It was then that Duncan MacLeod discovered the dark past of his close friend, the wily and peace-loving Immortal Methos. The Animated Series Highlander: Methos lived undercover as a Watcher named Adam. Discussions about Peter’s Queen of Swords character, Dr. During their travels, Alexa became gravely ill. Granted, the two were in the midst of battle. The Search for Vengeance. He mentioned to Alexa that the reason for asking her on a date was “[b]ecause the alternative is unthinkable.

Both Kalas and MacLeod raced to be the first to find Methos. In Paris, Duncan runs into an old friend. Silas was an Immortal known for great evil as a member of “The Four Horsemen”; a group of Immortals who raped and killed across two continents during the Bronze Age. According to him, it would be too much of a commitment. See Duncan team up with Mr. Take his head already. This site also has sixth season Paris set pics taken when the fan saw filming during his visit to Paris. Methos soon learned that the Pharaoh had his nomad wife killed during a smiting of Sinai the killing of all nomads.

I’ve got paperwork to cover it all. Methos was first introduced in the Highlander episode ” Methos “.

Four Horsemen (Highlander)

In Novemberhe was chopping wood one day and sensed the presence of other Immortals: After a dear friend falls victim to the group, Duncan and Hugh become epiisodes as well. ROGboard A web board, not a mailing list. Immortal Kalas is gighlander Methos, the semi-mythical oldest Immortal. Duncan’s search led him to seek out the Watcher known as “Adam Pierson. February 21, 0. The event made him swear revenge to all the Watchers. Methos failed to retrieve the stone due to the intervention of the Watchers.

Kronos lays out his plan to rule the world, but Caspian is more anxious to kill. The only physical things that have changed about Duncan are his hair and clothes. Featured January 24, 0. Watch now on “UnMade”. Methos believes very strongly in Duncan MacLeod [2] [21] going so far as to offer him his head to defeat an evil Immortal. A demon appears in the forms of people that Duncan has killed and someone for whom he cares.


The episods is now an aging priest, Father Bernard. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Of course, an Immortal Lord Byron would live out the late 20th century as a rock star.

There are six seasons and over episodes of Highlander to watch, but if time is limited, here are a few selections to get you started.

Even then, at least one hero of the story deals with the guilt of the brutal actions taken against Daimler. Methos soon learned that the Pharaoh had his nomad wife killed during a smiting of Sinai the killing of all nomads. He considered opera music to be boring [15] and he liked Bruce SpringsteenQueen[2] and other music as well. Highhlander Watchers are fighting back. Featured November 5, 0. Kronos was the leader of the Four Horsemen. Start With a Classic Cult. Must be a metjos to view posts.

Methps kind of bigotry falls upon them? Silas is beheaded by Methos at the same time Duncan beheads Kronos. The club also runs a mailing list that is open to both members and non-members.

Urik, Mesopotamia – Sumerians invent writing. Includes information on the series including Raven and the movies, and the official Highlander store.

You may also feel compelled to take up fencing. Is that what you want to hear?! A lot of people have commented higghlander season six is where the show goes downhill. The Four Horsemen are united after they got Caspian out of an insane asylum. He knows that by taking Methos’ head he will gain the power of thousands of years and become stronger than Duncan.


This site has a ton of links related to Highlander and others not related, but still amusing.

Methos later killed Richie, who couldn’t bring himself to kill Joe Dawson on Methos’s orders. Jinjifore’s Highlander Transcripts Transcripts and detailed synopses for several Highlander episodes.

Heck, Queen wrote a song about that. Mother Earth Love Truth. When one Immortal beheads another, a Quickening takes place. They carry lots more than what’s on their website so phone and ask about anything you don’t see on the site.

All Highlander Episodes with Methos – Peter Wingfield – Being Many Things

Of course, it only takes so long before the cover is exposed. The two of them followed a trail laid by Methos to Bordeauxwhere they faced the Four Horsemen.

Dojo in Seacouver, Highlqnder in Paris. Trivia In an interview, Peter Wingfield revealed that Methos was originally going to appear in just two episodes, Methos and in the Season Three Finale, Methos was going to be killed off. Mega Dan Broo X. The Higghlander Series Highlander: There are the Watchers. Discussions on the series, but there’s a large contingent of Peter Wingfield fans on the list. This episode appears early in the second season and it changes the path of the show.

The Highlander Sword Shopper’s Guide Everything you would ever want to know about Highlander swords, where to find the best replicas and how to spot cheap knockoffs. Silas is a fictional character from Highlander: Official Adrian Paul site at CelebrityBlvd.