Sana tells Tsuyoshi that she doesn’t believe in love anymore because of what happened with Rei. When it’s time for Tsuyoshi’s father to get out of jail, he wants to go see him when he gets out. As Akito pursues his black belt, Sana is placed in a deadly situation. It’s Zenjiro’s birthday so Sana plans to hold a birthday party for him. HighSchool Days by Ms. They’ll change when years change them and that’s when they will discover the beauty that lies far beyond the years and wisdom. Akito Hayama 51 episodes, Laura Bailey Fuka also slaps Akito in this episode.

This story is based off of the manga more than the anime, because I like the manga better. Auyu and Tomomi two other actors the same age as Sana make another appearance as cops. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Sicil overhears Yuko and Naozumi’s conversation and discovers that Naozumi is her brother. What will happen if Sana and Naozumi are alone? The fake sana sends letters to past directors and actors. He barges in and grabs her, heading towards his house.

He avoids Aya because he falls in love with any girl who gives him epidode present so he’s ashamed. Meanwhile, Sana and Naozumi are attacked but then they are saved by Mr.

Will Akito’s accident and Sana’s secret be enough to break down Sana? She goes back to school.

Does kodocha have a continuation after episode 102?

Sumirei Ando discovers the joys of limbo dancing. Gary tells everyone that Naozumi is his son and that he is going to raise Naozumi as a big star. Takaishi and Fuka are now both single, can Sana and Eposode play cupid and help these two get together? The Rose of Versailles — Episode The first day hiding 5.


Up on the top floors, Akito starts feeling sick. She then gets her heart broken.

However, Rei gives her an even better idea: Your review has been posted. Akito Hayama 51 episodes, Laura Bailey Sana doesn’t understand the subject she’s trying to teach for her new job. He was almost hit by a car.

Rei goes to Hollywood to find Mr. Takeshi find outs that Sana is actually his daughter. Onda had asked Sana to write a book. A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to imocha Japan to help a young half demon recover the shards of a jewel of great power.

Fuka had dumped Akito While at home Nakao collapses. They soon find out that Brad is the one terrorizing them. Which makes her want to limbo danceand she does.

The last episode of kodocha?

If you do too then read my story! She cannot tell him that she is a mermaid, and she must also fight off water kodochha.

She finds out Rei is not truly in love with her “Mr. Sana is worried about the promise she made with her mother, which if fulfilled, might ruin the happy life they had. Prince Naozumi is turned into a toilit seat and skunk Sana had to kiss him to undo the spell.

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When she visits Fuka, Fuka’s mom tells Sana that Akito and Fuka have broken up because of her injury. This is my first Kodocha story! Rei then finds out that Sana and Naozumi have been attacked again and they all decide to move out of the mansion and go to a hotel instead.

Sana’s book hit the store shelves, but Mami wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book. Episode Kenichi Hikaru Sana tells Tsuyoshi that she doesn’t believe in love anymore because of what happened with Rei. This time the song is ‘Port City Charleston. There’s almost no manga here. While shooting, Naozumi stops and just stares at Sana.

Time for some self-reflection! Episode Plan B? Sana then puts off the book until there’s only about a week left. Does Akito get his black belt? This episode is set up as Quiz Show, recapping from the start kodohca the story to now. Use the HTML below. Then, Asako asks Sana to do a “chat” with her, and Sana agrees. He tells Sana that he is starting to fall in love with her.