In fact, how magic is treated in the worlds, history, etc. It’s a perfect winter reread. Oct 21, Christina White rated it did not like it Shelves: And talk a lot. So recently when I was in the mood for some comfort reading, I decided to hunt down some more of her books. Like, Regency era with magic!

How could interfering Lady Granleigh decide “quickly”, without talent, that her platter was fake p? I don’t know where I got it, I’ve had it for years and never read it. I was happy that I didn’t figure out the Whodunit before the book came to the conclusion, since that always bugs me. Jun 21, Bandita rated it liked it Recommended to Bandita by: I was very interested in seeing how Wrede would show this change in their relationship given that in the first book they come off as a gentleman, and his page-in-training with nary a whiff of romance. That’s what a POV character is for, but not in such an obviously contrived way. In my case, it had been his idea, so bonus!

When Kim is caught snooping in fhe wagon of a traveling illusionist, she’s shocked that her target reacts by offering her a job. In essence, reading these books is pretty much just like reading Sorcery and Cecelia, except with different characters and plot. See 1 question about Mairelon the Magician….

Mairelon the Magician (Mairelon, book 1) by Patricia C Wrede

Not exactly what I was expecting, but well done and a very pleasant diversion. And then they do some more talking. Turned into a total slap-stick sideshow. I got a tad annoyed, tangled in names and relationships, shifty and silly shenanigans, lost track who said who did what where.

Inshortly before the publication of her fifth book, she left the world of the gainfully mgician to try winging it on her own. Helping Mairelon on stage sounds like the perfect way of getting out of town for a bit, but it soon becomes clear that the man she’s joined up with is no ordinary performer.

She finished it five years later and maierlon her se Patricia Collins Wrede was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five children. But it was a good book. And Jon Aberwhatever was not a comical figure.


Kim was dressed as a boy the entire time. The dialog was horrible and page after page was filled with what could have been said in less than one. She has no children, but as of this writing, she does have four nieces and four nephews ranging in age from seven months to twelve years old and in geographical location from Maine to Alabama.

Wrede’s Dealing With Dragons series. Kim is a girl on the streets masquerading as a boy and takes a job to break into a street magician’s wagon Were did you get the book? Whereupon the wizard takes her on, over the servant’s objection there are In an alternate Regency, Kim is scouting serifs a wagon where an itinerant magician is performing his tricks.

She literally just watches things happen. I saw that someone on my Goodreads list had put this book up and I thought, “Hey, I think I have that on my shelf somewhere.

And I couldn’t keep the characters straight because there were about 57 of them, the msirelon of magiican seemed to be upper class 20ish white men. It doesn’t take Kim long to realize that Mairelon is as familiar with living in disguise as she is. That’s what a POV character is for, but maician in such an obviously contrived way.

Mairelon the Magician

Immediately upon setting off with the wizard and his irascible man-servant Hunch, Kim finds herself embroiled in a world of upper class double-dealing, sinister intrigue and slippery wizard politics. Sadly, the climax took about 50 pages and wasn’t very climactic at all. I love this book! I’m pretty sure that EVERY character in the book was gathered in 1 room, and all under suspicion, at one point.

Nor was the gratitude she felt because he had taken her out of the precarious street life that was all she had known until then, nor the also-often-exasperated respect that she had learned for him as a teacher, nor the equally exasperated friendship that surfaced when they were poking around some problem together.


When she tries to open one chest, a ward explodes, and she thinks she should have asked for more money, since she hit on a real wizard. Most of this book was like watching a comedic soap opera happening where you love to make fun of the characters.

Accents and phrasing amuse.

The constant amount of secrets and odd matter of fact-ness about things which didn’t seem altogether clear in the story though, detracted from my liking the book quite a bit. Return to Book Page.

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One of my all time favorite books from Wrede, I keep this one constantly loaded on my nook. And if this toff’s offer turns out to be as twisted as the last, she still has that five pounds to fall back on.

Kim doesn’t hesitate when a stranger offers her a small fortune to break into the travelling magician’s wagon in search of a silver bowl. These two books, plus the original Sorcery and Cecelia. It was somewhat amusing to follow this character albeit only in a somewhat superficial manner. Magiciwn wonders how tough it could be faking a bit of hocus pocus.

Mairelon Series

Basically, I love Patricia C Wrede. By Jove, that was tedious. I didn’t like how fast it ended, but I suppose thats your YA aspect of it.

As always Wrede gives real serie to all her characters minor and major and the dialogue feels genuine and the banter is enjoyable. I’m giving this a 4 because I’m setting I’ll try to review this in full later, but for now: There was some development here, and I magixian it.