As he is blindfolded and tied to a rope with Michiko in tow, Nei runs across a steel beam off of the roof to decide his fate. As Michiko departs, Atsuko cries while reminiscing childhood memories about Michiko. At night, Rita talks about her circus partner Gino Costa , who she has strong feelings for. As the two head to a nearby village to fill up, Michiko has a tough time opening up to Hatchin. As they happen upon a mister, who was formerly one of Hiroshi’s old business associates, Michiko becomes forlorn after finding out that Hiroshi had not mentioned her at all. Michiko and Hatchin then set off to find Satoshi. As the police shut down the main power, she still manages to escape in the streets.

To pay for this, Hatchin works for a farmer named Mauro to chase off bandits raiding his crops, but Hatchin is useless for the job and only receives some recovered crops. Satoshi has a run-in with Heike, but he manages to escape before Shinske arrives. Michiko manages to break free while pulling Nei up onto the steel beam, thereby completing the challenge. The show is produced by studio Manglobe and directed by Sayo Yamamoto , her first directorial work. When Hatchin loses her shoes after cleaning and hanging them outside, Michiko steals an expensive pair of shoes to replace them. The next day, Michiko finds a man named Davi Nativa, mistaking him as Satoshi and hoping to get some information by force. Alien Force Blue Dragon. Guardians of Space Gundam Wing Superman:

Because of this, Hatchin later storms out on Michiko.

Meanwhile, as Michiio continues to elude police, she ends up cornered at a traveling carnivaltaking three carnival workers as hostages. When two street boys run from the restaurant with Hatchin’s old pair of shoes, Hatchin chases them, but then starts recalling the fortune foretold.

When Nei leaves to go search for Michiko, Nei’s daughter Bebel Feng-Yi brags to Hatchin about how Nei is a great opera singer and a kindhearted father.

Although the facial sketch did not ultimately lead them to the right man, Hatchin believes what the fortune teller said. Ivan later informs Michiko that Hatchin is likely being held by Vasily Nabokov, the current leader of Fantasma, at a bullfighting arena in order to draw Michiko closer to him. Satoshi explains that he was behind the whole ordeal, including Kiril’s disappearance after being framed, Hiroshi’s resignation from Monstro Preto and Michiko’s arrest after confronting Kiril.

Retrieved from ” https: In the Heike headquarters, Shinske soon asks Eduardo and Wen to help him find Satoshi, to which the two agree on friendly terms. Michiko is unsettled by the fact that Hiroshi came onto Elis first when he worked as a farmhand at engliish plant. Ivan explains that rumors are saying that Kiril was killed by Michiko during a fight between the two crime syndicates, despite the fact that she was behind bars at the time.


Michiko finally smiles as she looks out her window. On the freight train, Atsuko tries to negotiate with Michiko, offering a passport that would be her ticket to freedom, while Hatchin attempts to reason with Satoshi, who is looking for Hiroshi as well. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. After Satoshi takes Michiko’s scooter and drives off with Hatchin in tow, Michiko reaches for Atsuko’s gun tossed aside in desperation, but not long before taking hits from Atsuko.

However, Juninho is already out to get Hiroshi for some outstanding debts. As Hatchin and Rita visit the site of the Maria Statue, Rita is upset to know that the statue has been replaced after the old one was destroyed. However, Michiko manages to outwit Atsuko and evade the police, while also saving Hatchin uatchin being shot by Pedro.

After passing by a restaurant, Rita takes Hatchin to an observation deck and explains that the Maria Statue is a weeping statue that sheds tears of blood, which possibly can grant wishes.

However, Michiko and Hatchin are blocked by the police after being chased. After Michiko takes out her frustration on the television set from seeing a soap opera about a man and a lady doctor named Feliciano and Cinara, she begins to hallucinate and witnesses Hiroshi having a relationship with a researcher named Elis Michaela.

Htchin a result, Hatchin takes on a job at a restaurant to work for a strict owner named Lam Yin. Before Madame and Nuno prepare to transport the children by hot hatfhin balloon, Daniela tries to release them, but ends up tranquilized again by Nuno.

When Atsuko and Ricardo finally reach the plant, Michiko and Hatchin take the elevator and travel down the shaft to evade, while Elis sets off smoke in the building to cover the security cameras as a distraction. Michiko hurries to the circus, while Hatchin struggles to adjust living in the circus. In the present, Michiko visits her old friend Ivan Hime to find someone named Satoshi Batistawho might know the whereabouts of Hiroshi.

The next day, Michiko finds a man named Davi Nativa, mistaking him as Satoshi and hoping to get some information by force. As the two head to a nearby village to fill up, Michiko has a tough time opening up to Hatchin.

Michiko & Hatchin Episode 6 [English Dubbed]

In the present, with the scooter out of fuel, Michiko and Hatchin discuss about Hiroshi Morenoswho is Michiko’s long-lost love and Hatchin’s biological father. Michiko initially scolds Hatchin for not staying where she told her to, but relents when Hatchin embraces her in a hug. Retrieved 1 July Hatchin runs off to the circus and notifies Rita of this, but Rita is maddened by this and tells Hatchin to leave. Jair, who was assigned to target Shinske, first spots Michiko and Hatchin during a police chase.


Funimation ChannelAdult Swim Toonami. Elis explains that Hiroshi ran away after knowing that Michiko was coming for him. Muchiko Battle Brawlers Ben As soon as she realizes the mishap, Shinske has the hotel surrounded with guns pointed at them as a threat. Michiko sneaks into the arena with help from Ivan, and she disguises herself as Marco to enter into a bullfighting match.

As it seems to be no hope left for Hatchin, her life finally changes paths when Michiko suddenly crashes into the house riding on a scooter onto the dining table and takes Hatchin away from her adoptive family.

After the circus show turns out to be a success, Hatchin decides to join with Rita instead of going their separate ways. To finally settle the score, Satoshi punishes Shinske by submerging his head in a hstchin of water for ten minutes, a bet he made with Shinske many years before; he doesn’t survive.

Satoshi takes the hit when Hatchin calls out for Michiko and leaves herself out in the open.

Michiko & Hatchin Episode 6 [English Dubbed] – Dailymotion Video

Michiko and Hatchin stop by an inn after the scooter breaks down again. The story takes place in a fictional country of Diamandra which has cultural traces from South American countriesmostly from Brazil. Since Satoshi was humiliated after failing to kill Seiji in the past, Satoshi finally gets his revenge on Seiji, killing him and his family anyway.

As Michiko and Hatchin continue their journey, Michiko is annoyed when Hatchin questions her about her childhood with Atsuko. At a bookstore, Hatchin catches sight engliwh a book about a boy freeing a toucan from its cage to search for its family.

Satoshi hires two assassins to kill Michiko, Atsuko and Shinske. After receiving the passports, Michiko and Nei reunite with Hatchin and Bebel outside the opera house.

Ricardo arrives at the scene to investigate, but Atsuko prevents him from arresting Michiko and restraining Hatchin. In the first episode, Michiko is introduced as a free-willed ” sexy diva ” who escapes from a supposedly inescapable prison fortress, while Hatchin is a girl fleeing her abusive foster family.

While traveling, Michiko takes ill, prompting Hatchin to check into a hotel.

The police captain is given michio gun, but as he pulls the trigger at the two, he realizes that he was holding an unloaded gun. Shinske’s subordinate Chas drives in front of the freight train, causing a detrimental crash on the railroad tracks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved December 14, A news reporter named Daniela Carneiro, Jr.