She tries to promote her image to everyone all around the country through interviews, concerts, and Live TV. A Tearful Scoop at a Triangle Battle!? But she’s followed by two tabloid reporters and both of her dates are featured in a magazine. The opening theme songs are ” Koi Kana “, used in episodes ; [7] [8] ” Balalaika “, from episodes ; [9] ; and ” Happy “, from episodes , all of which were performed by Kusumi. Fubuki claims that Kirari does not have the potential of being a perfect idol. Real Sound in Japanese. Even though she always passes the rounds, Hiroto and Seiji soon intervene, saying that this MoMusu audition is a fake. Higashiyama, angry at Akane’s withdrawal, decides to take revenge on Kirari by cancelling one of her concerts.

When Kirari is cast as the main role in a drama, the other leading actress tests Kirari’s confidence with lines not in the script. Seiji accidentally pulls down Hiroto’s shorts and Hiroto accidentally spills soda over Seiji’s pet Kame-san. Kirari enjoys manga by Himiko Saotome. Kirari and Hikaru’s First Performance!! Meanwhile, Kirari helps to design male clothes and she asks Seiji to be her model. Seiji’s parents originally never wanted Seiji to be an idol. After overhearing that Kirari will have to study every chance she gets, Erina secretly tries to get Kirari to fail the exams. Kirari decides to give Na-san a chance.

After seeing Na-san’s acts, the animals leave the circus. Challenge to a song!! Kirari and Na-san convince the animals to return to the circus. An incident during Kirari’s photoshoot reveals so much. Idol Battle Against the Super Fubuki!!

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Erina finds methods to impress everyone over Kirari. Kirari has to help Hikaru in time for the show.

Transfer to Idol School!! Fubuki claims that Kirari does not have the potential of being a perfect idol. Doing another publicity stunt, Kirari becomes policewoman engglish a day and helps a detective track down mysterious criminal Phantom X. To Kirari’s dismay, her father is against the idea.


With a slim chance of Kirari debuting her first CD, Seiji finds a perfect method to succeed Kirari’s singing debut.

Izumi steals a marker and doodles all over Kirari’s kimono, ruining her entry. Naomi to Sakurako Kiseki no Deai ” Japanese: Kirari engllsh inspired by the group that she ends up joining the audition.

Since Kirari never had a boyfriend before, she cannot interpret her role properly in the pure love drama. Kirari attempts to find many ways to convince her father to pursue a career in the entertainment world but fails.

Blackwood Starts Up” Transcription: To help out in EatRanger shows for epieode kids, Kirari takes her spot and dresses up as Kirrarin. Seeing that Fubuki published her own manga, Kirari decides to do it too by visiting Himiko Saotome. Envious of Kirari’s idol status, Subaru secretly disguises himself as Kirari to take over one of her jobs. Who will win this confrontation?

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Episode will start the series in 3D avatar figures. Challenging Kirari to difficult events such diving off a high location, Erina hopes Kirari will lose in favor of her. And around now would be the perfect time for Kirari to confess her feelings to Seiji. Kirari and Hikaru are revolurion to be starting their new clothes line called Double Crescent.

However, every match they come up with doesn’t work out with the customers. A series reflection takes place. However, Na-san refuses, already being loyal to Kirari. Although Kirari was able to make a new submission, both Izumi and Kirari’s entry becomes overshadowed by Fubuki’s entry.

Hiroto is in New York while Seiji remains in Japan. Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: He convinces Kirari to quit her idol work and fulfill the promise they made when they were young. Seeing Mya-san and ToriToshi in the newspaper, Na-san decides to try to become an idol, following steps that Kirari did to become an idol.


Kirari’s Quiz Showdown with a Genius!! Kirari’s dad looks for the best ingredients and perfects the ultimate taste for Roccomari. After overhearing that Kirari will have to study every chance she gets, Erina secretly tries to get Kirari to fail the exams. Kirari is the winner of the tiebreaker, with Ervolution questioning why she had lost. In response, he pulls the company’s sponsorship. Kirari also spreads her popularity to New York.

While the idols unwind and Kumoi and Higashiyama’s director fight over Muranishi director’s attention, an island “secret” appears The Muranishi crew goes to Crescent Island for a day at the beach, and the Higashiyama crew shows up as the same time.

Aoi says she is retiring as an idol, and receives an explosive goodbye from her idol friends. Papa is Against It!? Blackwood is having a great start, but there is trouble ahead Seiji asks her to a date?

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Yuki no Daichi ni Moeru Koi!? Kirari to Seiji ga Dengeki Kekkon!? Izumi becomes infuriated and chases Fubuki only to reveal her true identity: A likeable reporter will pass a day with Kirari to admire her style of life, and is about to learn that the idol kirain has less perks than the tabloids appeal to others.

Erina, also in her new class, tries to make Kirari’s first day a nightmare.