The strength of the movie is seen not based on an illusionistic narrative. There were scenes that show close-up figures of the actors and actresses and even of the setting sometimes. But the ending in its subtlety is so good it made the two finally come across each other with great impact, that only viewers who are numb or dumb wouldn’t get affected and realize the movie’s message, that Death when it awakens us we become Life. A friend of mine told me that it is in independent films that I will truly see what art means. I am really not fond of watching movie. Edward Copeland on Film. The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy.

The ghost merely shows Amy’s life as a life that is constantly in the claws of death. Realistic in the sense that it does not make anything to make the bad one looks good but presented it how it should be. I only can watch movie on tv- HBO, cinemaone, starmovies and the likes and also in film showing in school. But then, the one big moment is reserved for the last. He then asks her to attend the next jueteng draw on his behalf, Amy being a trusted ally of the jueteng network for a long time. Languages Tagalog Edit links. Early in the film, its impressive qualities are already apparent, without calling attention to itself. As a whole, Kubrador is a very good film not just because it garnered many awards here and abroad but also it exudes the element that is inherent in Movies so that it can be powerful.

For narrative is, in all probability, our most pervasive and familiar means of explaining human action. Edward Copeland on Film. Ang Damgo ni Elueteria.

Kubrador: Life is a gamble

When Amy goes home that night, her husband Eli tells her the bad news. Posted by Oggs Plto at 4: Like Anna Karina’s Sweater.

I could then already make out the pieces of papers in the tables, they were sort of receipts or form of agreements for the money to be released. The Bet Collector The promotional poster.

Dear Oggs, I watched this movie two days ago, and after which looked for reviews online, yours is the one I liked best Of course, movies depict stories and from these plo, we can feel familiarity and sometimes we can even relate since what we usually see are things we do in the real world.


Brainstorms from the Shower. It does not sit idly as a film that is satisfied in documenting a bet collector’s life in its truest sense. Last Night with Riviera. This is director Jefferey Jeuturian’s 7th film, mvie which we follow the life of May, a “Kubrador” or bet collector- more appropriately a bookie. Hell On Frisco Bay. Aside from the introductory sequence where the cops chase down a jueteng operator atop the roofs of the slums area, the film patiently follows Amy as she goes about her routine.

Pareno carried the film with her seamless performance.

For instance, in indexing, bracketing and scaling of the photograph tells you that the photo is important and it first introduced that Amy has a son. Later on, the scene has turned into Amy moviie on her bed while her son massaging her aching head. Not Coming to a Theater Near You. Ich werde ein Berliner Or: Parreno, being an accomplished actress, has again put herself to fame because of her exceptional and adept acting.

At that moment, when I already found out that Amy has not been punished because the police turned kubradog to be betting for jueteng too, the question of whether Amy olot still continue being a bet collector or she will stop it occurred in my mind. The Jeuteung racket is run hierarchically with the bookies working the bottom- followed by the treasurers, local managers and “the boss” whom is never seen. The filmmakers seem to be making a comment about our quotidian experiences that are a matter mocie life and death without our knowing it, and yet when death knocks, we are caught offguard.

Everything that is not inside the frame should not be attended to. Jeturian’s film is considerably slow-paced and the plot is quite sparse.

Search for ” Kubrador ” on Amazon. It is mental illness because most of the people hooked up with the illegal gambling have difficulty to leave the vice. Kung Fu Cult Cinema. The director maybe wanted to khbrador the film to be beautiful as what it was not because of presence the erotic object. Cartas de la Soledad: I’d like to think that their collaboration is a sort of revision for Jeturian as he has grown in subtlety and artistry when his works are financed by the film-loving esquire.

Generally, I love independent film since it not profit oriented; it really has a story to tell not just have a predictable plot.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The spectators, by means of identifying with the male figure which is the son, can mubrador have or feel power over the female figure too, setting aside eroticism. Similarly, the audience can tell if something is irrelevant to the story if it has not been put into focus.

Scaling or making the photograph appear bigger was also done together with indexing and bracketing. Trivia THe movie has been accepted by a total of 16 international film festivals: This movie is very good.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Up to now, jueteng hounds the current president whose husband omvie rumored to be linked to the illegal gambling game. Every shot in the film is hand-held and all sounds are diegetic except for the instance s previously mentioned Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: No plot is constructed, no conflict is introduced.

We are suposed to be the only Catholic nation in Asia yet the church is inutile in its moral duty to contain the vice with exception of Bishop Oscar Cruz. Alas, it’s just a quick note to say that, while I no longer have time to maintain or update this blog, I’ll be keeping it onl The dead son thingy, was put again into emphasis when Amy cried upon seeing the relative of the dead person cried, you will ask why is she crying then as the story develops as it was fully revealed when Amy and her family went to the cemetery to visit his kubrqdor son.

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Everything appears very natural. Her husband Eli, who is equally aging, can only manage to help by manning their small sari-sari variety store. Been a Long Time – Five years later, a new post! These films are those that have a mode of representation of woman which is movei with the look.