What would you like to do next? I enjoy collaborating creatively with supervisors to propose ideas and address feedback. Meet Pakistan’s youngest visual effects artist, Laraib Atta. Learn More Sign In. Prince Caspian visual effects. It is all about being patient, listening and putting in the work. Laraib Atta Job Title. Days of Future Past visual effects artist.

It was very intense and I learnt with professionals. I have also had the opportunity to work at Glassworks in Barcelona. Prince Caspian visual effects. I got married when I was 24, became a mother and moved to Barcelona. Each project and each VFX house will have a different workflow, so you need to be able to adapt. I enjoy collaborating creatively with supervisors to propose ideas and address feedback. The natural progression would be to become a lead and then supervisor.

I was intrigued by the animation, storyline and characters and wanted to know how it was made. When the work is constantly coming through and we are busy creating. In addition, being one of the very few women, I knew that I have been given an opportunity here and I needed to step up my game. What skills are essential to your job? My father had strict rules and I used to be extremely shy and reserved. Also, because VFX is a multidisciplinary art, you need to be able to collaborate well and communicate with all the departments.

Due to some personal problems, I had to give up a lot of projects and a job I was offered. It was very intense and I learnt with professionals. My main aim is to inspire the younger generation, women and people from diverse backgrounds to join the industry.

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How would you describe you r job? W hat do you like about working in London? The Sands of Time visual effects artist.


At this point we are able to suggest a looks and creative approaches to a client. She’s worked on blockbuster Hollywood movies including the new MissionFilm!

Lecture in Progress is made possible with the support of the following brand partners. Downtime can be very difficult to deal with when we are just waiting for upcoming projects to be confirmed. I have always struggled to be outspoken and communicative with others. Life-work balance can be difficult for many but I am very lucky in that I have a good support system. The Sands of Time Visual Effects.

How collaborative is your role? The great thing about Escape is that they involve their existing students with well-established companies. How I Got Here. Keeping your head down and working hard gets you far. I stood out as I was the youngest and only Pakistani girl, but I was determined, committed and the recruitment manager at Escape gave me the opportunity to intern at smaller companies with a junior position, while I was studying. Prince Caspian visual effects.

Laraib Atta Job Title. Impossible – Fallout digital compositor.

I easily had a 4 to 5 year gap in my career, which could be seen as an obstacle. Impossible – Fallout Visual Effects.

Attaullah’s daughter worked on new ‘Mission: Impossible’s’ VFX

I have always loved working in London because of the different support networks we have. How did you land your current job? But VFX has a very big pool of softwares that can be used to achieve the same results.

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Just a few days later I was called for a job interview, and have ,ovies been here for over two years.

Laraib Atta-A Pakistani Making Pakistan Proud in Hollywood –

It has a very friendly culture to the tight-knit team and a strict 9-to-6 rule. What does a typical working day look like? You always come across people from different backgrounds.

Prince of Persia vs. I got married when I was 24, became a mother and moved to Barcelona. When she was starting out, Laraib Atta gained a reputation for being one of the youngest female VFX artists in her field. VFX work is very office-based, laraiv most of my day is spent in front of the computer. Also, make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Laraib Atta, Pakistan’s youngest female VFX artist worked on new ‘Mission: Impossible’ film

Alongside a wealth of behind-the-scenes advice and insight into the creative industries, join now to get exclusive access to offers and promotions. I have previously had the opportunity to talk at TEDxas well as taking part in panels at conferences in Pakistan as well as local schools in London. With a humble and positive attitude, you will progress quickly. I watched Toy Story and fell in love. Due to my personality and culture growing up, I was used to being quiet and figuring things out on my own.

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