Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that’s often difficult to discover. Dispatch, v, bhejna, rawana k. Demerit, s, bad-chal, na-sazawari, khata. K 2 Belative, a. Action, s, kam, amal, fial ; muqaddama ; Active, a. Perhaps the most deeply engrained superstition of all among the Indian populations is the necessity of having a son as the surest means to salvation, and there is no subject in Indian folklore of more universal occurrence than that of the miraculously and fortunately born hero-son and his doings. Minor, s, na-balig, niUrasida, khmrdsal.

Over, pr, upar, par, bald. Javelin, 8, barchhi, neza, sang. But the ceremonial gam- bling occurring in them bears evidence of the origin; for, as a test before marriage, it is clearly an ordeal in the form of a variant of the impossible task. Knotty, a, ghathila; pechdar, mnglaq. So far, we have been dealing with the heroes and their male counterparts, but on tui-ning to the heroines it will be found that, so far as Indian ideas on the parts that the soxcs ai-e capable of playing in the affairs of life admit, the stories of the female actors follow strictly on the lines of those of the male. If one is strictly scientific and arranges the facts in a severe sequence, one is not only apt to be dull, but also to incorrectly interpret the subject, which from its very nature hardly admits of a logical treatment. Metaphorical, a, majazi, rangin, muster. Bedew, v, tar k.

Enemies’ skulls are mounted in silver as drinking cups, strangled bodies are exposed, graves of ene- mies are ploughed up and walked over by the conquering hero and heroine, the ashes of victims of burning alive are sent to their mothers, and an unchaste wife is tricked into eating her lover’s heart by the injured husband. There are tricks humorous and tricks malicious.

Docile, a, tarbiyat-pazir, salimut-taba. Pendolnm, 8, ghafi-k4 latkan.

Lecture, s, dars, sabaq, bayan. The hero’s human companions, however, sometimes desert him in his times of difficulty, a situation ap- parently introduced to enhance the glory of the hero himself, while his animal companions undergo at times the fate of Gelert, and are killed for their endeavours on behalf of their masters, an incident well known to Indian and other folk- lore generally.


Protest, 8, iqrir, itiraf ; bar-aks iqrar. Nominate, v, babrana, mnqarrar k. Happen, v, hojana, aparna, waqi h. Household, s, ghardna, f handan.

Muscle, s, patha, pai ; sipi-ka kipa. Capital, a, asli, niutlaq, sadr, auwal j wajib-ul-qatl.

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. With this exception we have dished up for us the well-worn superstitions relating millay the meeting of lucky and unlucky personages, to lucky and un- lucky things in Nature, plants, ti’ees and so forth, to the flight and calls of birds, to sneezing which, like hiccough, is a most mj’sterious proceeding of the animal body to the Indian mind, to accidental occurrences on mounting a horse and while walking and so on.

The existence eipsode miraculous and magical powers presumes the existence of recognised— or may we call them orthodox? Emerge, v, nikalna, tulii h. Bore, s, snrakh, roklma ; ban, bimima. The allusions to the doctrine of metempsychosis in the Legends are, of course, ubiquitous, but without much variation, and they habitually refer to the variety of lives the heroes and heroines have already passed through in diverse forms.

Base, s, bunyad, neo ; kharj, bam. But of these, as matters too well- known to require explanation, there ja not much detail in the Legends, apart from that necessary to briefly explain the miraculous acts themselves ; and such as occurs is confined to that all-important division of the subject in the eyes of a super- stitious peasantry of prophylactic charms.

Avannt, mt, dur ho, chala-ja. Obstruct, V, rokna, band k. In India, however, all water may be called in a sense holy.

Ignominy, s, ruswai, badnami, fazihat. Copper, s, tamba, mis ; deg. Malefactor, s, bad-kar, gonah-gar, mnj- rim. Quarter, s, cbautbdi, pauwa, cbabarumf, ruba ; taraf, janibj wilayat ; maballa ; aman.


Clap, V, zarb k. Crust, 8, chhilka, pappa, papri ; post. Pulp, 8, gudA, magz.

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He can knock down the mangoes off a particular unapproachable tree. Fealty, s, farmanbardari, wafadari, itaat. Gravel, 8, kankar, kankarf, sangreza. It is quite worth extracting from the general story of Raja Jagdeo and repeat- ing here. Briefly Sahlban, a daughter of the Panjabi Siyals, eloped with Mirza, the Kharal, and was overtaken by her tribe and strangled. In the Legends we ai-e treated to many a most interesting and instructive description especially of marriage ceremonies, involving allusions to equally interest- ing and instructive notions about marriages generally.

Milje, 8, girau, rihn, bandhak. A victim of the custom is made to say: All the enchanted articles that occur are supposed to have undergone the processes necessary to render them supernatural. Achhi karni apne nak niin: Mere Mirza de hathon paian bhajran, ambar koi na pinda thai.

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Katha hat hat kar vahk, jiwen ddr vichh khara fakir. Ghar mere anke das ditti sahe de pS. Bass, a, kharj, bam. Like them, this book was at first my constant companion.

Like the rest of the heroic or supematui’al world, they have a wide power mikke metamorphosis: Now, when a belief becomes rooted in the popular mind, a custom, however barbarous and disgusting, is sure to be based on it, and the apparently harmless notion of sympathetic FREFACE. Antecedent, a, peshm, mnqaddam. Hall, s, dalan, aiwan ; diwRn-khana.