I recommend that you stay near the edge of the room on one of the solid parts of the floor and hit him with the boomerang when he gets close. Use your Magical Boomerang to hit it, changing it to red. Manhandla has several different attacks, including spitting seeds that target the Allied base , rapidly spitting seeds directly at their enemies, lunging with its huge jaws, uprooting itself and rampaging around the battlefield with its heads swinging around, or spewing a pool of poison similar to Deku Babas. IIRC you can also jump to avoid the fireballs he spits at you. Kill them and move to the lower left. Once you have it, head back through the door to the right and scoot up the stairs in the lower left corner here.

Try to hit it with the Magical Boomerang and stun it, then land several more hits at once with it, and Mandhandla’s core will be revealed. What is the most efficient order to obtain all rings, secrets and upgrades? Once below, follow the path down a chest. Step on the switch and drop a Seed, then move down and go on the path directly under the switch, making your way to the extended walkway in the upper left corner. On the ice battlefield, Twinrova will send spiked balls of ice of at you. This will take you to the bottom half of the spiny Beetle room you’ve been in before. I am aware that you can only damage it when its mouths are open.

However, there is a larged spiked ball in the room, which you can pull down and move with the Magnetic Gloves. Move up the platform and leave through the left door. Grab the Treasure Map. If he’s close seasns to you, you can hit him again before he gets away until he exposes his core, which you slash with your sword.


As she releases her larva, Gohma will open and close her eye periodically. In the corner, you’ll find a floor switch.

Link reaches for one of the seeds that the Maku Tree had given him and tosses it into one of Manhandla’s open mouths. In the next room, it’s time aeasons put that Magical Boomerang through its paces. This sucker has a much wider arch than its lesser majhandla, and can also be steered once thrown.

In the next room, a Spark scoots around the perimeter and a Hradhat Beetle greets you at the door. You can deflect either with your sword.

Make sure the season is Summer, then climb the vine on the cliff face. A Link to the Past. Twinrova is capable of ultimate spells, sorcery, and chaos. For the next item, warp to Spool Swamp. When you get upstairs, note the pit in the bottom left corner of the room.

To do this, step on the platform that is moving vertically just to the left of the laser turret. This manhancla where you go to get the final trading item, as discussed in the Items section of this guide.

Kill the Snakeropes here and exit to the east, bypassing the locked door to the north for now. This will allow you to get over the frozen pond and follow the north path. His hand bears the sacred mark.

Equip your Feather and Pegasus Seeds in order to get through unscathed. Sign up for free!


Manhandla (Oracle of Seasons)

On the fire battlefield, Twinrova will unleash swarms of Fire Keese and shoot maanhandla at you. Go back through the Snakerope room and climb the stairs on the left side of the chamber.

Follow the stairs down to find a chest. Retrieved from ” https: Use the Small Key on the locked door here to meet Vire. It’ll cost you 5 Ore Chunks. Their weaknesses are listed as well.

After he takes enough damage, Onox will summon Din as a shield. One swing will do. Use the stump in the swamp to change the season to Winter.

Head into the Dungeon. Push the tramp here all the way to orale right, on to the purple floor tile.

Finally, drag it down on to the floor switch on the right wall. On top of the fact that the sand keeps moving you around and that the boomerang is hard to control IMO.

Do Secrets in a linked game transfer over?

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Inside, you’ll find a chest with the Round Jewel inside. Manhandla is a large, spinning, man-eating flower with the ability to spit fireballs. Digdogger is completely impervious to every weapon you have, and he is very evasive. Here is a low wall under a series of three moving crystal balls. Get back on the stump and change the season to Spring, then go east.