to a deserted island with an erupting volcano! After a losing battle with Chase, Dax vows revenge. Season 1 Episode 1.

Jack, under Charlemagne’s mind control, kills Master Ey, causing Beyal to become enraged. Away from his core, Lock’s energy quickly fades and he begins to unspin permanently, until he unearths a wild core, which re-energizes him to supercharged levels. Together, they take care of Trey’s Monsuno, Riccoshot. Chase and his “team” can’t catch a break.

Good enough of a lead for our heroes to follow. M specialist Alpha of Strike Squad wishes to prove that he is a superior Monsuno controller to Chase, and challenges him by invoking the rite of Tav Kagah.

An intense 3-way face-off against Dr. On the trail of a big cache of S.

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