The whole part where they talk to Koumora Sensei? Also, I suggest you spoilertag those VN parts. Starting tomorrow, the train will head straight towards the end with no stops, so please fasten your seatbelts tight. Hahaha, this time I’ll back you up. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In many ways, Tomoya hasn’t matured. Oof, this conversation just burns in retrospect.

You two should thank Komoura. Unless I’m mistaken, he hasn’t talked to his father in the entirety of AS Yep. Nagisa’s arc is officially over, so we can talk about Nakahara Mai. Final Fantasy XV Genre: Age I can handle, but I’m awful when it comes to birthdays, I’m lucky to even remember the right month most of the time Even without the incredibly-generous interpretation that I gave to that last section. Tomoya and Nagisa are really cute together. Sirius The Jaeger Genre:

Their friendship is strong.

I really do love this show so much Despite all its issues, despite epsode I complained about, this show is my absolute suohara, and those issues won’t change it. Tomoya and Nagisa are so perfect for each other. They care for each other so much. So, how prepared are they for this new step? Though I don’t think much more than a month or two has passed since they “spoke” at the cultural festival back in the finale of season 1.

Samurai deeper Kyo 01 VOSTFR Partie 1

Just super odd detour that seems a little out of place and is especially weird since it’s so short and is basically a quick ending off of one of the longest arcs in the game. I just don’t want to cry every waking second thanks.

Tomoya being worried about Nagisa. I have been missing your comments, good to see you back! Great breakdown of the OP! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It would feel really odd having your birthday eipsode Christmas Eve. Naw, he said a couple episodes back that he dropped the show at ep 10 because of “too much feelz”.


The fact that a month goes by without her getting better is such a sucker-punch. A serious relationship is certainly a goal, and he is pursuing it. Tomoya managed to slip away without and answer but Nagisa was quite persistent. I forgot Tomoyo was a year under everyone. Tomoyo’s card shows the pinky promise she made with Nagisa, and the rest of the shots involve snow and show her waiting in the snow in that fancy coat. Anyway, on to this episode. I’ll be honest, for me, they’re so far up on that no 1 spot nothing touches them.

They are what they are, I guess. Why can’t she be homeschooled or something to make up for her lost time – just cost? The fact that this seems to be a reoccurring thing does not bode sunohraa for the future.

What a great, supportive family. This is the real shit now. It’s also a damn nice story. I was a total wreck lmao.

Liste des mangas en cours –

Anyway thanks for the kind words. Tenkyou no Alderamin Genre: List of legal streams and downloads.

The Sunoharas are smiling and walking side-by-side, with Mei watching Youhei and Youhei talking. This is completely understandable. School is done, and we aren’t just jumping to the same thing in a college setting.

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Naruto the Movie Genre: Kodou Ambitious Saisson 2 Genre: The characters aren’t gods of their story, they’re written to be humanto do things that people would do.


And that part when her friends came by during her birthday was so good as well. This should have been an easy guess back in Episode 1. Le retour de Broly Genre: In an engineering course! Even as Nagisa loses herself for a second, kind words from her father and the smiling faces of her friends keep her strong, and Tomoya’s support is perhaps her biggest pillar.

She’s already 19 or 20, they can’t keep repeating this indefinitely. Black Out streaming vostfr Genre: With all that said and done Rewatchers, please remember to be liberal with spoiler tags and carefully consider the impact of your comments on first-time sumohara.


Even workplace anime can often feel like it has a similar structure as high school stuff, though there obviously are some differences. But then, tragedy struck. A Brief Recording Genre: It’s very refreshing to see great sunogara in anime rather than Gendo wannabees.

We hope you have a nice, emotional, reflective journey with us. If anyone knew any, please tell me, I’d love to watch them. Now onto episode Daww, this makes me feel nice. Attention to all passengers, we will go on a one way, no expenses paid trip on this train, the Clannad Express straight to the final destination, Feelsville. Flair your posts Do not post untagged spoilers. Regardless, best parents in anime.