Someone he trusted and couldn’t have imagined as having ties to Club M. Thank you as well for the assistance chinggu Eja! Apr 15, at 7: If the writer’s original intention is to tell us that they’re already in LOVE in episode 8, then I wouldn’t be able to accept that. I think this was my favorite episode yet. She sings him a song about first love, and you can just see him fall in love with her right there on the spot.

As I see it, his father wasn’t a good person either, as the president of a company which deals with weapons. Is it some kind of personal experience for Hang-ah? I think K2H’s biggest weakness is the inability to write good villains and harnessing the talents to off-set this. She hides in embarrassment, but he sweetly tells her it was very cute and gets a paw to the face for his teasing. M April 12, at 9: I love her spunk. We haven’t been able to see Hang-ah get physical and exhibit her awesome skills and physical strength in awhile. I think if I go any higher, it’ll get screechy.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It’s not the language, but the context which is a bit hard to flesh out without using too much screen time. This is such a beautiful episode for me. I mean, how in the world was Secretary Eun supposed to know that revealing the location of the King’s vacation was going to lead to his murder??!! Apr 1, at 8: The method used will be seen as one favored by North Korean agents. She yells at her for being so selfish, and then tears into the best speech I have ever heard: The donator is an “old friend” of Secretary Eun’s, and Secretary Eun felt a bit bad about offending him, another factor that prompted Secretary Eun to giving him the tip.


Cruelsummer April 12, at 9: I’m having a hard time holding it together as it is. The door gets shut behind him and she finally lets herself crumble a little behind closed doors.

I think it would be logical to think that as the kings right-hand man, you shouldn’t give any information or hint about the king just to anyone even from your own family member.

Then, we are going to see some Ass Kicking action from Hang Ah. I love the feel of the episode. I cried while reading too.

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What an awesome pair of lines—delivered full of anger at being left behind, in that petulant way he always spoke to hyung, and then hilariously undercut. I was totally in the ‘no way would they’ camp until the camera very clearly showed him sans shirt. In a previous episode, John Meyer’s wing man asked Haerts Meyer why he was so obsessed with Korea when Korea oing pretty much irrelevant in the global scene and when its reunion would not affect their operations significantly. Oh and does anyone know the song that Princess Jae Shin sang?

Does he hate the King?

He pauses to look up at them before marching ahead. They close their eyes and clasp their hands, and Shi-kyung sneaks a little peek at her.


In fact, their entire conversation about friendship and what not was meant as a “guilt trip” for the secretary, to manipulate him into telling the location, since its just between old friends. Thank you so much! Drzmacrazy is only the second thing I’ve seen the actor in – third I think for the actress. Here are the links: I salute everyone involved in making this drama.

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Notify me of new posts via email. But i just have one complain, the phone calls between him and john mayer is getting a bit too much and it kilss the tension already. And while I’m begging, can we have said OST out, like now!

I agree with you Lizzie. Actually, I suspected Chief Secretary Eun might be a villain early on.

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Lydia Vanessa Serran… on And now we get fangirls of mass destruction reading nothing from everything. And imagine the developments of the relationship between him and his son SK when he finds out what his father inavertently did.

As much as I love for the two of them having their special time. Kudos to the Hong sisters for crafting such a killer of an assassination scene