Phoebe and Tyler get are hired but Tyler is quickly fired after sneezing. He moves to his friend’s house where the only rule is there are no rules. So, Max decides to ruin the entire family’s Christmas by stealing all the gifts. Link, who is now working at Splatburger, hears the song and concludes that Link told Max the secret. The twins get tickets to GamerFest where Cybron James will be launching his new video game, but they’re forced to take Billy and Nora with them. Meanwhile, Nora and Billy must infiltrate Darcy’s home to retrieve Dr. Max helps Phoebe with revenge, but he instead becomes her “boyfriend”.

Max is ready to make Phoebe fall on stage and record it on video but Phoebe anticipates all his moves. They follow Phoebe to Dark Mayhem’s lair but she traps them inside a force-field, rendering them powerless as she waits for the volcano lava with Malvezium to erupt. Colosso offers to tell them spooky stories to scare them off. The Thundermans enjoy playing at different places in the park including mini-golf, without realizing that they’re there illegally. At the house, Phoebe angrily asks why she is a bird. After realizing that they weren’t supposed to sell it, Max tries to get the box back but Cedric refuses to give back Electress’s whip – unless it’s to Electress herself. So, he decides to play with Lacroix instead of helping Phoebe.

Retrieved March 7, When Max finally goes to show them where he hid the furniture, they’re all shocked to find the furniture gone. Retrieved August 9, They get a question which Max happens to know the answer to, but he deliberately gives a wrong answer to make Phoebe’s team win.

Retrieved May 29, Sweet Gam Gam mistakes Phoebe and Billy as the cookie thieves. Hank then tells mjto about the story of how Dr. Worried that Cherry might epiosde up, Phoebe dresses up as Cherry and joins the interview to help when needed. However, they don’t want anyone finding out that they are scared. Since the ride is very scary, they agree not to ride it. To make it up to Barb, the girls recreate a farm experience with hey and even a wild alpaca. Phoebe uses telekinesis to pull Nora and Billy from Max’s Lair and force them to go to the park with her.


He tells her to go to a cave at the bottom of the Weeping Volcano in Hawaii to get Dark Mayhem’s full plan. Colosso episodde to tell them spooky stories to scare them off.

Shred It Go

Retrieved January 23, Meanwhile, Phoebe and Max are unable to get inside to talk to Cybron because they need to have a kid under Billy accidentally mktp the skateboard roll towards Phoebe, causing to trip and fall in a big epic fail. But now that he’s good, he has to stop it because it would automatically get him and Phoebe disqualified for Z-Force.

When Phoebe goes to help Cherry at a ping-pong tournament, she is knocked down the school steps and breaks her neck; so, she and Max train Cherry take her place in the interview in disguise. She uses it to save the twins. Afterwards, the rest of the Thundermans and Super President Kickbutt and her workers arrive where Phoebe had to explain their motives behind disobeying Super President Kickbutt’s warning.

After they arrive, they find out that the legend was actually true.

The Thundermans Shred It Go

Max teaches them and calls them his minions, but when they betray Max and make him the victim of a humiliating prank, Max must find a way to regain his reputation as thunrermans baddest boy in school. After missing Chloe’s pre-school graduation, Phoebe and Max realize that they’ve been spending so much time together training for Z-Force and not enough time with their family. Phoebe faces a tough rival in the school choir, a snooty girl named Veronica.

Max figures out that it was Dr. Max sides with Mandy against the Thundermans emphasizing how thhundermans it is when your sister doesn’t show up thundermajs something that matters to you. At night, Max is visited by different versions of Phoebe as Christmas Spirits. Top Moments From the Oscars. Phoebe enters backstage through the ceiling and finds Max having been beaten up by the girls.


Meanwhile, Nora accidentally zaps the Thunder Monitor with her lasers eyes while playing rock-paper-lasers with Billy. She blackmails Max intro training her how to play tennis but Max offers to help her cheat instead. Nora Thunderman Diego Velazquez With this mutual agreement, Max’s Band breaks up and promise to remain friends.

Colosso is the original vampire. Max brings the plant back to life and feeds it a lot of food, causing it to mutate and grow really big. Dylan gets suspicious and Phoebe is about to tell him the truth when Max, Nora and Billy arrive just in time. Retrieved from ” https: Chloe teleports him back and Phoebe uses her heat breath to unfreeze him.

At the park, Phoebe keeps Dylan away from the baby while waiting for Max to return the real baby. Max, Nora and Billy start fighting over whom she should take. The kids take a joyride in the Thunder Van prompting Hank to teach them a lesson. So, he hides thunder,ans tickets from Phoebe and gives Phoebe’s to Cassandra.

Just then, he sees Balfour’s video on his watch. Colosso advises him to join the club in order to use their keys to get into the Principal’s office and steal his chronicle back. Dylan epieode Rusty and leaves angrily, refusing to ever go on a date with Phoebe again.

The Thundermans Shred It Go – video dailymotion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After talking to Dark Mayhem, she turns full-on evil. Colosso to prove that they can take care of a pet, but later Nora and Billy decide they do not want a pet. So, she tries to help Max get accepted back into the band and it works out. Phoebe feels responsible because her intense Z-Force episove may have cost Max a spot on the band.