Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. The main rails attach to each other via smaller rails inside. Find More Posts by crazy4reefs. I look forward to trying other LED colors in the modules as they become available. I didn’t buy them because of that,but loved the look!! Now I run some low light corals and some dendros.. AI Sol for g cube.

The spectral distributions were measured using the Licor LI spectroradiometer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fortunately, the wire suspension uses the same ceiling anchor as my old light. I think the brackets are designed with rimless tanks in mind. Skip to navigation Personal tools Log in. I used to run the same tank with watts of T5, and grew beautiful Acropora colonies. The fixtures were tested for light spread and intensity at 24″and 30″, unless otherwise noted. Thank you for the results you guys, thats a huge difference and more so for a Canadian customer, Maxspect is like So, in everyones opinions, all im looking for is controllable lighting that isnt spotty.

I asked on the Maxspect facebook page what was going on only to have my posts deleted within ,azarra. The results are plotted as a Spectral power distribution plot. Outside of Dallas TX Posts: The modular design allows for deries addition of additional LED modules, on a support frame that is adjustable to fit a wide range of aquarium sizes.


Bottom line Salty Supply is a stand up company with excellent customer service Love the Maxspects personally. Maxspect Mazarra P, the Full Review. Lastly, it mszarra you add a little weather for fun. So far I have a -1 from a fellow reefer due to their customer service. Mazarra Maxspect Radion – http: Find More Posts by mrbadfish. Page 1 of 2. Now I run some low light corals and some dendros.

Maxspect Mazarra P, the Full Review

Sooo all suggestions im open to looking into and am looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Find More Posts by silentcivilian.

The controller provides maxspec dimmable channels, and each controller can control 16 LED modules. Glass scraping and other algae issues would be easier to manage as well.

Suffolk, Long Island Posts: BB code is On.

The halides also produced a lot of light spillage. I want consistant lighting for years to come. Ecotech Radion vs AI Sol.

Alot of reefers on reef central have posted there thoughts and facts about them. The Mazarras are engineered for passive cooling, therefore the fans come unattached. Find More Posts by mazatra. Find More Posts by saltlifefan What do you guys think are the strengths and weakness and how they match up head to head?

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My Metal Halide fixture was suspended from the ceiling, and I decided to do the same with the Mazarras. I look forward to trying other LED colors in the modules as they become available. The onboard controls are handy if you choose to forgo the wireless controller. While I don’t agree with his style of maintenance, the overall build is pretty cool.


The trim on the gallon was clearly too wide.

Specifically, there is an increase in the number of LED fixtures providing a more fuller color spectrum with multiple channels of control, allowing the user more freedom in custom tuning the light output. This feature simulates the sun rising and setting over the horizon of your tank. As far as the transition from metal halides into LED, I have no regrets.

I think 2 modules per island would probably suffice. Mazarra-P showing the arrangement of the different color LED in each cluster and the different channels of control.

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The data logger was set to average 5 readings for each data collection point. A 3-D surface plot showing the actual PAR values recorded A contour plot viewing the surface from the top showing the distribution The spectral distributions were measured using the Licor LI spectroradiometer. I decided to start with 3.