Episode 61 part 1. For this reason her parents have hired a male tutor, which complicates the lives of some of the members of the family even more. Asymetries, resonant frequencies and splittings. These de Docteur en Sciences, soutenue le 15 Decembre a l’Univ. On the fuel cycle and neutron fluxes of the high flux reactor at ILL Grenoble. How to reconcile the Rosenbluth and the polarization transfer method in measurement of the proton form factors. Invited talk given at 2nd Int. Phase-resolved observations of the soft X-ray intermediate polar RXJ

Neutron decay of the excitation energy region up to 60 MeV, excited by heavy ion scattering I Pb Mass and charge distributions from photon induced fission: Tensor polarization in elastic electron – deuteron scattering in the momentum transfer range 3. Deposit of isotopically modified gadolinium suitable to detect solar neutrinos. Published in Thermal contact resistance of a particle on a substrate, proc. Measurement of neutron capture cross sections relevant for nuclear waste transmutation, by alpha and gamma spectroscopy.

Study of the baryon resonances structure via h photoproduction. Talk given at 6th Franco-Japanese Colloq.

Light collection in the CMS lead tungstate crystals: Measurement of the transverse, logitudinal and transverse-longitudinal structure functions for the reaction HE-3 e,e’p H Optical model analysis of 12 Be and 14 Be quasi elastic scattering on 12 C target at 56 MeV per nucleon.

Ph Rebourgeard, F Rondeaux, J. Radio study of X-ray clusters of galaxies – II. Talk given at The Nucleus: Exclusive photoproduction and electroproduction of vector mesons at large momentum transfer. Majerowicz 1J. Svandrlick, Sincrotrone Trieste Italy M.


Deep inelastic ,alka of polarized electrons by polarized 3 He and the study of the neutron spin structure. Sensitivity of the sound speed to the physical processes included in the standard solar model framework.


Berriaud C, Berthier R. Predictions of the solar neutrino fluxes and the solar gravity mode frequencies from the solar sound speed profile. Invited talk given at 2nd Int. Click here to watch Episode Symposium in Honour of Pr.

Reconstructing the solar coronal magnetic field as a force-free magnetic field. Optimization of the transmission in an alternating gradient muon collection channel.

Asghar Nadeem Syed, Project Head: Exotic Nuclei, Erice Sicilemai Pressure drop in two-phase He I natural circulation loop at low vapor quality.

Saturation epiode deposition energy in relativistic He-3 induced reactions. Structure of neutron rich palladium isotopes produced in heavy ion induced fission.

Low noise voltage and charge preamplifiers for phonon and ionisation detectors at very low temperature. Investigation of shape-coexistence in 74 Kr, 74 Se.

Measurement of tensor polarization in elastic electron-deuteron scattering at large momentum transfer. Inclusive hadron photoproduction from longitudinally polarized protons and deuterons.

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Reaction mechanisms and multi-fragment emission around the Fermi energy. Tensor polarization in elastic electron-deuteron scattering to the highest possible momentum transfers. Total cross section measurement for the three double pion production channels on the proton. Features of m-long, mm-twin-aperture LHC dipole magnet prototypes.


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Jernigan 7I. Thermodynamical properties and deexcitation of sources involved in collisions between light nuclei around AMeV incident energy. Sigma discovery of a transient hard X-ray source in the galactic center region. Talk given at Electron Synchrotron Symp.

Review of selected coil and collared-coil assembly data from m-long, mm-twin-aperture LHC dipole magnet prototypes. Effect of a non-Maxwellian component of the neutron flux in the determination of minor actinide thermal cross sections. Model independent properties of two-photon exchange in elastic electron proton scattering.

Villari, Yang Yong Feng. Analyse et depouillement de l’experience: RF surface resistance measurements of superconducting samples with vacuum insulated thermometers.

Elastic and inelastic scattering of heavy ions between 10 and A.