Nandhani is trying to call Manik but he does not answer. Page 1 of 1. Please dear vikas gupta ham bachcho ki request sun lo na!!! Xxx 24th Aug – 8: Muktii wonders what is wrong with him and why his cell phone is always off. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2. Cabir and Naviya are talking to a couple and Cabir asks them whether if they had a problem with the baby being boy or a girl but they said that they do not have a problem then Cabir asks that do have any financial but they say that they have already taken some steps in this regard then out of nowhere Naviya asks that if their child was gay and hearing this they say that it will not be like that because they will not make any mistake in the upbringing and so nothing will be out of the way and they will do all that they can to protect her.

Hey sona, Kaisi yeh yaariyan comes at 6: Guyz read it if u get hooked to it!! Mank turns the projector and Nandhani is happy to see Manan written on the wall. Harshad says to Rishab to not to worry as that he has a lot of games and tells Navya to enjoy here although there are no buffalos in the water this time. Sign in Recover your password. Sign in Recover your password.

Welcome, Login to your account. I Cant stay widout watchin that scene n mom wont allow me to watch that scene!!! Dhruv helps to get Nandini out of the water. Nandini says that how can we leave Rishab alone but Harshad says that nothing will happen to him as he is enjoying his time here. Muktii throws Navya in the water and Harshad says that who did this and Cabir says that he did it.

Xxx 24th Aug – 8: The show is going to end……?????

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 24th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

But ManBir will outta it!! Sign in Recover your password. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2. Nandini says to Rishab that if he has any problem she will be right outside. But love his acting skills a lot!! Harshad says that he should not have any problem as he has freed Manik while Dhruv looks at Kajsi.


Yep I watched it…. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Naviya gets excited and asks Mukti to take her on the bike with her but she says that Naviya has lost her mind and cannot go like this. Sign in Recover your password.

Dhruv says that he called them here to say sorry and further adds that it is like a second home to them Muktt sys that kaisii he not say sorry to Manik dhruv says that he has hurt Manik so much that he cannot face him and so will not go to the dinner. Manik says yes and Dhruv says that how can she be her friend. He achieved loads of hatred frm kyy n manan fans!!!

Muktii is with Aliya and wonders where Cabir is, she asks Manik and he says that maybe he went to get a new camera to capture all the new things here.

While watching episode I was like?? He wont do anythin which is nt good fr him: I cant believe dat u n manik were d best of brothers once!!! But how he is working in another serial as lead so that hope is less but still its there……. Almost evry1 at certain age does it!! Hope its jerkshad in d car!!!!! Wid d same cast!! She says that this pond is so big and that there no buffaloes in it.

Harshad gets a call and goes to take it while Muktii and Aliya go and talk to Nandini and Navya to be friends with them. Epiaode goes outside and falls when she collides with Dhruv but he catches her and Manik looks at this from downstairs.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S01

A password will be e-mailed to you. Cabir takes a dive in the pool and some water comes on Rishab and Nadnini says to them that he is afraid of water. Kajal,gulfoil, chocolate, sunglasses,mobile,anti dandruff shampoo sab aaj hi bechan hai kya…!!!


U dont update even till 9: I wish i cud enter d tv screen n kill u right there!!! On Aug 24, Nandini lookin breathtakingly gorgeous!!!! Like 0 Dislike 0. Emotionally…we all love kyy…whatever they show is right…but what is happened is happened already…. When he goes Dhruv wriitten that he came to says sorry to her because he was rude at the parking lot and she was just trying to make him understand and then her uncle calls yaaariyan she goes there.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Will be back 2mrrw!!! Navya says to nadini that it feels like she is in dewali party and that one goes after the other. Season 2 will b der i guess!!! Im the most active member on this page at present!! Cabir says that why does she want to do it now and his mother calls from behind and says that she wants him to give her few minutes and says that she is sorry about what she has done and knows that she was selfish and did not think of him and says that she wants him to forgive her and come back and he also hugs her.

And what about kyy season 2???

Muktii is talking to Navya about Nandini and says that she is happy she left. While doing so Harshad comes and says to her that when will you get tires of these tricks updte try to attract me. Manik and Nandhani are making out in his room. Waise bhi im not any abhishek fan. Plumpyyy 24th Aug – 9: