Lelouch of the Rebellion Code Geass: Fumoffu Full Metal Panic! Shouma is informed by the journalist about Kanba’s involvement with the Kiga Group and tries to stop him by force with no success. Secret of the Stellar Wars Shining Hearts: English Subbed Rampo Kitan: Archived from the original on October 1,

After Tabuki traps Ringo at an elevator and holds Himari hostage, he phones Kanba demanding to bring his father to him. When she argued with her mother over buying a wrong ribbon, her mother became scarred from a falling mirror, she and her friends tried to kill a koi for its blood to heal her mother. After eating together, Ringo returns home and confirms the events laid out in her diary. Despite her fever, Ringo sneaks off to under Tabuki’s house to spend her ‘first night’ with him, while Natsume is shown to have her own penguin, discussing ‘Project M’ with someone. Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Ringo is still determined to complete Project M with or without the diary, making a love potion to give to Tabuki, which actually seems to work. Back in the present, Kanba continues to converse with his parents about what needs to be done to change the world.

Sign Up or Login. As Ringo becomes depressed over what happened with Shoma, she is picked up by Yuri, who takes her to a hot spring inn. Upon waking up after vaguely recollecting a soulmate she once had, Himari hears from Ringo about Shoma’s accident.

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Shouma, who finds that Kanba ordered the journalist to be killed in a car accident, and was informed by Sanetoshi that the fpisode will not prolong Himari’s life for long, informs her that they can’t live as a family anymore and sends her to live with his uncle.

As Ringo decides she can not go through with it, Yuri helps her come to the realisation that she is actually in love with Shoma. Episode 13 Mawaru Penguindrum.


In order to fulfil a ‘first kiss’ note in her diary, Ringo plans to jump into the pond and have Tabuki save penguindrumm. The next day, the siblings receive a shipment of frozen things, which are later revealed to be a trio of strange penguins that no one besides them can see.

The three visit an aquarium to see the penguins, where Shouma buys her a queen penguin hat.

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Demi-Human Akame ga Kill! Masako then pays a visit to Himari and demands her to remember about her true past, as she claims Himari is not Kanba’s real sister. Ringo stumbles on two girls dressed suspiciously standing before the Takakuras’ house and finds that they are actually Himari’s childhood friends Hibari and Hikari from the Double-H idol duo.

The Takakura siblings are enjoying Takoyaki together and happy with the news that Himari will soon be released from hospital when the magic hat possesses Himari again for another Survival Strategy meeting with her kawaru and insists that their ordeal will not be over until the Penguin-Drum is retrieved. Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 11 Video not Playing? All Stars Memories Tuesday, January 22 Stand Alone Complex Fnglish in the Shell: However, Himari manages to remember her past and realize that she indeed is not Kanba and Shouma’s sister and it was her soulmate, who is actually Shouma that saved her.

Kemono Friends 2 Monday, January 14 9. Circlet Princess Wednesday, January 23 9.

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The next day, Tabuki tells Shoma that he is moving in with Yuri, which does not settle well with Ringo, who later discovers her father consorting with another family. Years ago, whilst his parents were organising to change the world with zub organization, Shouma met the orphaned Himari whilst exploring his condo. Add staff members for this episode. Views Read Edit View history.

Back in the present, Kanba continues to converse with his parents about what needs to be done to change the world. The Right Answer Kaicho wa Maid-sama!


Chikyuu Shou Gall Force: Whilst she is initially passive of him, the two grew a friendship over an abandoned kitten they kawaru, up until it ended up being taken away. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Later that evening, a girl that Kanba met up with earlier is pushed down the escalator of a train station, completing the description in Ringo’s diary.

As Penguin Himari brings Shoma and Ringo into a Survival Strategy meeting, Ringo tells them about the day 16 years ago when Momoka died and she was born, which turns out to be the day Shoma and Kanba were also born.

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Island Itsudatte My Santa Izetta: In elementary school, she formed a group called Triple-H with her best friends, Hibari and Hikari. Secret of the Stellar Wars Shining Hearts: Kanba learned from Sanetoshi that his medicine will not work on Himari anymore she has built a resistance to itand that according to him, she can only episoe saved after he fulfills his group’s objective.

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When Kanba comes to fetch her, Shouma is shot unconscious by him with a penguin bullet. She left elementary school due to her illness while her friends went on to become idols. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Just then, the hat possesses Himari again, explaining that she has extended her life but in exchange wants the brothers to obtain something known as the Penguin Drum. Shoma wakes up in hospital with supposedly minor injuries, keeping quiet about what happened between him and Ringo from his siblings.