The fight sequences were good too. Though there aren’t many strong dialogues that gets imprinted on your mind but the story line is a strong one. Kudos to Pradeep Sarkar for taking up such a sensitive issue for a movie and showing how women can defend themselves against odds. Every scene is quite important and has a meaning. You can so feel her pain, which she brings on with the right expressions-without going overboard and her introduction sequence too gives her full brownie points where she yells “keep the change”. A cop’s search for a missing teenage girl leads her to the depraved world of child trafficking.

Human trafficking is I believe worse than drug trafficking and when people combine it, it is like, how far you can go. I love a good comedy or action movie as much as I enjoy a serious one. Tahir Bhasin as walt is chilling and makes a fine addition to the psychopathic villains already hogging the limelight in Bollywood. Super-cop performance with minimal resources at disposal. So its been a rare treat to find Mardaani joining the club of few movies that shows true events. For instance the ages old formulas of using the ‘Tailor’s tag on the clothes’ or ‘the sound of train or Azaan’ spotted in the phone call of the kidnapper are fitted into the screenplay as if they wished to give a tribute to that gone era.

Pradeep Sarkar and his team made a masterful attempt to narrate one of them, Child trafficking. Typically unBollywoodish – will keep you glued to your seat for the mardaanl length of the movie – ends with a cracker from Sunidhi! Jishu Sengupta the Bengali actor is wasted in a brief role.

Its a recommended movie, and definitely a better watch than the Expendibles. Rani Mukerji with no make up, stern face maintains her strong demeanor. The casting is picture perfect, and the dialogs, not crispy, but suited well.

Rani Mukherji totally justified the role.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It acquaints us with some hard to digest truth, which prevails in our so called “Modern” societies. The obvious changes like female protagonist and Indian setting influence the other changes as a domino effect for the rest of the movie. She wanted to make a mark. Rani at her best He is just outstanding as a mardaain antagonist who gets bod over a girl’s impatience demeanor and asks her to take a bite from his plate if she is that exasperated.


Mardaani is a movie that despite an unimaginative plot and predictable narrative engrosses you in its fabric.

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The supremely talented actress will prove the naysayers scebe she could come back and deliver a solid performance. She is an institution and inspiration for many newbies who do nothing more than painting their faces and running around trees. I am not saying that it’s a gem or the best movie out there but it is good.

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So what could have been the next intense, thought provoking big thriller becomes a pretty poor and weak film in its second half saved by just the performances scehe say it all. She is real, gritty and every bit brilliant. Director Pradeep Sarkar not only extracts a power-packed performance from all the actors, but also minutely explores the in-depth layers of child trafficking. Another debutant Priyanka Sharma as Pyari shows spark.

Not your standard Bollywood fare from what I can see. But the movies made by the male “superstars” are not even funny or entertaining; though surprisingly, those movies are in the crore etc club. With 2 hours running time devoid of naach-gaanait is quite unusual for a YRF flick.

The characters are realistic and so are the dialogues. The cover page may show how the country is honored and reputed with her inordinately enriched culture, but beneath the radiant covers lie some of the darkest stories listening to which one might flinch with disgust and pain. This movie is a true celebration of woman power Pradeep Sarkar has chosen a definitive panache of depicting the prostitution which is never titillating but uncomfortable.

After watching the mardaami recently I decided to watch this blld which deals the serious subject of sex trafficking in India. You are commenting using your WordPress. Mardaani is on that league.


Mardaani is a worth watch gripping tale but lags something to join the wagon of other woman hood films like “English Vinglish” scens “Queen” “Fashion” “The Dirty Picture”. Under the tar, this grown man has the face of an abused puppy; he is clearly destroyed by this event, and rightfully so. I am ecstatic that the lady has returned in a role that does justice to her caliber.

The movie is a refreshingly smart mrdaani honest with the viewers as well as its subject. Human Trafficking is a business which is growing at an alarming rate worldwide and India is a hub of Child Trafficking and Mardaani deals with this topical subject.

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Editing adds crispiness to the pace. Most of madaani people, i am not saying all want some peppy movie with sizzling songs and item numbers which can spice them up or some silly comedy which i they think makes them tingle and expect us to laugh, well that ain’t happening.

On the whole, ‘Mardaani’ packs a solid punch! Background music by Karthik Raja also adds its own bit to make the movie march towards a kind of cult status.

It is a solid crime thriller. Mukherji is good, as well. It’s not your regular run- off-the-mill stuff and more importantly pushes the envelope of serious cinema without making you feel bored. How interesting would it have been if he was though. Now THIS girl… https: After strings of flopshe comes back with a bang. Gopi’s screenplay captures the modus operandi of how human trafficking is done in a thriller format which is engaging and keeps you at the edge of the seat; not much time is spent on the emotional quotient.

Tahir Bhasin, in his debut, did mmardaani impeccable job, as a next-door boy. Pradeep Sarkar’s Direction is simply superb.