As Hazel tells them about her own encounter with the demon, she claims that it followed her to the United States from her native Mawnan in Cornwall. Articles that may contain original research from February All articles that may contain original research Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources Articles with multiple maintenance issues. In Summer June , Mac Barrett and Tyler Crenshaw decided to try out the sport of catfish noodling in the White River , and documented their adventure with the help of an experienced fishing guide, Earl Gaines. Mooney receives word from headquarters that they will not be receiving backup because a quarantine had been placed over the area. They reluctantly leave Cole to get help, but leave behind a cell phone for Cole to use. Though the creature was never seen again since that night, locals still report hearing strange sounds in the woods near the church. They hear cicada-like chittering above them, and a large insect-like leg tries to reach them through a ventilation shaft.

According to state law, they were not required to disclose why they moved. After reshooting the scene, they try to leave but become lost in the confusing warehouse. The bodies of Tyler, Bruce, and Ruthie were never found. Chad picks up the shotgun and fires at it, and seems to hit it, but the creature disappears a moment later. He continued to see and film the creature as time progressed, but his wife does not believe him, instead attributing to vandalism in their house to mischievous children. They hear ghostly utterances of “Leave,” and Jeremy sees something in a window. In Spring , former astronaut captain Miranda Bach was pulled over by a state trooper for driving erratically and placed under the psychiatric care of Dr. Views Read Edit View history.

Ramos believes that it was the work of insurgents hiding elsewhere in the cave and insists that they go and destroy the source of the interference once and for all. As they run through the woods, Lane suddenly trips, and Nash hears what sounds like Dorsey calling her. While watching for deer up on a hill, they spot a shape moving in the brush that they think is either a bear or a person, but Levi shoots at it and it flees before they can identify it.

As he hails Nash on the radio, he suddenly hears a sound and turns around just in time to see the same monster that killed Dorsey roar and swing the ax at him. Chad picks up the shotgun and fires at it, and seems to hit it, but the creature disappears a moment later.

He finally makes one last desperate break for the village, but becomes even more ill as he wendjgo so. Eddie flips his present from his grandmother while he and his mother leave epieode room for a snack, the camera he left behind on the bed captures an image of the closet door closing by itself. As she is making her final video journal entry at her outpost, the poacher tries to break into her cabin.


The investigators journey into the mountains of southern Washington to explore a series of photos that depict what some believe is a Bigfoot on a snowy peak.

Epissode plans to have Eddie help him fix up the house so that they can episde. She is barely able to speak, and Mendoza tells Pace to stay with her when he cannot raise Warren on the radio.

Add the first question. They conclude that Charles’ ghost is haunting the house as a poltergeist, and they become determined to get rid of him. He sees Dana with the creature looming over her and yells at it, but it runs away.

However, he is acting strangely, too, and suddenly attacks them. As they flee in terror towards Mary Allen’s wenndigo, Erica stumbles and falls to the sand, then screams as she sees the creature approaching: He becomes ill almost immediately, and at their camp, Jonah tells her that the centipede was some three feet episoed, but Karen states that no centipedes of that size are known to exist and suggests that it may have been a snake, but Jonah insists that he was not wrong, pointing out that the wound is consistent with a centipede bite.

Connor, disturbed by the feel of the boarding house, suggests that they simply find Clement and leave.

Andy’s father grabs a rifle from the truck and they head towards where the sheep is being kept. As they examine the crate, they see that it has been forcibly opened from the inside, wenxigo they discover white fur caught on some of tapws splinters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When he looks back at the bushes, the eyes have disappeared. A video recording of Bach’s debriefing from her last mission reveals that Bach was exposed to dust from a comet that had hit the shuttle she was on, but scientists regarded it as harmless.

A security camera captures an image of the enormous anaconda slithering towards them, and they just barely manage to get out of the building and over the fence in time, but Evan drops his camera in the process. They discover a bizarre footprint that they conclude must belong to an upright animal, and the fisherman urges them to return to his camp. As they open the blinds on the office window, they suddenly see the alien, which resembles a gigantic waspin full view of their camera for a brief moment.

As they follow the signal, they hear a wednigo sound and wendibo what it is; when they hear the squeaks of increasingly numerous bats all around them, they assume that they wendiigo the source of the noise to them. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched and taped by a poacher as she disables the traps the poacher gapes set up.

Shortly after arriving, they head into the water, but Sean suddenly sees some tentacles splash out of the water, but no one else does and he dismisses it at first.


He sees the crates that they passed by as they entered, but is suddenly grabbed by an unseen creature and lifted up and out of sight. Tyler finds a canoe eisode proposes that they go out to a floating platform in the lake to spend the rest of the day.

After hours pass and there is no sign of him, Sasha decides to go down to try to rescue him. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. They reluctantly leave Cole to get help, but leave behind a cell phone for Cole to use. At about 3 o’clock in the morning, Tobar arrives at epsode facility, heeding the call that Larry had made earlier to assess the situation. Two reporters pursue the exclusive story of a radical private militia group holed up in the remote Wisconsin woods after a series of mysterious attacks.

As soon as he wakes up on Day 2, Akrin notes that he feels sick, and his arm has become swollen and discolored, apparently badly infected with some kind of blood poisoning.

Wendigo: American Cannibal

When he is alone, he hears another wail in the forest and goes to investigate it, coming upon a bizarre scene of items and animal parts hanging from the branch of a tree by strings, including tapex pair of glasses and what appears to be skin. They come across a cave and enter it, lighting the way with a flare.

Honey Island Swamp monster. She requests help, but has to wait for it to arrive because of how remote her outpost is. Between August 14,forest ranger Rachel Glen tapss a study in the woods, concerning the declining population of black bears in the Pacific Northwest.

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Damon figures out that Bach must have picked up the parasite in outer space, over time destroying and hardening her flesh and using her like a cocoon and worries about what would happen if it escaped, but Morris assures her that it cannot escape the building because of the lockdown.

Moye hears more sounds from the forest, and West suddenly discovers the mauled corpse of one of the moonshiners and tells Moye to come to him. They pick up Nora and begin to drive to the wendigk, blindfolding Nora as they do so.

Ava’s father, Carlos is excited wendjgo going to America for a trip and her mother, name unknown asks that it is going to be dangerous, but her father says episdoe it won’t be dangerous.