So, naturally he thinks that money can solve everything. Things got better when Kiran found out she was expecting. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But to be honest, talk about them so much is a complete no-no! When Sikander tells her that he does not want to marry Aarzoo, shock does not cause even a dent in her bed foundation. Ahad went to Karachi and going by what he said Zayd even he could conclude that Mehru became very special for Ahad because of which he took a position and fought for it. We never see the conversation, and there is no hint of it ever occurred. Shoaib wedding date is currently set.

Adjustments and compromises must be made on both sides, otherwise no relationship can work. Unfortunately, the bitter self Rukhsar still around, and it would continue raising hell, if Adnan showed her place and silenced her. Eight weeks down, I can say with confidence that Kankar went from mild interest to the great interest to drop everything the clock stuff! It was nothing less than a shock to her that Kieran could not care less about the jewelry or money, and she was really there to get her book. While the last couple of episodes were outstanding in terms of dialogue, action and direction, the story was static. She is portrayed flawlessly every emotion; Fears Kiran , in frustration , unhappiness and a sudden lack of confidence could not be shown more uprightly. Similarly, Adnan Kiran says that he is upset because of problems with his sister Uroosa Siddiqui Rukhsar proposal. What it seeks to achieve all this, we can only guess.

He truly deserves her and she him. This is what happened to the women of our society; All they take, augut as wrong as part of human nature. Women are considered the guardians of the honor of his family, but also in drzma houses they do not get the proper respect. Kankar Episode 3— Review By. Also, if Sikander was violent in nature, it would episods matter that did Kiran. A little less Faiqa and Kamala little less pointless discussions on non-existence of Shoaiband a little less Aarzoo be an emotional wreck would leave a lot of time to render the scenewhich are more relevant to the storyline.

Very well written, well directed and brilliantly acted out. When Sikander tells her that he does not want to marry Aarzoo, shock does not cause even a dent in her bed foundation I could probably go on and on, and it means, in drsma, yes, it was another review of a decent episode.

Anyway, Kiran later returned her the favour when she came over to her house with Sikander and her husband as a last attempt for reconciliation.


Kankar Episode 21 — Review By.

Today, we have never received even a kind of a second at the groom in Iram. Overall, it was a slow episode with some scenes that were very well directed and acted out, but there were enough scenes that were too long. And this is the main reason why I really enjoyed the episode today. She has never failed to understand Kiran.

She almost gave it away when she started crying at the sight of Erum and then wished openly. She wants to share her problems, who else will she talk to? What I appreciate most is that she still not retreats. If Rukhsar could not see her own brother married before she is, on the road, her sister of the groom, too, cannot. Cyber Security Wing to curb emerging terrorism threats.

Ahad went to Karachi and going by what he said Zayd even he could conclude that Mehru became drrama special for Ahad because of which he took a position and fought for it. Kankar Episode 2— Review By. What should I say? Even the news of the pregnancy in Arzoo nothing changes between them. Sooner or later, this dramq of it would be manifested. Sikander bomb in the course was the dramx of the episode.

I had hoped that they would have learned their lesson from Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan days, but apparently not! After Shaista insulted Kiran in every way possible, this one line by Kiran was enough to make any sane person realize who truly was at fault. It was good to see some changes in the future Ahad father where he thought of all the things he used to say Ahad. Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades. We never see Shaista be careful or humble — it is quite the opposite as it comes across as a dominant in the relationship.

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How convenient it must have been for him to think that mere flowers and movie dates can make up for both, physical and mental abuse. And there is another comparison: Adnan was there for her again. Sikander Fahd Mustafa made his entry today with little influence. He is a savage who likes to rip apart anyone who he can control and most of the times, that anyone is his beloved wife, Kiran.

And like most families, where the children fall such Bombshells, wine directly went to Kieran — it has to do something, she betrayed the trust Aarzoo and so on ad infinitum. She also gets angry and claimsbut that is auguwt reason for violence.


Kankar By Hum TV Episode 11 – 16th August 2013 – Promo

I am sure when Ahad will see Mehru take care of his father he realizes that she is someone who should never let go. And if she has to be the one to stand up and be cursed by the world for demanding respect then so be it.

The scenes were short the story progressed and there was the right balance of thoughtful and hilarious moments. I have no words to describe the flawless acting of both Fahad Mustafa and Sanam Baloch. What is Operating System. Secondly, when Rishta aunt talking with her mother Iram. After watching this last episode I have to say that the story has to be wrapped up as soon as possible because there were a lot of scenes in the episode, which tonight we have seen again and again.

Although I loved their scenes today, this episodee has been buzzing in the back of my mind. Character Uroosa Siddiqui as possible is very annoying, but its action is beyond brilliant. Since the last three weeks, I was mentally comparing the different parenting styles of children motherhood portrayed so well and contrast on the screen, each with its own set of weaknesses. It must be very painful for a control freak like Sikandar, to allow someone else to take such important decisions for him.

Drwma was a classic case of bad editing When Jamal accepts the offer and Sikander Ayesha tells him that Kieran is very upset, he promises to talk to her.

This time, he was careful; he hesitated on the last time.

Both of them were mind blowing. These lines struck a chord with me; it really is a bitter truth of our social arrangement. What else will Kiran have to face? His ego was tainted when Kiran told her family about his behaviour and he had the guts to question her even after all he had done. For the most part, I enjoyed the image of Adnan and contrasting personalities Sikanderand the way Kiran so well summed up as her parents will be inclined to the proposal sent by Sikander.

Preview the next episode suggested that the situation will become increasingly difficult for parents and Kieran Arzoo will finally confront Sikandar and his family.

Although financial matters are also a problem, the main thing in a marriage Rukhsar delayed.