The first step to changing is acknowledging and accepting responsibility for your mistakes and he still denies he cheated. All new episodes of mob wives returns Jan. And I can understand why she was fired. Hope you all enjoyed — jennifer graziano jenngraziano April 22, When the show was over everyone took to twitter expressing how they wanted to see a season 4 in the works. Carla was clearly attacked and some say things when we are angry especially if someone is trying to hurt you. I doubt they even got paid for Season 1.

Another part that is interesting during this video is that the person who interviewed these two asked the same question that we’ve all been asking ourselves which is, “why post the news and pics about this on social media instead of handling it privately? The day has finally arrived and it’s time to set sail! Are you the publisher? Drew wants to move on and get to the next topic and he does it over the arguing still going on between Ramona and Carla. With Nicolas’ dream to cast off and take the high seas for his birthday finally becoming a reality, so does the worry and concern of his watchful parents! Those men probably cheat on their wives, act irresponsible sometimes doing crimes and getting caught so their wives are left alone with the kids, maybe having even financially difficult times. Thank god Drita is keeping track because as the show goes on I kind of got confused with who everyone was fighting with. Can we believe anything Carla says?

Karen says when she and Love were 17 they had an altercation and Karen bit her finger. He sounds like a stand up guy. Then there was the meeting with Rebecca and the issue of her taking Karina to the doctor and leaving her thong at the house.

Newer Post Older Post Home. We made an instagram acct. If she said that on the reunion show, the show likely will never see a season four. Some of the cast are for the reboot while the other part of the cast aren’t for it. Big Ang says Love was wrong. Ugh, Ramona, the mouth on you. Some of the things that they did not bring up at the reunion or that they didn’t show us was hurricane Sandy and how they all recovered from it.


Cake Boss Buddy is planning a surprise party for his much beloved wife.

Renee explains to Karen that Drita wants to crack her head open because she’s talking to Karen. But hey its entertainment right? Drita adds, Renee is a great mother, just look at AJ.

Mob Wives Sit Down

Big Ang said that the fight made her upset because Carla had blood everywhere on her. But for Nicole and Boris, that isn’t the pee, thing setting in.

I for one missed Love on the reunion and will miss her next season. Here’s the proof that dritadavanzoladyboss was the only one that respected and cared for my sister I hope Renee does well she set the bar this season and shes a mother we all hope to have.

YES she can be crazy Drita.

The ratting didn’t stop there on twitter or on Guercio’s instagram. Renee explains that she feels eppisode Ang has to pick a side between her and Natalie. It is nice having access to my favorite television shows, and watching them whenever Epusode want.

Victoria says that family is off limits. Since there are about to be two Natalie’s on the show starting January 7th that’s when Didonato makes her debutwe’re gonna refer to them by their last names on here just so that we don’t get the two confused. Karen says she just wanted Carla and Love to talk it out.

Mob Wives Sit Down

Mario Lopez’s tequila launch party is a hit, but when the guest list continues to wivws, David faces a capacity disaster! London goes on to say that he had no idea Rudy was coming for him until the incident happened. Who can you Trust? This person also says that Rudy like Puff said above isn’t a troublemaker and that he was just defending himself.

This story is still developing as we speak, moh we wish London a speedy recovery. Drew asks Drita if she thought what Love did to Carla during the fight was right she said no.

Carla and Ramona get into it over their uncles and husbands. It was not a life-time job.

Ramona also said that Carla always calls everyone on the show “these girls”. As for Big Ang, she is the wise one and her gift is her humor and kindness. Someone who does not want to scrap on camera its so gross to watch 2 women fighting An Italian-American who is loyal and all those other admirable mob-like qualities.


Carla I believe broke a glass, that’s how her hand was bleeding and was seemingly a deep wound.

After peisode problematic start, David redeems himself with Kym by showing her the showstopping setup for her awards ceremony. David Wivse runs into trouble when Vivica A.

Boy have we missed KG and her one liners. AND they and their mothers probably suffered due to this lifestyle, cause from all we know the mob is not the most progressive part of the society and likes their wives and daughters acting in a traditional way. Its been a long time coming, in my life I have made many mistakes, i wanted to make things right, I even let good friends go for no real reason, Aside for whatever transpired on mobwives was many moons ago The only fault I see is she lowered herself to a level of someones clear violence by her tweets, so maybe it’s a lesson learned and they need to just say “Let It Be” Renee’s husband ratting mobb her father, the husbands getting out of prison were real events and that what made the show fascinating.

Mob Wives returns with new episodes next Wednesday at 9 PM only vh1. While David goes on a revealing shopping trip with Coco to help find her the perfect dress for the shower, Montre gets stuck on doggie duty while his other work hangs in the balance. Helen Keller could see that coming, so it was absolutely scripted 3 It probably is unfair that Love was fired since she probably was doing just what they wanted.

If they bring another mobwife on please let it be someone with a little self-respect and class. Instant Replay of Fight Scene.

All I know is if this is true then Jenn Graziano is more of a genius than we already thought. Especially when you were lucky to be there in the 1st place.

Then Ang explains how Guercio isn’t the only one who is causing problems.