But at least they didn’t gave any awards other than Razzies to the turkeys of the year I don’t know the person and blog I have in mind personally and I don’t know how they would feel about that. Haeri January 3, at 9: About Gaksital winning at KBS: MBC ist a bunch of money hungry Ahjusshis choosing the ones which had the best ratings, while completely ignoring the quality. Is that really all I need to say?

Best dress out of all these here, at least. It had one of the highest ratings, if not the highest, for a weekday miniseries. Glad to know I’m not alone! After being shot, Yoon Eun Hye expressed severe pain and could not open her eyes for a long time. The most GQ-esque was Kim Soohyun, hands down. Mystisith December 30, at But maybe she was just that awesome. I gotta say though that he dresses in a really unoriginal manner.

The scene really was genius though. Is that really all I need to say? LLL December 31, at I cringed watching her in I Miss You simply because I feel that she doesn’t do the role much justice.

What’s with the sarcasm?

Cute Triangle (Kim So Hyun – Yeo Jin Goo – Kim Yoo Jung) @48th Baeksang Awards MBC

And yes, the MBC awards are a joke, but everyone knows that. Ditto for everything you expressed and more. Grace Yoon December 31, at 8: I guess, rating still triumphs against acting performance. Meghan December 30, at Even Jo Seung Woo looked like he didn’t expect it Kudos for pulling off the bold attitude to go with the bold look.

Some points you give are interesting. But Yoo-jung has special, unique, pure east asian beauty. Han Ga Performancd wins best actress for ‘The Moon How many have I watched this thang? Kim Jaejoong, Lee Jangwoo Expected winner: And the next thing you know the people on this site will cry their praises to the KBS awards if Gaksital wins big.


It is the best drama for me this year. Han Ga In versus Ha Jiwon. Well but I prefer this than when he gives that creepy smile,, he really seems like an allien to me D, plus his laughter is echoing throughout this segment.

This is so cute. You know someone who is more credible than JB but cannot share it with us. If they keep this up, they wont find top actors willing to act in dramw dramas, it’s ridiculous.

Caught in an Epic Love Triangle of 2012: Yeo Jin Goo

Just sayin it like is. The acting and story were both great. Happy New Years everyone!! Are you sure, you know English? Here are Kwanghee and Im Shi-wanwho both took on a couple of acting projects this year: I’m happy for kim so-hyun because performace a great child actress, so does Yeo Jin gu I swear I replayed that part times last night.

Is this the same guy I saw in Giant? The prformance game is so screwed though, did Lee Junki even get nominated for anything for his wonderful turn as the magistrate?

Which… is an SBS show. Indeed, what a joke! There are other dramas that everyone praised to mbd heaven this year that I didn’t get through the first episode, but I won’t mention them by name for fear of my life.


Caught in an Epic Love Triangle of Yeo Jin Goo | A Virtual Voyage

Well, ratings played a mbv big part in this game. I didn’t finish K2H, but I saw enough to be like “come on! And how did none of ‘The King’ win any awards?

That orange gown is a grand slam. Same here, i watched until episode 15 and then i gave up. For that reason alone I think that this blog should have some more diverse opinions. SInce this is a Yeoyoo thread and I am a supporter of them individually and together. For me, Can We Get Married?

Yeo Jin Goo is really just stealing noona’s heart left and right.

And was it just me or the 2 presenters of that awards didn’t seem partucularly happy when they announced Han Ga In’s name. And if it’s pure fangirl enthusiasm, iin are not scared to plead guilty and make fun of it. They are both not credible Loool to MBC, so annoying!! ;erformance mean, Look Moon geun young when she won her daesang, and imo she deserved it, but she said she didn’t deserve it and was afraid of winning such huge award so young and how her veterans should have won it.

Sad that they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.