She shows astonishing character throughout and true potential as an actress. Luke Baldock Super Reviewer. Already have an account? Edit Did You Know? And they’re still being addressed in greatly superior films such as Garin Nugroho’s Leaf on a Pillow Daun Di Atas Bantal , , which tackles the lives of street-kids in Yogyakarta without phoney empathy or tabloid outrage. Watch Online News All Posts.

Many of them, of course, were addressed two decades ago in such films as Ulrich Edel’s Christiane F. All is not what it seems. To think there are out there, in the so-called civilized world, people that take advantage of girls like Lilja is mind boggling. Lilya is then forced to perform sexual acts for a large number of clients. Forced prostitution is a horrible reality linking the pauperised post-Soviet states and the sex industry in the moneyed west. A major hit with audiences and critics alike and praised by filmmaking legend Ingmar Bergman – Moodysson was soon considered the great new hope of the Swedish film industry. Heartbroken and without money, Lilya’s situation becomes desperate. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Once I had the idea for the story, I knew the whole universe in it. Moodysson is great with actors, especially kids, and clearly has his finger on the pulse of filmgoing liberals.

Meeting a young man, she then finds a plane ticket in her hand and a new life in Sweden: However, Lilja is left alone, without money or family in a very poor apartment. Lilya lives with her mother in a run-down apartment block in an unnamed former republic of the Soviet Union principal filming took place in PaldiskiEstonia. She buys Volodya a basketball, but Volodya’s father punctures it with a pair of scissors.

She also noted that while the story might be unpleasant to take part of, the discomfort is surpassed by the sheer quality of the film: Comedy on the Edge Eyepoppers Fantastic Reality.

Lilya 4-Ever Movie Review Summary

Jani H Super Reviewer. Under her new circumstances Lilya’s grades falter and she has to find a way to make money to support herself. A beautiful look at some very ugly truths.


Lilya takes pity on Volodya and allows him to stay with her on the couch starting a beautiful relationship that gives them both the strength to face each day. On Christmas Day, he transports Lilya to the roof of the apartment building where they lived and, deeply regretting having killed himself, gives her the world as a present, but a disillusioned Lilya rejects it.

Svenska Dagbladet in Swedish. What makes the film so compelling is the ferocious ingenuity with which Moodysson ratchets up the fear and astonishment that accompany Lilya’s all too believable descent. It says nothing more useful than: The most striking forms in Lilya 4-Ever are that of the child angel which is shown through the eyes of a child and strikes a nerve with the audience. For humane or aesthetic reasons, they shrank from exploring the very worst that human beings can experience.

The actors had to improvise on a scenario where they had been grounded and were trying to convince their mother to let them go out. Oksana Akinshina, Artiom Bogucharskij.

She believes that she is moving to America with her mother and her new boyfriend. The little boy is street wise; he knows the fate that awaits Lilja in Sweden.

Moodysson is obviously right that the issues of failed parenting, teenage homelessness and prostitution and human trafficking need to be addressed. We Are the Best! For the most synkpsis left on her own, Lilya spends much of her time with her best friend, Natasha Elina Benensonand comes to the rescue of Volodya Artiom Bogucharskia suicidal year-old boy who has been thrown out of his home and has a serious problem with alcohol and drugs.

All is not what it seems. Lilya’s mother Lyubov Agapova is moving to the United States with her new boyfriend, and Lilya has been told she’ll be coming with them.


In time, the chance of a new life becomes non-existent; her life is going nowhere. Lilya 4-ever soldtickets during the theatrical run, compared toandrespectively for Show Me Love and Together.


Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Estonia, fantasizing about a better life.

Lilya 4-Ever is part of an urgent new wave of movies about immigrants and asylum seekers: Lilya is a brattish Russian teenager, formed by her tough environment, but ultimately a tabula rasa. Tomas Neumann as Witek. The Extra Man starring Kevin Kline. Everybody takes advantage of her, from her best friend to her own auntie. Lilya 4-ever appeared as 4-fver three on the list, surpassed only by Involuntary and Songs from the Second Floor.

We’re clearly supposed to understand that the lyrics somehow ‘speak for’ Lilya it’s her heart that’s burningbut the device seems hopelessly inorganic. The limitations of the melodrama aside, Moodysson makes two staggering lilaj miscalculations. In time, the chance of a new life becomes non-existent; her life is going nowhere. Aunt Anna as Lilija Sjinkarjova. While waiting for her mothers reply to take her to the USA, Lilya idles the time away smoking, drinking and having fun with her, too, outcast friend Volodya.

Lilya 4-ever / LILJA 4-EVER – Film – European Film Awards

The Russian critic Alexander Kan tells me that the Russian dialogue sometimes sounds stilted, possibly synppsis being unsatisfactorily translated from Swedish. Show Me Love Rayns dismissed the film as melodramatic and lacking in substance, while also criticizing the stylistic choice of the dream sequences, as well as the soundtrack’s composition: In today’s glob-alized world Swedish companies can move their factories to poorer countries, and pay close to nothing for the labour.

But when her father finds the money, Natasha claims that it was Lilya who’d turned to prostitution; Lilya is stuck with the bad reputation and ostracised by all her former friends, except Volodya.