By the Sixties the genre was showing signs of a nascent criticism of technology and science itself. This popular women’s rock band is going through a transitional phase right now — they even have a male drummer. Meanwhile, the adult gay community stands to one side, fearful of getting too deeply involved. Drea’s com- ment, he said, is ”another off-the-cuff policy statement that he is a master of. Through Sat, Dec 5. The plan also calls for in- creased communication with the Police Commission, which oversees the depart- ment’s progress and the promotion of individual officers.

They presented the commission with sworn statements and letters detailing 36 allegations of torture and abuse by some units of the Metro Toronto Police. Caf6-bar with informal dining. The SBN provides notification to law enforcement officials” I am not giving any other details about JJK although there is public domain information. Later in October, two married sol- diers also pleaded guilty to four charges of “gross indecency. And down here you’re able to get off that thing and get into the yard, huh? There was no evidence that the bottle even landed near the police. He recently wrote the police commission, commending them for their “remark- able restraint exercised in the face of un- warranted abuse Gay Com- munity Appeal Night.

They must be instructed to work within the principles which we lay down. The group was also involved in organizing a response to mounting pol- ice repression, and participated in pro- gressive coalitions.

RAV4 driven along the Berm Track? Lesbian Mother’s Defence Fund.

Boa returns and tries to lure Daniel back away with her, but he demurs, preferring the vile humiliations and reeking successes of New York. A rescue mission, sponsored by the most respect- able and conservative of religious organi- zations and financed largely by private funds, allows the government to sidestep completely its responsibilities.

It simply removes police offi- cers from the task of investigating their colleagues, many of whom they know personally. Tri-Aid was merely a private boarding house trying to get government funding to help it do its work.

There despicagle homosexual members of the govern- ment, and indeed the Cabinet. You said you were there and you convey it so well. Take a look at this archived news footage – c. The plan also calls for in- creased communication with the Police Commission, which oversees the depart- ment’s progress and the promotion of individual officers.


Full text of “The Body politic, December “

Porter and Russell hid themselves in the stairwell at the end of the corridor on Frank’s floor in order to watch people entering and leaving his apartment. The Body Politic is going on trial — again. Then, it refuses to set up its own residential services, despite an almost unanimous agreement about the urgency of the need.

A wide range of people were caught in this cleanup, including employees and patrons of local bars and restaurants. For this reason, he finds Provera suitable for pedophiles.

It was intended as an exercise in communal self-criticism and self-ana- lysis. The motion was reworded slight- ly by the Gay Community Council to make it clear that gay people themselves must take part in the training.

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Despifable police had made clear that they had been photo- graphing patrons entering and leaving as part of their three-month investiga- tion, but this was the first time any of the photographs had been entered as evidence. Gay Friends, the group that organ- ized the project, expects thousands of teenage callers every week. Photography by Richard Plowright: Linking Arms, a film of Collette Whitten creating the plaster-cast sculpture of the same name, will be shown Nov 28; Whitten will be present for the screening.

Thurs 8 pm at Church St Communi- ty Centre.

He would prefer that his patients really want to change. We have challenged that law in the streets. Lesbian coming out group and drop-in: The implications of the use of Pro- vera were most recently brought to pub- lic attention by a study, reported in The Globe and Mail, which revealed that three severely retarded women had died of breast cancer in Ontario institutions while taking Depo Provera — Provera in injectable form.

It renews the battle for residental care for gay teenagers and highlights the neglect of a ministry more concerned with avoiding political controversy than serving the needs of young intervoew. The Crown found some of them diffi- cult to identify. Martin, described as white, 33 years old, 5’6″, lbs, with brown hair and a moustache, was known to be a frequent bar-goer. The two leave for New York, a city which, by the yearis a catalogue of corruption, mad- ness deapicable starvation.


The Appeal exists to give you an opportunity to give something of your income to ensure the continued growth and development of Toronto’s gay community. And Judge Hyde later told Chivers he suspected the purpose of the trial was to “use this court as a forum to advance homo- sexual views.


We were prohibited from mampowt on after two years by Queen’s Park. Provera is not given routinely to all men referred to the Forensic Service. Chivers said Boyanowsky had done a cross-Canada telephone survey shortly before the trial which attempted to elicit community reaction to the existence of gay establishments. In the Midwest, the descen- dants of the New Right are in power: Info and referral line: Let’s deal with questions mampoat prin- ciple first, then we’ll get to specifics later.

Most of its funding is from private sources. Most of them, he says, show up only “because other gay clients drag them here.

Stephen or Lorna Jimmy is in a Catch situation. The collective is a group ol people who regularly give their time and labour to the production ot this magazine.

At that meeting, members mamppost the Citizens’ Independent Review of Police Activities CIRPA presented new allega- tions of gross police misconduct, and argued that only a public inquiry could clear the air. Tickets in advance at same address. Porter testified that, during their encounter November 5 ingerview, he kept steering the conversation around to money and claimed that Frank had ask- ed for money in exchange for sex. Charges against Roman’s owner Bob Taylor, employees Macias and Rosso and former employees Ryan and Rod- ney Chan, who was mampostt of the country at the time of the trial, were all with- drawn by Crown Attorney Steven How- arth.

Fotheringham told the Council, “Two weeks after our gathering there will be a conference of the International Gay Association in Washington. Professional counselling clinic for lesbians and gay men. Info on loca- tion: Gay Com- munity Appeal Night. Another fun evening at 18 East.