Parvati and her parents become emotional at her adieu. After hearing to Mahadev’s heart breaking words, Sati makes it clear that she won’t stop loving him and sends him back telling that she will never call him for help. Sunanda expresses her happiness over Menavati’s return. Daksh assures her that revenge on Shiva is the biggest purpose of his life. Parvati becomes emotional while bidding farewell to her maternal house. Daksh desires to marry Sati at the earliest and he asks Rishi to make arrangements for the marriage.

Shukracharya tries to stop him but in vain. Sati fails in her attempt to burn her arm in order to get rid of the mark. Mahadev and Parvati make promises to each other as per the wedding rituals and tie the wedding knot. Mahadev is elated on seeing Parvati’s devotion for him. But, Sati gets worried to find her guards missing at the river side. Parvati challenges Mahadev to make the rishi patnis worship him in front of their husbands.

Parvati ekdmfan that Mahadev is creating problems as she had ignored him. When Mahadev is drinking water offered by the devotees, Tarakasur’s men ask the devotees to serve them first.

She desires to go to Kailash with Lord Shiva at the earliest. Kashyap goes in search of a medicine.

A perplexed Sati shares about her dream with Aaditi unable to hide her curiosity. Sati is elated after marrying Lord Shiva and cherishes the moments with him. But, seeing Daksh occupied offering prayers, Khyati with Aditi set out alone in search of their sister, Sati.

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Sukarna comes to Kailash and wishes to attend Mahadev’s marriage in the form of a kid. Stating the rules made by Daksh the reason of the conflicts and disputes, Mahadev forgives Rishi Dadhichi who blames himself for Shiva’s dishonour.


Sri Ram feels guilty for losing Sita. Vishnu tells Mahacev that it is impossible to separate Mahadev and Parvati.

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Mahadev reveals Sati about his existence on the earth as Jata. Prajapati Daksh informs Sati that Rishi Angira would come to see her.

Assuming Shiva’s support to be with the Gods, an infuriated Shukracharya prepares his army for the war. Lord Shiva founds Sati’s last pind as Shaktipeeth. Prasuti confronts Prajapati Daksh and asks him to see Brahma Dev and discuss the issue. On the other hand, Bahurupa comes to kill Adishakti. Parvati recognizes Mahadev and confronts him.

Mahadev is elated on seeing Parvati’s devotion for him.

Further, Sevakram listens to their conversation and wonders about Jata’s opinion of Lord Shiva. Sati reluctantly appreciates Jata and awards his great job.

Being the daughter of a staunch Lord Vishnu Devotee, Sati dismisses Mahadev’s thoughts from her mind ignoring Madanike’s remarks. Vishnu insists Daksh to create a new planet, substituting Chandrama before his death. Tarakasur goes to fight with Lord Shiva without caring for Shukracharya’s warning. Maharshi Dadhichi tells Him Naresh that Paravati is borne to marry Lord Shiva but he tells Dadhichi that he has already promised someone else for Paravati’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Vijaya conspires against Sati epidode persuades Daksh to break her relationship with Lord Shiva. Mahadev blesses Dadhichi with the boon of diamond bones.

On seeing Sati’s ghastly avatar, Vidyunmali pleads guilty and asks her to take Mahadev to Kailash.

Jata refuses the comforts given by Daksh and wants stay in the village with humans. Sunanda expresses her happiness over Menavati’s return.

Later, Rishi Markandeya gets enlightened by Parvati’s power. On the auspicious occasion of yagya, both Mahadev and Daksh arrive to Brahma’s place. Sati throws the Rudraksh and orders the maids to close the windows to avoid the sight of Himalaya. Daksh assures her that revenge on Shiva is the biggest purpose of his life. Rishi Atri is overwhelmed as Mahadev gives him the honour to perform the ritual as his father.


Sati decides to burn the mark on her arm.

Revati sprinkles water on Sati’s burning sari. Daksh assures Sati that he will not arrange her marriage without her consent. Rishi Kashyap is annoyed with Daksh’s decision and conveys to Aditi about his egoistic nature. Lakshmi appears in front of Daksh as an old lady. Brahma and Vishnu try consoling Mahadev to marry Sati for the well-being of the society.

Finally, Daksh apologizes to Lord Shiva and requests him to stay forever at his palace. To create a new planet, Daksh removes the Rekha around Sati as she is the only one blessed with all the virtues required to bring soil from river Saraswati.

Sati conveys to Prasuti about her confidence in Lord Shiva’s love. He feels sad for hurting Parvati and breaks into tears. Meanwhile, Prasuti rebukes Jata for his arrogance, but Daksh persuades him to complete his work. Sati is elated after touching the Shivaling and thanks Rishi Dadhichi for his guidance. Him Naresh misses Parvati.

But Shiva refuses to accept the gifts, saying that being a demigod Sati will not require these things.

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They meet Daksh and Prasuti in Kashi. Tarakasur fires his most destructive powers on Earth. An infuriated Daksh berates Sati mahzdev asks for explanation. Daksh announces the reason behind calling the Mahasabha.