The story is well constructed, information and plot points are presented at an entertaining and well judged pace. Why did he chose to kill them in the ONLY method which would actually give them the opportunity to stop him in the past – namely, by sending them back to the past, alive. The notion that you can chop someone leg or whatever off and their “future self” will lose it is completely absurd. The idea that in 33 years we’ll be developing telekinesis is laughable to the point where the fact you’re meant to accept this is almost offensive. Apparently nobody can shoot straight in the future. This was one of the worst. One is immediately reminded of Billy Mumy in the Season 3 Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life”, who plays a mutant who terrifies adults by ‘wishing them away to the cornfield’. It’s explained that in the future bodies are ‘tagged’ so by sending them back in time, they cannot be traced.

The rain man would have grown up and taken over the world in the same way he did before, and Bruce Willis’s wife would still be dead. This is really two entirely different plots badly mixed in to one. Everyone has pretty much agreed biological evolution is basically over for us and it’s all about technical augmentation now. But why can’t the syndicate send their victims in the present immediately back to 65 million B. Only about 5 minutes of the film seemed to actually involve time travel or Bruce Willis fighting his past self. Unfortunately the film does neither of these plots well, and ends up ruining both. Apparently nobody can shoot straight in the future. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Looper.

Pre-rendered subtitles are embedded in the movie file. To follow the story and recognise characters motivations does require a little concentration, but not to the point that you wont enjoy the action beats and other more visceral elements.

While it was refreshing that the movie didn’t just turn into a series of action sequences in which JGL tries to kill BW which would have been a pretty one-sided conflict, admittedly I found this shift in emphasis to be far more distracting than Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s prosthetic nose.

And then there are the superpowers. To make matters worse, the film moves very slowly in loper places. It also presupposes some sort of multi-verse scenario, in which case, Bruce Willis’s character shouldn’t even exist in that subtktles. One feels that one ennglish simply viewing a second hand set from ‘Robocop’–in that film, ‘Old Detroit’ looks remarkably similar to Looper’s Kansas City of including the grimy ‘futuristic’ cars and emphasis on vagrancy as a national blight.

Your email address kooper not be published. Bruce Willis attempts to explain time travel, and give a justification for the writer’s itinerant stance on the matter, only to then smash is hands on the table and angrily shout “It doesn’t matter! Younger Joe, before he takes his own life, is a criminal and a drug addict and older Joe, is responsible for murdering the second child on his list of three potential Rainmakers.


Someone like Joe, who one day learns the mob wants to ‘close the loop’ by transporting back Joe’s future self.

Unfortunately, there is hardly any additional interaction between the two altar egos, with older Joe stalking off to blow away Abe and his crew of malevolent meanies. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments and replies via e-mail. If the Looper lopoer half feels a bit slower than the first, that’s because director Rian Johnson spends a little too much time out on the farm, with Joe courting Sara Emily Blunt.

Forget the subgitles near-future depicted spectacularly in films such as Children of Men. This just gives the audience time to think about how bad the plot it is. Personally, I would love to have had more information on the state of government etc as the mobs seemed to be running everything but there really isn’t any explanation given to this at all. Younger Joe sacrifices himself, preventing older Joe from killing Sara.

In my opinion the plot is extremely subtigles and is secondary to the action.

They clearly knew the plot made no sense, and they were just making a pathetic excuse about time travel being “flaky” to justify their random plot lurches and inconsistencies.

If a body disappears from the future, for example in a furnace, then surely it also disappears from the future in time travel?

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But okay, let’s just run entlish it. When the story does attempt to explore these issues it does so embarrassingly badly. It’s almost as if the writers got to the end of the story and then thought, “Oh yeah – we should probably have Bruce Willis firing some guns or something Any good or advanced podnaposi player software like VLC Player will do great.

These can not be turned off. Some of the best websites for finding subtitles for movies are subscene. Very clever, very original and very welcome.

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I suppose we haven’t seen a great sci-fi thriller in such a long time, that as soon as a mediocre to average flick such as this one comes along, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, practically calling it a masterpiece! He does this after he’s able to foresee that Oooper, growing up as the Rainmaker, will hold a perpetual grudge due to the murder of his mother and will take it out on all of humanity including all the loopers in the future.


October 10, at 4: Presumably it was because they were the only people who could go back in time and possibly stop him? Only about 5 minutes of the film seemed to actually involve time travel or Bruce Willis fighting his past engilsh. Subtitles, in the context of movies, are textual representation of the audio contained in the playing ssubtitles.

After watching Looper yesterday, i’m happy to report that Rian Enlgish has removed those doubts and given me hope that sci-fi in Hollywood can be more than loopeer empty spectacle. Over 2, TV Time users rated it a 7. A boy who has only a very weak connection to the initial plot about time travel. Why did he chose to kill them in the ONLY method which would actually give them the opportunity to stop him in the past – namely, by sending them back to the past, alive.

Surely the job wasn’t that strenuous that they needed to take shifts? Maybe I expected too much of this film, but I was looking forward to a slick piece of speculative loopeg that was thought- provoking, realistic and fairly deep.

Contrary to the trailers, this is NOT a film about time travel. Or that they have to send them 30 years back in time and not just 2 billion years or whatever. His 30 year old future self Bruce Willis appears but manages to prevent younger Joe from doing him in. All in all, I really wouldn’t loopsr with the reviews saying its clever etc. Phone and Tablets Price Finder Tool which tells you latest best price as well as full and accurate Specifications. As soon as the younger version shot himself at poenapisi end, then he couldn’t have lived to meet the woman in China and eventually travel back in time, subtirles means he couldn’t have ever caused his past self to meet the rain man, and so the rain man would not be standing there in the corn field.

I would have thought it doubtful that anyone could have anything new to add to the sci-fi sub category of time travel movies. They feel as if their concentration is being used up in reading rather than enjoying the movie in its full volume.

Put it this way.