I know journalists who have either been turned down for jobs or removed so that Lianne could take their place. Woodyanders on the IMDb. Tim’s thinking with his dick obviously. I’m sure she, like many others, “like” horror films but not like Tarantino who is like a walking encyclopedia. Her site is now set as open to invited readers only. Chris Alexander of Fangoria did mention on Facebook that they will be addressing this issue. And as anyone who knows my history with Spiderbaby, I have no relationship here to protect.

More than 12 hours later, Lucas claims: I have no idea if I was set-up to be “the fall girl”, but at first I definitely felt like I was “thrown under the bus”. Women like Tura Satana, Pam Grier, and Sybil Danning maintain an aura of strength, fearless in the face of men and crime. I mean the bulk of her writing was ripped off from other articles. For me, it comes down to this: None of her actual interviews appear to be lifted. I don’t want to imply that Tarantino will help her out or that she’s only getting by on his talents and PR people but that might help. We see her hurtling, screaming through the woods, illuminated by lightning.

She’s posted numerous articles on FEARnet as a column called “Spiderbaby’s Terror Tapes,” that have been largely based on other peoples’ work.

The FlavNav Navigating my way around the world to get my life back. This isn’t a mark against Chris by any stretch, I just don’t think I can say what needs to be said while inside that apparatus.

I hope when audiences read her claims against me, they were skeptical. llianne

In most cases, the liianne she stole was from people who earn very little money liannee she commands rates because she’s Tarantino’s girlfriend. Before she admitted to plagiarizing several other horror journalists’ work inLianne Spiderbaby was a writer for Fangoria, FearNet, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Video Watchdog.


I’m old so pardon the jovies school reference but after reading all of this and seeing her old Twitter feed she reminds me of girl I used run with back in the seventies In case you missed Tim Lucas’ truly pathetic defense of Lianne last night before he deleted itI managed to grab a screenshot. Not all of us deliberately and shamelessly make dozens of them, and go on doing so, until we’re caught.

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Some of you muckrakers are beginning to look as bad, if not worse, than her. But what will you do if those two break up? Anonymous — as noted above, Lianne has deleted her Twitter account and reinstated it, thus deleting her apology.

I was pretty new at this editing lark, so I spent a lot of time giving her detailed notes and editing her reviews, which were often over the word count. Got in touch with me after Alexander, bravely in my opinion, posted his rates. Before she took down all of her posts, I remember seeing nary a footnote in her work. This is so stupid. More complicated than it looks? Call for trans actors!

It’s easy to say that Lianne got where she is by her looks. If she’s smart, while she’s young she’ll get a rich guy to marry her so she doesn’t have lie, cheat and steal from poor writers.

Horror-film blogger Spiderbaby caught up in plagiarism row

spidderbaby However, they both took their names off of Popcorn because of all the controversy surrounding the making of the film. What are you doing Tim? So Lianne Spiderbaby has now deleted her apology? I guess it was working. Maybe Lianne is just an environmentalist, choosing to recycle film writing rather than pollute the world with more. I actually think karma is going to get her worse than what anyone can say on these message boards.


So Tim Lucas has issued his unavoidable mea culpa, in which he now says he was in possession of evidence since July Unfortunately, new findings have forced me to retract a xpiderbaby of yesterday’s statement.

I wonder if someone had copies of her college papers we would find that she plagiarized her way to her degree too? But here’s the difference. It appears her video reviews on Fright Bytes also feature stolen material: To those leaping to defend her, let’s boil it down to the basics: Because I had no skin in the game.

Even if she spiderbay get paid for the reviews, she’s parlayed her success into a career. The word is “Admitted.

Lianne Spiderbaby

Journalism is a very difficult industry to get into, especially given the current economic climate. We all make mistakes. Yes, she is pretty but that’s not a defense. She not only stole their words but she stole their money.

Not sure what he think he’s gaining here. MacDougall apologist Tim Lucas at Videowatchdog says Lianne the Arachnid is accepting all responsibility for her Plagiarism yet MacDougall was pleading with Mirek at Latarnia Forums and Impossible Funky Blogspot to remove any damming evidence of her vacuuming other writers work and taking all the credit, scrubbing her Plagiaristic Posts from the Internet faster than Mr.

Well, did she make a good case for women in horror? What, her unpaid intern is to blame? She’s sorry she got caught.