The industry in North America has really progressed in recent years. I think they really did do spectacular with the CGI Some people think its horrid, and some of it was, but a lot of it was really good. KissAnime being the most common one. When simulcasting became the thing, I left Netflix for Crunchyroll. But the subs did suck major ass. Everybody complaining about the subs, there is a thread in the Ajin forum about subtitles. Also tagged with anime, GuP, And.

Just because it is different, it does not make it bad. I understand and would’ve liked if they just made the black, mummy guys CGI because it looks cool, but making the entire show CGI doesn’t add anything, it’s just so kids can complain it looks like shit. Ebolaacereal Posted 31 January – Funimation is the dubbing king of the anime simulcast world. Search Advanced Search section: I think the thing I look forward to the most about Ajin is the music. Hulu Hulu is a paid subscription service with no free episodes.

Stealing rice is bad! The character designs here look so much better than Knights of Sidonia. Also tagged with anime, GuP, And. I think they really did do spectacular with the CGI Some people think its horrid, and some of it was, but a lot of it was really good.

Preview Manga Manga Store. Pirating sites do not report to the Japanese companies, so their data never gets analyzed by them and they never see any money for the time spent on the pirating sites. Ost and OP seems pretty good. FreakierBrandon, on 29 January – I’m wondering about what human’s think of Ajin and their relationship with them.


Every streaming site is using the shitty subs. Such as crunchyroll hulu and Netflix. Great episode and I love the OP but its flumpool so u can’t go wrong with that. Some of their content is the same. The color palette adds to kisssanime dark mood, and enhances the sidonis surrounding the events and the subject matter.

Your answer to the subs question. Not bad, wish it explained things a little more instead of cramming material in, but good nonetheless.

Ajin Episode 1 Discussion

We are getting more licensed anime that is simulcasted along with Japan than we ever have before. According to the CEO of Crunchyrolleven if you never pay a cent, the ad revenue that happens with your viewing still helps to support the Japanese companies who license out the anime. The CGI is hit or miss and the thing that sticks out the most is the character’s hair especially the MCit just irks me for some reason. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Funimation has posted episodes online here as well.

Also Izuna is adorable. Ebolaacereal Posted 31 January – If Kissanime isn’t available I don’t watch anime lol.

Knights of Sidonia

First episode was average. It isn’t correctly subbed until now. The last thing to address is the animation and art.

Did Netflix license this like they did with Sidonia? Just because it is different, it does not make it bad The entire show is CGI. I wont allow the CGI to dictate my enjoyment of the show, but it will get a lower score due to it being lowish quality at some points. They have not been established as long, but are growing rapidly. However, some of the legit companies post things here legally.


This is full CGI with around 8 frames per second making the animation even worse than regular low budget shows. Sign In Email address: That means the shows are in Japanese and you must read the subtitles. My blog will rock your mind tho. I think the art works very well for the series and Ajin would not have the same feeling if it was drawn.

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So the “did nothing wrong squad” recruited another poor child. They did it with God Eater, Katanagatari and now Ajin.

Knightz alot of sites that are as up to date and little bit cleaner and maybe reliable but i will give it props for being mobile device and console acceptable tho technically so is a certain “bad” site that made news back when we got internet for xbox. Knkghts Revolutionary Girl Utena: Opening is great, with the muffled microphone and soft voice, but it’s lacking major in visuals. The data alone could influence what series and type of anime gets licensed.

There are some great anime in their catalog, however, that may be hard to access anywhere else — Inuyasha and Pokemon being some. I watched knight first episode on kissanime but it was very poorly translated MPC Posted 31 January – Edited by SlummyZeru, 30 January –