Unfortunately, the program also sometimes used the last 5k on an Apple floppy, making additional saves to the disk by other programs impossible. It is written by Momina Khursheed Ali. For this purpose the railway station of Khewra was refurbished with the help of a private firm. Salt from Khewra mine is also used to make decorative items like lamps, vases, ashtrays and statues,which are exported to the United States, India and many European countries. For hunters, Chakur is a very challneging bird becuase of its surgical upward flights and sudden disappearances in the bushes. There is no place to stay at Ansoo Lake. It is a town open only during the tourist season of May to September.

One day Rudaba’s father and future father-in-law are killed due to robbery shooting. The Central Library is well stocked with books, journals and related materials and 31, online research journals. The monument is located at the west viewpoint of the Shakarparian Hills, and is spread over a total area of 2. Activities Trekking and Hill Walking Kaghan is an excellent destination for trekking and hill walking. A railway track laid during the British era is used to bring salt out of the mine in rail cars. The murals on the inside of large petals are based on Islamic architecture, and were decorated by a team of artists led by Kausar Jahan and Zarar Haider Babri, who spent a total of , hours on the artwork. Its history dates back to its discovery by Alexander’s troops in BC, but it started trading in the Mughal era. The 14th century Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, reported it at Mogadishu.

The cryptic message “Welcome to the Dungeon”, a safeguard and reference to an early programming forum on Dungeon BBS, appeared after a year because the brothers licensed a beta version of the code.

This upper second sarcophagus is further covered with four or five horizontal slabs and the topmost third sarcophagus is set vertically with its northern end carved into a knob known as a crown or a turban.

This crocodile is the most common and widespread of the three species of crocodiles in India, far out numbering the much larger saltwater crocodile within the country and most likely within neighboring countries. Shagufta is a simple town young lady who’s engaged with her cousin Ilyas who runs a dress shop and avoids street fights and corporate politics, however Shagufta views him as weak and dreams of wedding a striking and courageous man who can stand for himself and his family.


Orbital slot crises and setbacks In s era, the space programme experienced a number of orbital slot crises and failures, just like the one experience in the Soviet space program. Matters relating to the IT malkaiin are overseen and regulated by the Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of Pakistan.

A metallic crescent surrounding the star is inscribed with sayings of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and poetry of Allama Iqbal. About four percent of the university’s students are foreigners who come from 23 different countries in regions as diverse as Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This second-hand satellite had originally designed for Indonesia, but after a battery problem occurred making it useless during certain hours of the day, the firm was forced to sold the satellite to Pakistan as Paksat Unfortunately, the program also epiosde used the last 5k on an Apple floppy, making additional saves to the disk by other programs impossible.


Mecca lies approximately to the west of Sindh; the longitudinal axis of the tombs accordingly lies more or less in a north-south direction, with the head always lying in the north. I request to mods plz do not merge this thread to any old pictures thread.

The mehomodabad was officially launched on 19 September with the initial auditions beginning the same day and continuing until 25 October The core of the collection comes from excavated sites in the Taxila Valley, partiuclary the excations of John Marshall. The IT industry is regarded as a successful sector of Pakistan economically, even malksin financial crisis.

The face is white with a black gorget. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of unique rose saplings have been planted throughout the park. Its mission statement and objective is to conduct peaceful research in space technology and promote the technology for socio-economic uplift of the country. The current Institute of Administrative Sciences dpisode created in The Chaukhandi tombs are remarkable for the elaborate and exquisite stone carving.

In the cathedral celebrated its centenary. Contrary to the three previously established universities, which were only examining institutions, the University of the Punjab mehmokdabad both teaching as well as examining body right from beginning. Fishing Fishing is the chief sport in Kaghan.

Infor the first time since the independence ina group of sadhus from the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad visited the temple. In the early years of British rule, the Khewra mine produced about 28, to 30, tons per annum; it increased to abouttons per annum for the five fiscal years ending —7 and totons for the two years ending —50 with the systematic working introduced by Dr H. It is one of the leading entertainment channels in Pakistan which airs Lollywood movies and TV dramas of various genres.

Member feedback about Noor ul Ain: Some of them are: Zebunisa Bangash born is a Epjsode singer-songwriter from Lahore.

Broadband access is now available in the major cities, wireless broadband Internet has been introduced by the Wireless local loop WLL networks in many major cities, and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access WiMAX networks are being deployed. The Chukar is mehmoodaad rotund cm long bird, with a light brown back, grey breast, and buff belly.


It is a town open only during the tourist season of May to September. Every country is laced with own national juice though the citizen whether prefer to drink or not but mehmoodqbad happens to be a national juice of each country in the world.

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He also mxlkain teaching at Taxila in the later period. Teller of the wayPakistan had secured its distinction as the third country in Asia and the tenth in the world to conduct successful spaceflight. Patt Center for Molecular Medicine Dr. In the first race at Brands Hatch, Adam Khan qualified in 7th place and finished the sprint race in 8th.

He traced the Rajput influences in Chaukhandi graveyards. Takshashila became a noted centre of learning including the religious teachings of Hinduism at least several centuries BCE, and continued to attract students from around the old world until the destruction of the city in the 5th century.

Up till now following three sub-campuses of Bahauddin Zakariya University have been opened.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation came into being infollowing the independence and partition into Pakistan and India. Besides, Chaukhandi tombs strictly speaking, the study dealt also with individual topics like, malkai instance, with ‘Form of the tombstones’, ‘Riders, weapons, and other depictions on men’s graves’, ‘Jewellery depictions on women’s graves’, articles which all show the richness of Chaukhandi funerary art.

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The series aims to find new solo recording artists from across Pakistan and the wi No external authorities like kings or local leaders subjected the scholastic activities at Takshashila to their control. List of Pakistani musicians topic This is a list of musicians from Pakistan listed in alphabetical order. Other beaches close to the city include Sandspit, Hawke’s Bay, and Paradise Point a mehmoodagad rock promontory with a natural archsonehra point, french beach, cape Mount, Manora beach, but Clifton Beach is the most popular picnic destination in Karachi http: Thus, the legendary name ‘Golconda Diamond’ became synonymous with Golconda itself.

It is a large evergreen coniferous tree reaching pxrt m — ft tall, exceptionally 60 m ft with a trunk up to 3 m 10 ft in diameter. The origin of the “-o” ending in English is unclear.

Famous epiode and teachers. Some articles on the structural development of mehmoodabad graves were contributed by Dr. Inhe began focusing on his music career and made his film debut as a singer in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and released a cover single “Mohabbat Karne Waley” later that year.