Take a look at my orange pants. I wholeheartedly endorse your feelings about Mags. I’m all outta time folks, but I had to chime in and say thanks Mads! Since he’s no longer in the Navy maybe he can use his investigation skills to become a private eye. That would shut her pie hole for sure! Vero the Warrior Goddess. Vivi, I will agree that if the writers had spent a lot more time giving Lucy and Marc way more scenes like last night, I wouldn’t be so nonchalant about their reunion.

You know, it’s interesting that Salma was the only woman in the story that had a friend right from the start Montserrat , but that friendship turns out to be completely inconsequential and superficial. But Roman knows full well that Lucia doesn’t and will never love him. And, yes, Vero still hasn’t learned to keep her mouth shut! If I fall, you fall first. And Manny will truly screw himself, I think, in the end. Chela with Pancho has all the romance of a mutt chasing and slobbering on the mailman, hoping to finally get a pat on the head and a dog biscuit. I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat. Very funny all the way through.

I too wonder as NovelaMaven said if she is going to be redeemed.

So what I’m beginning to wonderhe HATES Ale with a passion and used the lands where he resided at that time worked to start his drug trade. Gloria continues eplsode play mean girl games with Leticia, and calls to taunt her about Nora and Sergio. Thanks for all the recaps everybody!


His lunatic eyes widen — with what? I like all your “voices heard” observations. And honestly, I was thining tempeetad night how put together Claudio was and how handsome he looked scarf and white Nehru jacket included! NovelaMaven, Thank You for the recap. And 1003 I think it’s the mustache lol I also don’t know we should care about Salma and Nic, she’s annoying and he’s just a log. This comment has been removed by the author.

Μαρίνα 104 (Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι)

I think it will continue to be painful and fascinating to watch. Duplication oa this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. Can this show get any stupider???

Karen alluded the other day to the fact Becky was in danger but I wasn’t sure if I missed a pivotal event to make this occur? Lucia is dressed epsode drying her hair. Diana — I think for Hernan it was the last straw when Becky kicked him out after he insisted on staying with Marina. A great and fantastic read as always.

“The Tempest” La policía busca a Zully (TV Episode ) – IMDb

And why Does ana perla purposely believe everything she hears? Madelaine, what a wonderful recap. From Here to Eternity…or the Next Breakup. Will these two be the ones who ultimately take each other down? AuntyAnn, good point, I hadn’t realized it, but Montse acts toward JL like a cat behind a fence teasing a dog.


The Tempest – Season 1 – IMDb

She curses him for coming back to Puebla. Seeing their interactions is amazing to watch especially since with each episode Nora gets more vulnerable and Rebeca more desperate. Her or his recaps are informative, accurate, and highly entertaining. If only we could get Magda to come to every TN and explain the “photo trick” to the protagonista who invariably falls for this!

I truly fear for the Padre; the last line of this episode spells out Pedro and Sandho’s intent.

La policía busca a Zully

He showed her and himself what he was capable of when his own life was at stake. But Rebeca will never consider it because to say something is wrong with Nora is like saying something is wrong with Rebeca.

Mauricio, thanks for the episoee and for adding the deleted scenes.

Sunday, April 6, at 4: Peddy and Don Benny were very great friends and did bidness together. Color me confused too on Alfredo and Becs Montse epidode Alejandro are a perfect fit for each other — he needs to dominate and she needs to be dominated; JL is a dreamer and needs to be with a free spirit like himself. I wonder what she will do tonight?