Retrieved 20 August The next day Sajida leaves Zebo in care of Sheedan and Ejaz. Sheedan and Sajida are two close relatives, Sheedan is married to Majid and has a son named Ejaz and a daughter Meeran, along with them lives Sheedan’s brother Iqbal all four of them are local musicians, singing and entertaining people at weddings. A TV drama doesn’t need helpless women to be a hit”. Imtiaz expresses his feelings to Sajida. I think Udaari has brought a change. Veteran actress and vocalist Bushra Ansari performed only Punjabi music for various episodes.

Imtiaz, Illyas and Illya’s mother was shocked jealous of her, the entire village saw Meeran on TV praising her. Meeran went to America for her shoot, the Police S. Sajida is welcomed home with a celebration. Urban living was recent and different for Sheedan and Meeran who found music appliances hard to understand, this made Arsh angry. Sheedan helped Tahira to cook for restaurants. Ohkay so, one of my favourite drama from the current lot came to an end tonight.

Imtiaz decides to visit Sajida again, unknowing that Sheedan is already there. At the end of the episode, Arsh’s dream is fulfilled as he performs on stage singing ‘Bol Ke Lub Azaad Hain Tere’ with Meera as a tribute to Zebo, the entire family gets united as Sajida is now released. The next morning Arsh finds Meeran practising for their music and gets impressed by her song. Court session takes place where Sajida is confronted regarding the charges, she denies all the charges given by Imtiaz, the court adjourns and schedules its second session after few weeks.


I am also glad that in stead of showing Hanan living in depression, they chose. Operesheni Kiwengwa ilifanyika ni kwa ajili ya kuzuia mambo mabaya katika jamiiikiwemo ukahaba na madawa ya kulevya na kusimamiwa na kamati ya ulinzi.

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With its release, it was initially decided to premiere on madawwa Apriland air every Saturday night with higher reception, replacing Gul-e-Rana which had maintained the slot with a high viewership for the channel. In addition to critical reviews Imtiaz’s character received wide media attention and has been a subject of popularity since the beginning, commenting in episodee role Ahsan Khan stated that Even while reading the script, I could not digest these scenes.

Tahira successfully pays back her loan to Kashf foundation whereas Meeran is now a successful singer. Retrieved 4 August Rabiya and Zebo’s Medical form.

He is then sentenced life imprisonment and Sajida is declared innocent. With courts next session Arsh claimed Imtiaz and her Police man wrong and brings Zebo as a witness which shocks Imtiaz. Retrieved 23 July When Farwa reaches home, her parents yell at her and forbids her to sing as they don’t want her to be a local eplsode knowns as marasi in the society. The story now stands against the societal Issues of politics who support gangsters for their benefit, It also highlights the fact that Police S.

Retrieved 22 August This drama never seizes to surprise its viewers and is always thoroughly entertaining. Best Drama Serial Jury.

Imtiaz came to Sajida who yelled at her saying that God will take her revenge. He is then sentenced to life in prison while Sajida is declared innocent and released.


Madawa Episode 22 on Hum Sitaray in High Quality 13th October 2015

Retrieved September 15, We are attaching articles and feedback supporting Udaari with the our reply. Whereas Sajida, Parvez’s widow, works as a maid in a distant house.

After Averaging a viewership of 70 Thousand viewers till episode seventeen, the eighteenth episode gained a record breaking viewership for the series of Khan received immense popularity and appraisal for portraying Imtiaz. Retrieved 28 August Arsh and Zebo successfully prove the police property wrong. Their Marriage date is decided and the rituals were completed. Actress Bushra Ansari revamped classic Punjabi Pakistani songs.

Opening Thoughts — Bitter Sweet Feeling: Apart from sexual abuse, Awan also commented on other societal issues such as politician’s negative support and bribing police which plays a major role in societies.

MediaLogic Pakistan and Kantar. Asfand continued to play referee in the most. Arsh tries to convince Meeran to let him meet Zebo but fails. These scenes were powerful and poignant. July 29, 20 August televised. The next day Sajida leaves Zebo in care of Sheedan and Ejaz. Drama Reviews Back to homepage.