He kneels down before the Tridev. Dhamini gets into an argument with Shani after the latter condemns her father for insulting Chhaya. However, Shani manages it. My acting inspiration is Amitabh Bachchan”. In that time, they all leave Lanka. Everyone accepts her decision and she gets engaged with Yamraj.

Ravan makes a storm and throws it towards Devi Chaya. Hanuman got cursed by Matang Rishi to lose his memory, and he and Shani parted ways. Mahadev also goes into Samadhi. Retrieved from ” https: Chhaya and Shani reunite again. Shani gets rid of Dhamini’s curse. Shani compels Mangal to remove Mangal Dosha from Dhamini.

Karmapala mahaberata eps 23 sd 24 tammat by Lawak Sukkur Download. He finally accepts Suryadev as his father and Suryadev hugs him. Indradev tries to disgrace Dhamini to make her dance in front of episdoe mates, but Shani opposes the same. Karmapala eps 9 sd 10 by Lawak Sukkur Download.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

Meanwhile, Dev Vishwakarma starts to upgrade the weapon of Shani on the command karmaplaa Mahadev as Shani’s energies have become multifold. Indradev, plans to insult Dhamini before her wedding with Yamraj, for not accepting his favor of turning herself as an Apsara of Indralok. Shani kills Sangya for her misdeeds but also ends up hurting Suryadev. Dhamini shouts in pain and says that she doesn’t want to marry anyone now.


Maari tamil full movies downloading. Suryadev breaks the marriage of Mangal with Yami. Dhamini loses her consciousness and forgets the curse. At the same time, Ravan takes Hanuman against Shani with the help of Indra.

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Suryadev offers him to be the ruler of Suryalok but Shani objects. Chhaya takes away the position of Karmphal Daata from Shani and banishes him from Suryalok.

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Chhaya becomes tearful and calls Shani as her son. Tridev turn Suryadev into a ball of energy. The story then takes a leap of 10 years. Shani accepts the position of karmafal Daata and receives his weapon.

The Times of India.

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Dev Vishwakarma finishes the making of the weapon. After Shani’s mother Chayya has been vanished, Shani,who becomes sad and heartbroken meets Rahu who starts controlling Shani’s mind.


Cars And Bikes Stunts Videos. In Shanilok, Shani finally gets chance to look back to his life. For this, he becomes one of the biggest enemy of Shani. Karmapala 08 kumba karna by herraminie Download.

As Shani gets into a fight with Yam, Chhaya demands to know his identity. Atif Aslam All Video Songs. Mahakaali announces Shani as ‘Lagnesh’ and offers him to give back his childhood with all the happiness but Shani instead chooses to revive Suryadev for the sake of the universe.

But, he fails all the time because of Shani.

In that time, they all leave Lanka. But Shani manages everything. Dhamini, wife of Shani, brings the truth of Bhadra’s death before Surya Family with the help of Bhadra’s spirit. But the clash then comes to a halt as Hanuman feels he is fighting against his own mind.